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Chandler's Wild Life

4 månader sedan


Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 2 månader sedan
Automatic like
Proud Conservationist & Conservative
Proud Conservationist & Conservative 2 månader sedan
3:21 HAHAHA I love you. You always crack me up. I especially loved the "give em a look" pose. xoxo
Leeanne J. Giggey
Leeanne J. Giggey 2 månader sedan
I did not know you could break their rattle off. Wow! Does the rattle grow back after some more sheds?
Laura Marler
Laura Marler 3 månader sedan
Lol!! I just love you your so funny and I love the beautiful snakes!!
Mihovil Vukusic
Mihovil Vukusic 3 månader sedan
Isn't Mohave rattlesnake the most dangerous one
Sharon Aultman
Sharon Aultman 3 månader sedan
Will the male get his rattles back after shedding
BassManBobBassCovers 3 månader sedan
I could see why you used 2 hooks on the male. He protected his tail like a mofo!
Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones 3 månader sedan
That be facts tho
Ryan Walden
Ryan Walden 3 månader sedan
I’ve often wondered but now I’m quite sure, you do drugs chandler!!!! Craaaaasaszyyy!!!
Bodnar Alex
Bodnar Alex 3 månader sedan
Did you ever handle a black mamba? Would you like to?
elijsha hebert
elijsha hebert 3 månader sedan
You a crazy man.
Tsumii Tsukiyomi
Tsumii Tsukiyomi 3 månader sedan
How do they breathe in those enclosure? 🤔
Slowworm Rescues
Slowworm Rescues 3 månader sedan
Most snake enclosures have little tiny vents in the back, though they don't necessarily need them.
Сергей Сергей
Сергей Сергей 3 månader sedan
О брат , рисковый ты парень!
Rikka Mandanas
Rikka Mandanas 3 månader sedan
Love your energy. ❤️
Anna M
Anna M 3 månader sedan
i have spent many many hours watching you clean meatballs 😆
Anna M
Anna M 3 månader sedan
I had a tough day but this made me lol, the best LMAO
Orneste Buitkute
Orneste Buitkute 3 månader sedan
Cantankerous count: 3
Erica Russell
Erica Russell 3 månader sedan
😂😂😂 Love your happy disposition! I can always count on you raising my spirits! Keep on keeping on my friend❣❤
Zachary Fassett
Zachary Fassett 3 månader sedan
Chandler be like the wild krats talking to the animals, and the other employes be like is he ok? XD
Wow!!! I LOVE you chandler😗 love your shirt too..
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez 3 månader sedan
ok thats the last time i wathch. I don't like to be scared
Michael Kraus
Michael Kraus 3 månader sedan
I am NO expert but you scare me! From watching all the other snake handlers, you increase your chance of being tagged ,regardless of your ''SOFT TOUCH'' ! You are WAY too trusting!
Julie Bee
Julie Bee 3 månader sedan
I've been trying to convince my husband to let me get a snake for years, but we have 3 ferrets and 3 cats and he doesn't think it's a good idea. Love your videos and enjoy seeing all the animals being well taken care of.
B wade
B wade 3 månader sedan
Having a bad day?? Just watch chandler. Turns my frown upside down every time !
baldieman64 3 månader sedan
Echoes of Johnny Morris - but enjoy it while you can because the way the loony left are going, doing an accent will soon be viewed as auditory blackface.
keviNash101 3 månader sedan
Ever think of getting a Black Mamba?
Gregory Waldron
Gregory Waldron 3 månader sedan
Is the hook a safety measure to limit the snake's scope of movement, so as to prevent a successful strike on the handler?
Marooncords 3 månader sedan
My brother, stay the same. Never change. Let haters hate and never give them a stage. Your personality is a reason I subbed. I could careless about snakes or amphibious creatures. Again, your dope personality, creativity, and knowledge make great videos. "OH QUARANTINE MADE YOU CRAZY YADA YADA" People remmeber...having a unique personality is a gift, don't be jealous, be entertained. Stay up bud
T.R.E.H Plays
T.R.E.H Plays 3 månader sedan
😂😂 love the vids man keep it up
Steve Steele
Steve Steele 3 månader sedan
Love those insularis; hopefully you get to raise one.
philip bender
philip bender 3 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, while you're in Venezuela ask the locals how that communism thing is working out.😂😂🤣🤣
Morgan P.
Morgan P. 3 månader sedan
theyre socialist jsyk
Patricia Serafim
Patricia Serafim 3 månader sedan
Gente nao fala q sou a unica brasileira que assite o video do cara mesmo nao sabendo fala inglês?mas q adoraaa♥️
XxLucyLuoxX UwU
XxLucyLuoxX UwU 3 månader sedan
chandler: we are going to get the male rat first me: you mean rattle snake?
tara mcclaughlin
tara mcclaughlin 3 månader sedan
Dude you high? 😂
Silver death
Silver death 3 månader sedan
Rattlesnakes all have such gorgeous patterns
Creature catchers
Creature catchers 3 månader sedan
Hey chandler is there any tips on finding snakes in Ontario Canada because I want to find some content on my channel because All I have are my geko s and fish
liyah rodriguez
liyah rodriguez 3 månader sedan
George Shaw
George Shaw 3 månader sedan
Great video Chandler, been watching you since the beginning, your salamander bit was hilarious 😂, I needed the laughter. Take care amigo.
MRWaRChieFx 3 månader sedan
If rattlesnakes lose there rattles will the generate more every shed cycle
Lukas Schürholz
Lukas Schürholz 3 månader sedan
Is the Mojave rattlesnake the most dangerous rattlesnake???
yoteqn 3 månader sedan
who is that coming from under with thunder? oh wait, its chandala the animal handala (not a scandala)
The Cløwn
The Cløwn 3 månader sedan
"Really careful on handling just because I don't wanna mess up that rattle." Howabout this: Really careful on handling just because I don't wanna get bitten.
Tadeáš Horníček
Tadeáš Horníček 3 månader sedan
Is that a gaboon viper curled up down There?
phat mack
phat mack 3 månader sedan
Lose the extra voice's frfr
Ben R.
Ben R. 3 månader sedan
Youre just a natural.. in every sense of the word 💚
FABOULOS A.REYES 3 månader sedan
Wow those rattle snakes 🐍 are beautiful 🤍
Satan's Trilogy
Satan's Trilogy 3 månader sedan
Blackarps 4 månader sedan
Are you going to get one of the baby blues?
Billy Lewis
Billy Lewis 4 månader sedan
😂🤣😂 love it
Mysticbambie 4 månader sedan
I honestly had a good laugh with the small lizards sorry forgot the names ...
Pauls Koi Pond
Pauls Koi Pond 4 månader sedan
i was scared for you there mate
Matthew Roy
Matthew Roy 4 månader sedan
Tony Montana
Hey1mA1exx 4 månader sedan
That rattlesnake was not fucking around
Yessr 4 månader sedan
Why nobody talking about the great sketch between the lizards LMAO that was GOLD!
Allie D
Allie D 4 månader sedan
That argument was some funny stuff Chandler🤣🤣🤣🤣
keith centeno
keith centeno 4 månader sedan
I was imagining myself handling the male buzzbutt and in my head, i kept trying to use my hand while the snake was looking lol. The amount of care to handle them is ridiculous.
Ebonny Kisses
Ebonny Kisses 4 månader sedan
Omg I love the voice overa🤣
D R 4 månader sedan
lmao your vids can be a little much sometimes with the edits and voice overs, but I bet your younger viewers love it. Keep up the content man!
43attila 4 månader sedan
The signature "fang strike" closing with the fingers is pure trademark! Herpetology is so interesting on it's own, but add Chandler's charisma and undeniable skills of intensity, it feels and seems like I'm watching a professional produced television show, Chandler, you were born for this!
Nick P
Nick P 4 månader sedan
Why don't they make deeper tank enclosures with a smaller false chamber in the back that you can push the snake into and close off while you clean the main part of the tank? Would make the whole procedure a lot safer than having to remove them entirely to stick into a garbage can. You could even put a door on the back of the enclosure if and when you ever needed to clean out the false chamber.
Mervin John Ruiz
Mervin John Ruiz 4 månader sedan
michael whitney
michael whitney 4 månader sedan
i love your channel keep up the good work
nikhil maharaj
nikhil maharaj 4 månader sedan
I love your humor Chandler 😂😂 I do the same goofy shit at home to entertain myself 😂😂
Spencer 4 månader sedan
How does your camera person not laugh lol
ShadowStarlight Midnight
ShadowStarlight Midnight 4 månader sedan
The talking salamanders dude Chandler u made my day man thank u 🤣
leonardoboy2 4 månader sedan
Courageous man!
Bulldog Badger
Bulldog Badger 4 månader sedan
I would love to visit McCarthy’s wildlife park! I was due to come over to Floriday in August this year but Covid meant all flights got cancelled 😰
Rowland Zipmer
Rowland Zipmer 4 månader sedan
can u chck this cobra is this real? the red one
Mark Andric
Mark Andric 4 månader sedan
how old is kevvin?
Lachlan Grech
Lachlan Grech 4 månader sedan
can we do what you do if we've been working with snakes for two and a half years???
stress 4 månader sedan
Petty Officer John 117 Master Chief
Petty Officer John 117 Master Chief 4 månader sedan
Those rattles are the loudest rattles I have ever heard
Kurtis Taddey
Kurtis Taddey 4 månader sedan
Love your content
New England Modz
New England Modz 4 månader sedan
It’s 4 in the morning so I don’t know if my sleep deprivation made me hallucinate that animal conversation. I’m entertained, nonetheless.
stephen bartels
stephen bartels 4 månader sedan
He just turned his back on a venomous snake. Luckily had back up to close enclosure. Don’t put your life in the hands of others.
TobyInkster !!!!
TobyInkster !!!! 4 månader sedan
Is it a good idea to be picking the poop out without gloves? Often snakes can shed their teeth in the poop.
Missing Intelligence
Missing Intelligence 4 månader sedan
Chandler, is there any reptile you would consider too dangerous to keep?
ninja scott
ninja scott 4 månader sedan
At least there is Chandler getting more covid crazy compared to me
Shadawna Perkins
Shadawna Perkins 4 månader sedan
I love you Chandler 😍 💗 Your personality is soo awesome!
Brittney Byrd
Brittney Byrd 4 månader sedan
Been scared of snakes and stuff all my life. But watching you, Tyler, and Dingo has kindve made me fall in love. Getting a bearded dragon this week. And I’ve almost talked myself into a ball python. Where can we get Merch?
Timothy Davis
Timothy Davis 4 månader sedan
Beautiful snakes and h#ll no I wouldn't want to replicate handling a snake. Two thumbs up to Ruth. She's one brave lady filming those snakes.
zero lifes99
zero lifes99 4 månader sedan
Lmao best thing ever when the animal started talk do that more that funny af
P Wee
P Wee 4 månader sedan
Gotta love the title saying the most dangerous rattler I've ever worked with..thumbnail holding it with bare
Anxyty_ 4 månader sedan
The amount of cringe on this channel is astronomical and I’m here for it 😂❤️
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas 4 månader sedan
Where are your baby blue vipers?
Rashmi Rathnayake
Rashmi Rathnayake 4 månader sedan
Having my breakfast and watching this guy cleaning spicy meatballs 😅 what has happened to me
DeadMan GreG
DeadMan GreG 4 månader sedan
Can’t wait until you make a vid with dingo you guys are two of my favorite wildlife SEpostrs lol 😂
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis 4 månader sedan
you make me want to get a snake so bad but my grandpa is terified
Jnails.Nailedit 4 månader sedan
I like your channel but damn you try to hard to be funny, funny just happens its not pushed to happen. i totally understand being entertaining but trying to force funny is never funny!!!
All_In_One_ Broadcasting
All_In_One_ Broadcasting 4 månader sedan
Love your videos and need to talk to you about a business proposition and have something cool I made for you. Off topic though I think the lock down is getting to you lmao.
MajorClay 511
MajorClay 511 4 månader sedan
Do you still have Kevin?
Maurelle Mentari
Maurelle Mentari 4 månader sedan
Hai Iam from indonesian
YouTube RAPTORZZ92 4 månader sedan
Actually the eastern diamond back rattle snake is the most dangerous rattle snake ever and is also the biggest venomous snake it North America
JAVIGAS GAS 4 månader sedan
blue viper video ?
Melissa Davis
Melissa Davis 4 månader sedan
Male snake! Holah Chandler! Have you ever been bit by a rattle snake? Chandler! No! Male snake! Would you like to be?
David Alvarez
David Alvarez 4 månader sedan
These videos are one of the only things keeping me going during this quarantine 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Nicholas Crump
Nicholas Crump 4 månader sedan
Is that tropical rattleler more toxic than the mojave and tiger???
Nicholas Crump
Nicholas Crump 4 månader sedan
Those are some fat suckers man you ever been tagged by one???
Nicholas Crump
Nicholas Crump 4 månader sedan
Just subscribed btw love your videos brotha
999zoomX 4 månader sedan
Chandler almost hitting 2 kill let it happen by the end of the summer
Morten Olsen
Morten Olsen 4 månader sedan
We'd love to see Chandler do an animal puppet show 🤩🙈😍 right...!??????
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