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Chandler's Wild Life

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Bruno Faria
Bruno Faria Månad sedan
I am brazilian and I can assure you, the situation is really bad. The ammount of animals suffering and burning because of the fire is just ridiculous and the footage is haunting. Thanks for shining light into this, the pantanal is on fire and the wildlife needs our help. #PantanalEmLuta
Lobo Guará
Lobo Guará 27 dagar sedan
@Gu Ferreira Leite Eu entendi o seu ponto. Não significa que ele tenha pego o animal de uma fonte dessas. Jibóia, por exemplo, n sai daqui legalizada hj em dia. Lá, uma custa 100 dolares, aqui 3000 reais. Sucuri lá é caro, mas pode ter, aqui n pode nem se fizer curso de vet/bio. Isso acontece mesmo, vc n acha q já existam pessoas reproduzindo sucuris la? Não to falando que tá certo ou errado, mas acontece. Se eu pudesse ter animais assim eu teria. N é possível aqui, pq a gnt vende bicho p fora e quem é daqui n pode ter nem com anos de preparo. Enfim, seu ponto ta certo, mas n da p falar q td mundo q tem sucuri pegou de fonte ilegal ainda ativa. Até pq houve uma época onde a venda desses bichos pra fora era permitida
Lobo Guará
Lobo Guará 27 dagar sedan
@Deivison Silva Provável q assim: venderam bicho p fora ha alguns anos, reproduziram e continuaram a venda c animais nascidos la, ja que quem tem certos cursos pode ter. Enquanto aqui quem gosta que se foda, pq n pode ter nem com anos de preparo. Enfim, seu ponto ta certo, mas n da p falar q todo mundo q tem exóticos la pegou de fonte ilegal ainda ativa, pq houve épocas onde era permitida a venda desses bichos p la. Aconteceu isso c as jibóias, por exemplo, q n saem daqui legalizada hj em dia. Lá, uma custa 100 dolares, aqui 3000 reais, por essa mesma razão
Arthur Mr.ChamberGado
Arthur Mr.ChamberGado 27 dagar sedan
@Deivison Silva Nós Estados Unidos a muitos criadores de réptil, as leis lá são diferentes daqui.
Arthur Mr.ChamberGado
Arthur Mr.ChamberGado 27 dagar sedan
@Deivison Silva Pq tudo é política
Deivison Silva
Deivison Silva 27 dagar sedan
Ele tem um jacaré de papo amarelo,e uma sucuri amarela...como conseguiu eles será??
Victoria Silva Rodrigues
Victoria Silva Rodrigues 3 dagar sedan
Im from Brasil and youre literally the ONLY wildlife youtuber that has done a video talking about Pantanal and Amazonia. Shit’s really, really bad. Thank you for showing respect and support. Thanks a lot!!! It shows off that you really care about nature worldwide and not only whats close to you and your reality.
Pedro Andrade
Pedro Andrade 12 dagar sedan
ParaThePathofPeace 24 dagar sedan
Honestly do you know how you can really help? Vote Trump/Bolsonaro out and vote for someone that actually believes in climate change. Bolsonaro is a far right wing politician that does not care for the environment and is letting the Amazon burn so they can repurpose the land for business/commercial use.
Nine Wectawski
Nine Wectawski 26 dagar sedan
It’s sad that when you talk about what’s going on in Brazil, the fires, the animals being burned alive in the fires, the ones that are alive don’t have homes anymore, etc. that you hardly get any views. You get 100k views in just days from a feeding video, yet only 34k in a week on such an important video. Thank you Chandler for making this video, bringing more attention to what’s going on. I for one have donated and will continue to help. I live in Oregon, my home was only 10-15 minutes from the fires we had. I spent days stressed/worried, watching level 1’s turning to level 3’s all around us. Making sure family and friends were okay, some of them lost their homes, lost neighbors, pets, lost everything. The smoke was so thick you’d choke on it if you went outside, it rained ash for days, our vehicles covered in it, looked like the apocalypse. I Donated whatever I could to help those affected. We lost one of the most beautiful places we have around us, we lost our bridges, swimming holes, fishing places, campgrounds, lush forests, hiking trails, landmarks, and beautiful wildlife. The fire took out the alarm system first that would have let them know about the fires, so because it was taken out first no one was warned, once fire fighters, police were banging on people’s doors those people had no time to grab anything, they only had minutes as the fire was too close, most of the people were in their pajamas. A 12 year old boy and his dog ran out of their burning house, they were later found, deceased, the boys dog by his side. These fires have been devastating, absolutely devastating. Thank you again Chandler for talking about how important it is to help in this great time of need, for the rainforest, for the animals, for our ecosystem, and for the people who are seeing their home be destroyed by these fires. 💜
Jackie Barker
Jackie Barker 26 dagar sedan
It’s sad that this very important video received so few views. 😞
Jiolsen Courtenay
Jiolsen Courtenay 26 dagar sedan
*Real Amazônia*
Deivison Silva
Deivison Silva 27 dagar sedan
Not is jaguar,the correctly is Onça Pintada.
Jolina Suarez
Jolina Suarez 27 dagar sedan
If I were the calubrid I will bite your armpit hahahahahah LOL
Natallie & Duncan Manowski
Natallie & Duncan Manowski 27 dagar sedan
We're screwed!
Nancy Price
Nancy Price 28 dagar sedan
Your so hot 🔥🔥😍😍
Lobo Guará
Lobo Guará 28 dagar sedan
This is some really important content, Chandler! The burns happen since I can remember and usually are under control (which actually helps recycling the forest), but this year they're affecting a way bigger area. I'm Brazilian, and pantanal's situation is quite bad, but thankfully it is starting to get better bc a lot of ppl are helping and bc the rain station is starting to come. Not everyone is able to donate, but sharing real and useful information is another great way of helping. Just posting a pic with a sad emoji doesn't help, so donating or sharing useful information is a great way of helping!
toruch 28 dagar sedan
As a Brazilian that works with wildlife i can say that all that situation is more then sad, but there is alot of ppl that are helping in their own way, the sanctuary i volunteer on is sending ppl to the Pantanal to help in the rescue of some of those animals, the fire will probably affect in our jaguar population since the pantanal have most of them, tnx for speaking about it, nature is strong and im sure it will recover from that
kylee Rose
kylee Rose 28 dagar sedan
Should have my check by Friday ill send what I can. Talk about full body chills seeing those pics. I fell in a bonfire 2 years ago burnt my back all the way up my shoulder my butt crack my leg.. PTSD kicking in. Poor guys. Ill see what i can do. 😣
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor 28 dagar sedan
Like we dont have enough fires and animals burning alive?
Selena Zamudio
Selena Zamudio 28 dagar sedan
Chandler for president 😂 2020, but no I think it’s amazing how he uses his SEpost channel and I think it’s amazes he’s making this aware more.
Allie D
Allie D 28 dagar sedan
Not the big kitty🥺😢😭those poor babies😭🥺 I wish I could donate but I don’t have any money to spare right now.
Allie D
Allie D 29 dagar sedan
I actually didn’t know about the Brazilian fires until watching this video
Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood 29 dagar sedan
I live in California and its bad
Ariadne Fagundes
Ariadne Fagundes 29 dagar sedan
Thank you for talking about it! I’m Brazilian and I was wondering if you were going to address it at all. This makes me so sad! We really appreciate you using your platform to spread this terrible news and do what you can to help. It’s much worse than what we’re seeing, the animals are really suffering. But I believe there’s still hope, there are citizens that live close enough or were able to travel there that are trying to rescue and care for the animals. Thank you again, this means a lot to us.
pano tsnokls
pano tsnokls 29 dagar sedan
ur so hot
Pala Ghosh
Pala Ghosh 29 dagar sedan
I wish I was not broke!!!😭
Morpheus 29 dagar sedan
By doing what needs to be done to the president of Brazil and those that follow him?
Ryan's Reptiles!
Ryan's Reptiles! Månad sedan
I donated and shared on my Facebook. I will be making a video on my own SEpost channel as well!!!
ExteEriority Månad sedan
Well Chandler, you have successfully avoided having to be creative and think of a vlog today by talking about a purposeless topic for a good 12 mins.. That's one way to do it.. Could've just posted "sorry guys I'm not in the mood for a video today..." bc that's really not that hard.
ExteEriority Månad sedan
I'll be sure to buy some jaguars too ...
ExteEriority Månad sedan
You cannot up and change what we are doing... Literally everything you own, from those snake enclosures to your freaking cameras casing... IT'S ALL MADE WITH OIL!!!! ALL OF IT!!! So, entertain me, whatever can we do?? What could dare replace such a lucrative commodity bc solar cannot, tidal cannot, wind could, only in large scale though... So... When you can tell me a valid commodity that is sustainable enough to replace oil, you let me know, dead serious
Fernando Rios
Fernando Rios Månad sedan
Hello Chandler, I'm Fernando from brazil and I want to thank you for your video about Amazon, it is so important to awere the people about wht is happening here and, believe me, it's not only Amazon that is burning on fire, we also have another wonderful forest called Pantanal that is burning too. There is a looot of animals dying and surfering, losing their home.... it's so sad and we have trump's pet in power, so we are hopeless that our government will do something right.
ExteEriority Månad sedan
Let's go eat dinner fellas lolsss I've always wanted to taste a mix of river otter brain and yellow anaconda liver, could you hook me up?
ExteEriority Månad sedan
Fires also recycle the forests. So it's not even a bad thing just shut up, I ain't funding jack ish, don't care.
Jay Locke
Jay Locke 28 dagar sedan
Sometimes I wonder how stupid someone can be and you are literally the epitome of it
ExteEriority Månad sedan
Thousands and thousands.... Sorry... But WE are losing millions.... Fires do very little in terms of global warming.... So if you're going to inform us, inform us accurately
Garden of Eden Exotics
Garden of Eden Exotics Månad sedan
Jobs give you economic boosts too. How about if you have to clear rainforest you hire people to cut instead of burn. It is slower but will not burn these animals alive.
Emile Van der Heyden
Emile Van der Heyden Månad sedan
Who dislicket this
Ivy Aleria
Ivy Aleria Månad sedan
Chandler please notice me idol🥰 from philippines here🤗
MAD Exiled
MAD Exiled Månad sedan
CORONA FOR THE WIN Others: why you always say this? Me: cause corona will clean this planet from real parasites= HUMANS
SprtWlf9 28 dagar sedan
Feel bad for you. You hate yourself. Try meditation
Ginja_ninja0326 Månad sedan
I don’t know if you remember me but you used to hand me all of the baby gators At native village when I was little and if you can give me a shout out
Ginja_ninja0326 Månad sedan
Every time I went there I would go up to the little gator pit and you handed then to me to hold
An Abomination
An Abomination Månad sedan
That puffing snake part was the best xD everyone wants a puffing snake mustache
Jane Clark
Jane Clark Månad sedan
I hope Brazil receives the same help that we did here in Australia. These fires are catastrophic and decimate so much natural vegetation and animals :( It's heart breaking
Nathan Le
Nathan Le Månad sedan
Chandler, where are you planning to make an outpost at?
Brandon Blackfyre
Brandon Blackfyre Månad sedan
Man everything is on fire... California is also on fire smh... hopefully they can do a real "Rattlensake" round up where they help Rattlesnakes and other snakes get out of the way of the fire. Its crazy seeing so much stuff burning. I do believe California has a lot of man made fires... I know they also start fires on purpose down in South America to clear space for cattle, a farm or to just build on. It sucks seeing so much habitat get destroyed
Brandon Blackfyre
Brandon Blackfyre Månad sedan
You and Dingo should get together and make a video where you guys talk about the Fires and the animals that are effected... Dingo does a lot of conservation work as well over in South Africa and around the world. Kevin over at NERD also does a lot of conservation work! It would be good to see everyone get together and bring more awareness to The Amazon and other parts of the world where animals are in trouble.
Brandon Blackfyre
Brandon Blackfyre Månad sedan
Dude its awesome Chandler uses his growth in popularity to show off important issues like The King Cobra Conservation group and now letting everyone know what they can do to help The Amazon! Keep up the great work Chandler! Love what you are doing! Can't wait to see your property when you get it. Ziggy will love it when she gets bigger and older!
Ioan Evans
Ioan Evans Månad sedan
You would think that with something like the Amazon they could make loads of money from tourism. Some people have no common sense
fred420 Månad sedan
You need a haircut, you look like a hipster :)
Gabbie games
Gabbie games Månad sedan
Psypher Veritas
Psypher Veritas Månad sedan
Don't donate! It's a huge scam. They don't use the money for what it's intended.
ThunderRain Månad sedan
FFS. "Let's just burn everything, should be fine." Who put those assholes in charge?
james frederick
james frederick Månad sedan
This is terrible the Brazilian people should not have the right to effect a eco system that effects the entire world
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez Månad sedan
hypnotik hypothesis
hypnotik hypothesis Månad sedan
Mann it's true the world is destroying our way of life, natural wild life and how the earth is meant to be is getting ruined a little at a time i mean it's cool if government folks want their lifestyles but to shit on our way of life for currency status hits home for us all💯🤝🏼😭
Ryker Vallot
Ryker Vallot Månad sedan
Do n Everglades outpost tour
Rudi Van Der Westhuizen
Rudi Van Der Westhuizen Månad sedan
Lets go burn the brazilian government
Clay Blackwell
Clay Blackwell Månad sedan
Tragic for the animals, but the planet goes through cycles of warming and cooling. Considering Ice ages have caused most extinctions I'd rather take my shirt off and take in the warmth for a bit.
Belle Hunsicker
Belle Hunsicker Månad sedan
If you would get bit by a king cobra what steps would you take as a person that got bit?
Lachlan Grech
Lachlan Grech Månad sedan
Australia was on fire
Cass Virgillo
Cass Virgillo Månad sedan
Hello Chandler, Thank you for providing this urgent message. I cringe at the thought of all the animals who perished in this fire, Australia, the United States and else where in the world. I don't think human's are as smart as they would like to think they are. Best, C.
CrazyAsian303 Månad sedan
We are a plague on this planet....
NakedDave100 Månad sedan
Unbelievable, I can't for the life of me , believe you fall for this climate control agenda, last I looked the amazon wasn't up in flames, I would also be curious as to the authenticity of the photos, yes there are some injured animals, from something, but not from a made up fire, if you folks want to buy into this hoax, it is your dime, give it hell, myself I will not support a get rich agenda that is a hoax!!!
delav83 Månad sedan
People still believe global warming is real???
Rob schef
Rob schef Månad sedan
The same things could be said for the west side of America right now. The wild fires everywhere are out of control and destroying way too much wild life and wildlife habits. Unfortunately most are caused by arsonists.
Ali Imtiaz
Ali Imtiaz Månad sedan
Please like this and let more people see this.
Slippy the snake
Slippy the snake Månad sedan
oh no... that is so sad. i will donate
toxic abby
toxic abby Månad sedan
You know how your training ziggy? Can you maybe one day try and do that with a dwarf caiman because I know so many people who hate dwarf Caymans and to save there plain aggressive and I just think there misunderstood and since I can't personally get a dwarf Cayman cuz for one I'm too young and I can't get a license or permit, so maybe one day can you?????
Jennifer Loving
Jennifer Loving Månad sedan
I have nothing against agriculture and farmer's.(They do help feed the rest of humanity, after all.)
Archie Grant
Archie Grant Månad sedan
This is so sad. We need to start change our way of life if we want to live. And the Brazilian government should have someone like you chandler who cares for the animals and the people
Trusty Milkshake
Trusty Milkshake Månad sedan
Hey Chandler. I want you to know that you are really making the long hair work.
Felipe Régis
Felipe Régis Månad sedan
I really appreciate Chandler's Wild Life initiative, thanks for sharing this! I'm Brazilian too and I live in Rio de Janeiro. Every year there are a lot of fires on this period on Amazon and also in Pantanal because of the dry weather and bad people trying to attack the Government. They are putting a lot of energy and national forces to help and also using the law to prohibit fires this time of the year. It's not only about economy boost and agricultural businesses, but there are also a lot of bad people trying to attack the Government and trying to mess with Brazil's image internationally to make a lot of money and also be funded back again. A lot of non-Government organizations had their funds frozen by the Government because no extremists, political groups (MST) and organizations are allowed anymore trying to stop 23million people living on the north to get better living conditions, especially close to the board with Venezuela. Indians, poor people with no electricity, sanitization, no jobs, animals dying, and corruption everywhere in the past. Nobody was allowed to do research, ecologic tourism, take care of the forest, and of the animals without the permission of corrupt people in the past and to work with companies helping preservation and sustainability. Tons of animals and 23million people living on the north and close to Venezuela are missing basic conditions to live and only corrupt organizations that request money and threaten you if you try to do something different from what they say. They need help, it's a huge area, greater than Europe. It's impossible for the Government take care of this on its own. Good people, animals, the forest, and the national forces need help. Thanks for sharing!
Gina Howey
Gina Howey Månad sedan
Aussie fires are a result of climate change also. It's happening all over the world and we all just continue like only we matter it's so freakn sad. I would hate to be one of those poor defenseless animals. How horrible. Shit does need to change. So badly.
Gina Howey
Gina Howey Månad sedan
I'm crying. Poor animals. The world is such a scary place tbh. Best wishes to fundraising I def will when I can. Love and positive healing thoughts to all suffering animals );
John McTim
John McTim Månad sedan
Ask not what you can do for the amazon but what the amazon can do for you.
Tee roux
Tee roux Månad sedan
At least it is killing man eating crocodile
eric lofsten
eric lofsten Månad sedan
I'm glad you are aware and using your platform to get this message out about global warming/climate change. What's sad is we have a president that is brainwashing our people into thinking that global warming is a hoax and not really happening, and this is why people need to get up off their asses and go VOTE!! There's a lot of shady politicians that don't want to turn our country green by using solar etc. bc other countries are funneling them money bc there's so much money in petroleum/gas. Break the silence like what Chandler is doing so we can make a change bc all these hurricanes/fires are not normal and scientists are proving it that global warming is getting worse and worse every year so we need to change how we are living.
Su Jones
Su Jones Månad sedan
The Amazon has been burning for over 6 months. I can’t begin to imagine what’s been lost to the ecosystem, never to be seen again. Not so mention the unbearable fear and suffering the animals are and have experienced. I’m on disability here in the UK but I’ve donated what I can xxx Keep on doing what you’re doing you are making a difference. 💜
Michelle Stallwood
Michelle Stallwood Månad sedan
We can change but unfortunately it the government's that cant and are bringing down this world 😔 xx
Paulo Tonezer Júnior
Paulo Tonezer Júnior Månad sedan
Your introduction encompasses exactly what’s happening in Brasil atm. As a Brazilian, I have to add that our economy is weak and unstable as a result of the same far right-wing politicians who are in power since the last two years and that now try to create a circus to deflect attention from them. Did you knew Jair Bolsonaro stated that the indigenous tribes were the cause of the first conflagrations? The Earth’s Cancer, Bolsonaro Family.
S Heinz
S Heinz Månad sedan
We have one of those cancers here in the US. We are working on having that excised from our flesh in November. There is hope for your country too!
Melody Silverknight
Melody Silverknight Månad sedan
As a student of international studies I have to study relations between countries beyond my own as well as diplomacy and I, although do not think the government of any country is entirely bad or good, honestly would like to say how disappointed I am at how some tend to work without consent or proper consideration for things like this. It makes me wonder why, despite being non-governmental organizations, the government does not decide consult local environmental conservation groups when it comes to things like this. Connsidering that the groups were permitted to even exist to manage and protect the environment and how we affect it, it's beyond me how they are not a bigger contributor to the overall deliberation of these sort of choices. If the government really recognizes their efforts for conservation of the natural world I think they would take into account the projects they've done and make them a bigger part of managing the country/nation's growth and development.
wim neven
wim neven Månad sedan
This hurts!!! RESPECT Chandler...
Jehovah's Kingdom Rules! Jesus is the King!
Jehovah's Kingdom Rules! Jesus is the King! Månad sedan
Looks they are up to their old tricks again. They did this during the 80s destroying heaps of species. A lot of extinct animals were wiped out because of these burns. They stopped them then, they can stop them now.
monster fish freak original
monster fish freak original Månad sedan
i agree somthin needs too be donn butt windmills solar power bio mass and those electic cars you mentioned are not the way also you guys need too wake up and yes im a tree hugger butt the truth is the current greendeal aint better and is maby worse sorry too bring bad news
hank dankerson
hank dankerson Månad sedan
A lot of the global warming is a lie there's people out there in California Washington State actually setting those fires because they wanted to destroy this country kind of like how they're setting those fires down in the Amazon to destroy the Amazon they don't want that wildlife there they didn't learn how to live with the nature
The Cløwn
The Cløwn 13 timmar sedan
The globe has been cooling and warming throughout it's existence depending how close it gets to the sun thus global warming and cooling is a thing. Sure this scare tactic of factories, cars etc is causing it is bull but clearing forests do have affect on it. Trees take care of co2 admissions and having trees is crucial for life to continue. Termites of the world produce more co2 than all man made factories, boats, planes and so on put together, but there's trees to take care of it. So we need to take care of the forests and oceans to have more clean air. Rainforests are immensely important for all life. (Sorry for possible misspellings I rely a lot on autocorrect when I write english).
S Heinz
S Heinz Månad sedan
Go look at the satellite photos. Their president in Brazil doesn’t believe in global warming either. Don’t you understand how much we have damaged this planet? A huge amount of the earth’s species are disappearing because what people are doing to the climate. It’s the only place we have to live. Don’t be a jerk, stop listening to the crap, grow up and help all of us save the planet and the network of our ecology. There are ways to have a very comfortable life and not destroy everything around us.
Arturo Mansour-Hull
Arturo Mansour-Hull Månad sedan
Global climate change is a huge issue
Wildblunt Månad sedan
Chandler plz stop with this Global warming its BS! But Terrible what is happening in Brazil but that is not because of GLOBAL WARMING!
Brandy Edwards
Brandy Edwards Månad sedan
Omg that's so sad those beautiful souls gone way to soon
Stack Månad sedan
Lol I think the wrong people are in Government Leadership all over this world unfortunately, but it’s definitely a tragedy and a sin that is taking place over in Brazil at the moment and one day this world will wake up and start working together in every way that we need too in order for life to continue on before our Planet decides what needs to happen for us ! And unfortunately I think mandatory limitations on babies is unfortunately one of those things that needs to happen so this planet can start healing itself , also many other things also but a decrease in population is a healthy start !! But Keep up the Great Work ! Stay and Play Safe !! 👊✌️
Andrew Raynes
Andrew Raynes Månad sedan
This is a serious problem that needs handled. I wish more of the planet could have the passion you do where it comes to these kind of things. I'll donate what I can to help. It isn't much but still something.
toolhog10 Månad sedan
Yeah, On Windy air quality for PM2.5 it looks pretty bad. Brazil, West coast US and also looks like something is going on in eastern russia or siberia. Crazy.
Axe Axe
Axe Axe Månad sedan
καλημερα ωραιο βιντεο απο ελλαδα θεσσαλονικη εισαι πρωτοσ ευχαριστω❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰
R Hicks
R Hicks Månad sedan
The west coast of the USA need help to if you have not heard!
Kaylin Hoffner
Kaylin Hoffner Månad sedan
We are on fire too in Oregon. Record burns, burned more than 1 million acres statewide. The wildfires have put an estimated 500,000 residents, or over 10 percent of the state’s population, under an evacuation warning. our natural cascade range habitat gone
Pkau GAMERZ Månad sedan
No its realy very difficult to see video
Ana Lutz marques
Ana Lutz marques Månad sedan
As a Brazilian and an animal lover, I really appreciate you talking about this subject matter. Thank you Chandler!
Me Månad sedan
Chandler look i love your videos but you need to wake up to the United Nations agenda for world domination by using "climate change". Its all a load of bullshit! There is no climate change in the way you think. All this carbon tax bullshit is a lie. Carbon dioxide is a natural element of nature. It's how plants photosynthesize. Volcano's let off 100x more carbon dioxide than the entire world car industry. What they are saying is "global warming" is actually the milankovitch cycles and the United Nations are in fact an organised crime cartel. Everything that is happening is planned and executed by the United Nations and the elites for their own agenda. Read agenda 21, it is a documented plan to take control of the planet, its animals and all life on earth.
Rva Regulator
Rva Regulator Månad sedan
2020's been a fucked up year, doubt 2021 will be ANY better, I donated but don't have much. This Fire needs to invest in a Ziggy shirt, so it can chill tf out 🙏
LRV 2019
LRV 2019 Månad sedan
Wrong Time, Maybe not For The 🤑🤑🤑
Ava Bryson
Ava Bryson Månad sedan
that is so sad :(
I watch Anime
I watch Anime Månad sedan
Who started this ?Those animals should not be treated like that.
Anonymousguy69 Twinkletoes
Anonymousguy69 Twinkletoes Månad sedan
Global warming is a myth
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Månad sedan
The world has became a very greedy place and it will all come back to bite us one day.
Ruchika Singla
Ruchika Singla Månad sedan
Love you bro
Matthew Mohri
Matthew Mohri Månad sedan
Easy...Have the CIA backed Bolsonaro Administration overthrown...The Amazon is burning b/c of him. The West Coast is burning.
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