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Chandler's Wild Life

2 månader sedan


Lizzie Z
Lizzie Z 21 dag sedan
The camera slap omg 😆
Sean Long
Sean Long Månad sedan
You have no male Gaboon viper's???
MysteryG 77
MysteryG 77 Månad sedan
I don't see how you don't poop yourself every time you handle those snakes
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott Månad sedan
These vipers look scary as hell !!! Idk how you handle these snakes? I'm so clumsy I gotta watch out not to fall over my own feet lol I damn sure would've been bitten a long time ago !!!! What do you think about these snake charmers who defang the cobras and then show off teir "magic" and control over these snakes? I watched some vids on it and I found it absolutely cruel!
Kaidosbuddyagain Doberman
Kaidosbuddyagain Doberman Månad sedan
Am I the only one who is constantly anxiety ridden watching him handle these snakes? Man o man chandler. Be safe
reptilian kids
reptilian kids Månad sedan
i have a pet gecko got any pointers
Lukas Laubreiter
Lukas Laubreiter Månad sedan
Cut your Hair ✂️😇✌🏼
Kira Kiona
Kira Kiona Månad sedan
i dont care how long the fangs are or how toxic the venom is gaboon vipers are good chonky pancake bois and nothing you say can stop me from booping the snoot of the chonky pancake
David Wilson
David Wilson Månad sedan
Chandler is cedar bedding toxic to snakes
Eli Novak
Eli Novak Månad sedan
I love how mad 😡 the gaboon vipers are😂
Lyndseigh Muller
Lyndseigh Muller Månad sedan
Is it just me or does Chandler’s hair look like it would feel like a literal cloud?
Charles Potel
Charles Potel Månad sedan
Hi Chandler, send a shout out to Brasil !! We love your videos !! :D
samasia skipperable
samasia skipperable Månad sedan
The Bitis would benefit from a wider hook❓❤️🐍❤️
Amy T
Amy T Månad sedan
I’m surprised u didn’t close the lid with the gaboon vipers.
sandramorrison99 Månad sedan
She whipped your ass! Girls rule!
S Heinz
S Heinz Månad sedan
The Egyptian says, “You want to dance with me Chandler?”
ONI Yautja
ONI Yautja Månad sedan
red sonja should be the name of the red Egyptian cobra... i didnt hear she had a name so i gave her one
Sundra Månad sedan
Anybody else nervous when he's almost bitten by a venomous snake?
Greg Williams
Greg Williams Månad sedan
When i had a monitor lizard at the vet a few years back a teenage girl brought a ball python into the vet office that was severely injured from having a rat chew on it. I don’t know if the vet was able to save the snake but it had some really gnarly bites, like the rodent was eating the snake. I only feed my animals frozen thawed to avoid this and to know that any parasites the rat may have been harboring are also dead.
Matthew Watkins
Matthew Watkins Månad sedan
How can you tell the males from the females on snakes?
Claudio Morales
Claudio Morales Månad sedan
Hy from Chile, youre channel its very educative and funny, I like me zyggi bye
CLASH PlayeR PRÓ Månad sedan
Ofmine Månad sedan
I would like to have a shirt with Kevin and his party hat he had on on his shed party :-)
Mosexi 2 månader sedan
Dylan McMannis
Dylan McMannis 2 månader sedan
My favorite snake, Gabboons are so crazy and awesome looking.
Jessica Franklin
Jessica Franklin 2 månader sedan
What happened to?: but most of all love your anacondas! Lol 😂 Now all of a sudden it’s love your turtles! This is out regis!! Lol 😂😂😂😂😂
La conquistadors E explora
La conquistadors E explora 2 månader sedan
Ruth is so bad ass! Chandler....what’s going on with the tree vipers?
Clickbait 2 månader sedan
Who takes pictures of giant slugs on their hand?
Clickbait 2 månader sedan
I know a snake with bigger fangs.
naokir59 2 månader sedan
3 huge snakes in such a small enclosure!!!
Tim Adams
Tim Adams 2 månader sedan
LOL get him Ruth!!! LOL love your Channel Chandler great learning and very funny.
Diane Fear
Diane Fear 2 månader sedan
That mamba is going to tag u coz it no space to hold it I can see it happening
Che Guevara Avy
Che Guevara Avy 2 månader sedan
He did not close the glass
Karli Davis
Karli Davis 2 månader sedan
If Chandler would cut his hair I wouldnt even know it was him. Anyone else agree?
Alexander Knox
Alexander Knox 2 månader sedan
bro i love the merch All hail the king. and be chill like ziggy. cant wait to get some
Cory H
Cory H 2 månader sedan
gaboons do not have 3 inch fangs. maybe half that size at best
WagginTailFarm 2 månader sedan
I need to borrow Ruth for my videos lol 😆 mine suck!
Aish Ghotra
Aish Ghotra 2 månader sedan
U should cut your hair be with your old hair
Machine Gun Redneck
Machine Gun Redneck 2 månader sedan
I’d love to see chandler in the movie snakes on a plane cause while everyone’s screaming and running chandlers going to be educating 😂
Wing Chun grandmaster
Wing Chun grandmaster 2 månader sedan
U are a Psycho but i love that 😂🇩🇪
Devashae Ford
Devashae Ford 2 månader sedan
you need to cut that hair sir
SAMANTHA EICHHORN 2 månader sedan
What happens if those vipers in the beginning of the video bite one or the other?
R̷a̷i̷n̷b̷o̷w̷ L̷o̷v̷e̷
R̷a̷i̷n̷b̷o̷w̷ L̷o̷v̷e̷ 2 månader sedan
I think Cahndler has become crazier after quarantine 😂
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 2 månader sedan
You guys crack me up....
ben stailey
ben stailey 2 månader sedan
From someone who used to own 6 snakes, 2 turtles, 2 frogs, a bearded dragon, a spiny tail, anoles, and any other non venomous reptile or amphibian you can think of, Chandler makes me feel like a novice in the world of reptiles.
Unison Toku
Unison Toku 2 månader sedan
Chandler big fan!! sending love from Hawaii your channel has made me love reptiles sooo much more now!!
Jonathan Vasquez
Jonathan Vasquez 2 månader sedan
Show em how it’s done Chan Chan man . Handling snake , venomous at that like a champ. You the man
Grellina -
Grellina - 2 månader sedan
I wasnt here for a while but nice to see you still alive Btw nice curls
Torin Hampton
Torin Hampton 2 månader sedan
forget the t shirts, when you coming out with your own protein powder?
Elias MacDonald
Elias MacDonald 2 månader sedan
I originally suggested Apophis as the name for the red egyptian cobra for several reasons, but since she is female, how about Poppy?
Felix hk
Felix hk 2 månader sedan
9:50 Chandler: "Even with the black Mamba like Allisson right here." Allisson: "Did you said my name?"
TARA BOWLAN 2 månader sedan
do you have a camera man cause i would love to know how he or she doesn't get bitten
Kallazar Drakul
Kallazar Drakul 2 månader sedan
No he has a camera woman and she doesn't get bit because she is careful and follows any instructions Chandler gives her.
Snow Viper
Snow Viper 2 månader sedan
I still believe the Bushmaster has the longest fangs, even if people say the gaboon has the longest.
Deysi Ferrufinojtutt
Deysi Ferrufinojtutt 2 månader sedan
Es más lindo Kevin 😋
Deysi Ferrufinojtutt
Deysi Ferrufinojtutt 2 månader sedan
Ese tipo de serpientes son muy feas 😣😣😣😣
Milky Way
Milky Way 2 månader sedan
Temeculous 2 månader sedan
What species of snakes have spiky tails? quite a few were trying to stab your hand with their tail, is that a behavior they copy from other snakes?
Robin Stone
Robin Stone 2 månader sedan
Just watched Dingo,so you getting a new Black Mamba 😜🤣
Charles Thompson
Charles Thompson 2 månader sedan
no kidding, Ruth is Ruthless
Dominick Swetcoff
Dominick Swetcoff 2 månader sedan
My favorite snake 🐍 rhino gaboons so pretty #wheelchairbandit86 #vegas #herp #florida #chandlerswildlife #animals #vipers #snakes #knowledge #learning
Thornton-Cleveleys Football Club
Thornton-Cleveleys Football Club 2 månader sedan
your vids are so fascinating and also i love snakes
krisnahas79 2 månader sedan
You make it look so easy handling snakes
kh287 2 månader sedan
You probably answered this question before. But could you be envenomated if there were traces of venom in the cage and while you clean it without gloves you get some on scratches open wounds ?
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams 2 månader sedan
Chandler what do you mean it takes time and energy to create venom does the snake already have venom inside I mean I always thought so sense there poisonous
Mister Holloway
Mister Holloway 2 månader sedan
marry your camera girl. you know you love her
Mister Holloway
Mister Holloway 2 månader sedan
need a barber? why? you have great hair. take care of it dude.
hesitant pickles
hesitant pickles 2 månader sedan
2:06 his voice cracked. might be one of the funniest shits iv seen taken
A. Kilmister 89
A. Kilmister 89 2 månader sedan
Every toddler is more adult than this ridiculous clown. It's a question of time if he get bitten by one snake.
All_In_One_ Broadcasting
All_In_One_ Broadcasting 2 månader sedan
Also remember Chandler when cleaning the Gaboons cage that you don't use your hands. Remember vipers shed there fangs in their spicy meat balls. Please Becareful. A shed fang could be in there and it could still have venom in it and its basically like getting bit by the animal. I tell ya because I care.
Unknown person
Unknown person 2 månader sedan
When I grow up I am going to be like Chandler
BushWushy 2 månader sedan
Wait don't the gaboons shed their fangs when they eat and you're gonna pick up the meatball with your bare hands?
Giancarlo Amoroso
Giancarlo Amoroso 2 månader sedan
he should have just used his puffy hair as a shield
James Martin
James Martin 2 månader sedan
This guy sounds like kris prat
captainhonan 2 månader sedan
OMG quit assaulting me throughout the video lmao.
Dillon Young
Dillon Young 2 månader sedan
What do I learn from Chandler's videos? None of his snakes are jokes 😂. Instead of saying that all the time just say "its like WU-TANG it aint nothing to f*ck wit". Something other than the norm.
Sean Roberson
Sean Roberson 2 månader sedan
Subtitles be like "kaboom viper"
Jennifer Kask
Jennifer Kask 2 månader sedan
What I look forward to the most (besides the snakes & education) is you saying "Hello beautiful people!" That makes my day!!! Also, those Vipers have ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS patterns!!
PersaX ff
PersaX ff 2 månader sedan
Rob schef
Rob schef 2 månader sedan
I hate that chair🤣😂🤣😂
Daichi Watanabe
Daichi Watanabe 2 månader sedan
Mamma mia
Motorized Misfit - Artist
Motorized Misfit - Artist 2 månader sedan
I ❤️GABOON’S. RIP to Tyler’s.
Inner Spce
Inner Spce 2 månader sedan
Rip pinky the gaboon viper♥️♥️
eric lofsten
eric lofsten 2 månader sedan
We need a Kevin video it's been too long haven't seen him in awhile
Tomatoraybill 2 månader sedan
Doesn't the Black Mamba chase you down......?
Art Wolf
Art Wolf 2 månader sedan
It sure have alot of FANS because we are it's bigger fan
Leopard-King 2 månader sedan
The Ethiopian was dancing!
Becky Bishop
Becky Bishop 2 månader sedan
The vipers seem very laid back and lazy snakes?
Thomas Kuhlenschmidt
Thomas Kuhlenschmidt 2 månader sedan
Have you thought about getting a red belly black snake
UndeadByFate 6
UndeadByFate 6 2 månader sedan
Chandler just wondering. But I thought with Vipers you weren’t suppose to clean up there cage with your bare hands, because you could get Envenomated by a fang sense they shed there fangs like there scales? Just let me know if I’m wrong.
jambo rambo
jambo rambo 2 månader sedan
Watching Chandler's wildlife stoned with a mountain dew and BLT, I think this is heaven
Fungus 2 månader sedan
you should get a tiger snake
All_In_One_ Broadcasting
All_In_One_ Broadcasting 2 månader sedan
Love ya Chandler. I am not a venomous keeper, but I have studied venomous reptiles for years and the Gaboon Viper AKA "Bitis Gabonica" Record fangs are 50mm or 2" long. No snake has 3 inch fangs except one that is extinct in the fossil record. Just letting you know, but on the flip side of the coin I love learning new stuff from you. I love learning the scientific names. For instance I love Ophiofagus Hannah or King Cobra.
Sunny Times
Sunny Times 2 månader sedan
Trina Brook
Trina Brook 2 månader sedan
All the way from New Zealand 🇳🇿. Love your videos ❤️ keep it up.
Rudi Van Der Westhuizen
Rudi Van Der Westhuizen 2 månader sedan
South African viewer 🇿🇦🔥
Milan Milacic
Milan Milacic 2 månader sedan
I don't think Australians watch you this is mundane to them
Lun4cy 2 månader sedan
Dude you need a haircut.
fudganuld 2 månader sedan
All The Way From The U.K.......You're mad..Ha Ha ..But Kevin is So Cool...Ha ..Quality!!
Lynn C
Lynn C 2 månader sedan
Your breeding the Gaboon Vipers with a Rino Viper what are the babies called.
Divine Lyrics
Divine Lyrics 2 månader sedan
Who thinks he needs a haircut?😜😜
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