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Chandler's Wild Life

5 månader sedan

they.call.me.ranch cause.i.be.dressin
they.call.me.ranch cause.i.be.dressin 2 månader sedan
Charlotte Fowler
Charlotte Fowler 2 månader sedan
Do you change the waters after giving each snake a bath??
Charlotte Fowler
Charlotte Fowler 2 månader sedan
What is your favorite venomous snake specie?? What is your favorite nonvenomous snake specie?? If you could travel anywhere, where would and what species of animal are you looking for their??
DMM-XOXO 4 månader sedan
How is childish gambino sooo fu*king calm
M Pasowski
M Pasowski 4 månader sedan
correct me if I'm wrong this is extremely dangerous? a rattle snake is bound too strike and hes wearing no sleeves??
Shane Hay
Shane Hay 5 månader sedan
Love the videos Chandler, big fan from 🇬🇧 can’t wait for a video with Dingo my two favourites on SEpost wooo.
Among us Exe
Among us Exe 5 månader sedan
Made a video of when I had an encounter with an cobra 🐍 would be cool if you checked it out
i buried a bone in your mom
i buried a bone in your mom 5 månader sedan
Your quarantine is the most lit🔥
Nhyq C
Nhyq C 5 månader sedan
Jade Dodds
Jade Dodds 5 månader sedan
RIP headphones users☠️
Anwara Begum
Anwara Begum 5 månader sedan
Where is Kevin😕😕😕😕😕
Roy James
Roy James 5 månader sedan
Grabs skin of cobra as cobra sits a ft away
mechajason 5 månader sedan
Do you know the sad part is the rattlesnake was probably like will you stop playing to the camera they’re here for us not for you
goblin bastard
goblin bastard 5 månader sedan
Eat one spicy meatball everytime Chandler says "cantankerous"
Vinicius Paiva
Vinicius Paiva 5 månader sedan
Can you try to mate Kevin with Justina?
John Bryant
John Bryant 5 månader sedan
You should get a pooper scooped instead of wasting all those napkins.
Danny Nelson
Danny Nelson 5 månader sedan
Nice Fro Bro.....We all got that “Summer Fro”... Fresh Ass Vans...by Kottonmouth King.. check it out...
Lewis Love
Lewis Love 5 månader sedan
I need to buy merch like those slick snake shirts..been watching since 2017 Ziggy was tiny last time I seen em
Deepak Seshadri
Deepak Seshadri 5 månader sedan
I recently found this channel and it’s resurrected my love for reptiles, especially cobras. Also gotta love the positivity and energy this guy exudes, you can tell he really loves and cares for his animals and his viewers. If you ever need a photographer, hmu Chandler!
Chely Chavez
Chely Chavez 5 månader sedan
Sneak don’t make me anger
mark Belonio
mark Belonio 5 månader sedan
Sir chandler can you name one of ur snake "baninay" name from filipino . Me and my cousin's are you're biggest fan 😁😁😁
Amelia Jett
Amelia Jett 5 månader sedan
Gabino/us during quarantine: “trying to leave” Chandler/the government: “why don’t you stay inside take a soak
Amelia Jett
Amelia Jett 5 månader sedan
Why that first snake so thicc tho
Marina Rodriguez
Marina Rodriguez 5 månader sedan
i'm a big fan of snakes i wanna be like you when i grow up and whats your favorite snake
carter cornelius
carter cornelius 5 månader sedan
this man looked a cobra dead in the eyes and said "relax" 😳😂
Cristina Felix Sanchez
Cristina Felix Sanchez 5 månader sedan
Crazy ass, you crack me up. Much love💘
Rafael Guzman
Rafael Guzman 5 månader sedan
That’s a spicy meatball!!!
Flameheart 5 månader sedan
He sounded like pewdiepie at 9:33
guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c3
guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c3 5 månader sedan
But to me it’s cruel to keep the big cobras in a tiny drawer. Nothing to even see but dark. 24/7.
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 5 månader sedan
Dam those veins
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 5 månader sedan
Amazing animals
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 5 månader sedan
Chandler funny and entertaining as always. Looking handsome 24/7.
Pablo Garcia Ramirez
Pablo Garcia Ramirez 5 månader sedan
Que mal que no se hablar inglés
Kaden Mathis
Kaden Mathis 5 månader sedan
Where did he or anyone that has these , get those stackable cages
Chips And Salsa
Chips And Salsa 5 månader sedan
Chandeliers wildlife?
Miami Has Talent
Miami Has Talent 5 månader sedan
Whats up Chandler. I would love to collaborate 1 day
Squidfister 5 månader sedan
Chandlers neck vein at 13:40 LOOL so hypey about them spicy meatballs
Diam Junn Hambre
Diam Junn Hambre 5 månader sedan
When the vlogging ends, you already know what happened. 😂😂😂
Shawn Strickland
Shawn Strickland 5 månader sedan
1:10 RIP headphone users...
JD Danzig
JD Danzig 5 månader sedan
Vids got corny af , you turned into one of the youtube idiots that gonna give venomous keepers bad name
Luisa Cruz
Luisa Cruz 5 månader sedan
Yayyy !! Love seeing you’re feeding vids 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Jiaxiang Zheng
Jiaxiang Zheng 5 månader sedan
Who is your favorite king cobra chandler???🐍🐍🐍
fran shoemaker
fran shoemaker 5 månader sedan
I think Gambino is the most beautiful snake I have ever seen, but Kevin is my favorite.
Dan Le
Dan Le 5 månader sedan
This guy needs to get laid
Dan Le
Dan Le 5 månader sedan
He already removed the venom from these snakes....thats the trick
John Burton
John Burton 5 månader sedan
Chandler, you seem alot different lately... your whole vibe is different.... maybe it's just because of quarantine fever idk....
Weapon X
Weapon X 5 månader sedan
The american Steve Irwin... A legend in the making!! "Meatballs" of Steel!!
Pamela Lange
Pamela Lange 5 månader sedan
Snakes can get constipated??! How do you help them or do you?!
Chloe Bilton
Chloe Bilton 5 månader sedan
i dont know how you do it with the venemouse snakes i would be crapping myself you are the best
Damon Kennen
Damon Kennen 5 månader sedan
Look a really need help with my green igunna i ordered her from a untrustworthy website and im starting to think shes wild cought if anyone can help me please lmk
Sachien 18
Sachien 18 5 månader sedan
Bertha was pretty calm for a cobra
Danny Williams
Danny Williams 5 månader sedan
Chandler love what you do brother but at least wear gloves when you’re cleaning the enclosures pretty gross don’t you think LOL?😂🤷🏼‍♂️🇺🇸✌🏼
ModelDionysus67 fan
ModelDionysus67 fan 5 månader sedan
Not going to lie he kinda sounds like Chris Pratt
Sean Taggart
Sean Taggart 5 månader sedan
king corona
Alex Vidakovic
Alex Vidakovic 5 månader sedan
I get sweaty with heart palpitations every time I see you handling venomous snakes, it's quite scary.
The Quinox
The Quinox 5 månader sedan
I find Chandler very attractive.
Noah-Burkhardt 5 månader sedan
Thanks to chandler I now own a Mexican milk snake lots of love from ky
Jayden Wilkin
Jayden Wilkin 5 månader sedan
chandler on crac
Roselyn Sackitey-Matey
Roselyn Sackitey-Matey 5 månader sedan
If this guy stops making videos we all know what happend
Rachael Folgar
Rachael Folgar 5 månader sedan
Since Quarantine me and my 2 boys ( age 4 & 6) have been watching your videos! We love them! They are educational and fun! Thank you for providing such great content! Stay safe! And keep saying THAT'S A SPICY MEATBALL!!
Nepal lovers
Nepal lovers 5 månader sedan
I love Ur talking style love uuuuuu😋😋🥰🥰♥️♥️
Nepal lovers
Nepal lovers 5 månader sedan
Charls erold Cabahug
Charls erold Cabahug 5 månader sedan
Before the end of the video chand said. Mama miyuh spicy meat ball. 😅
Ryan Barratt
Ryan Barratt 5 månader sedan
How has Kevin the King Cobra been doing
Abed Alarab
Abed Alarab 5 månader sedan
Let's put big birtha back in iraq
CGI SofiaGalx
CGI SofiaGalx 5 månader sedan
They should be left in the wild life not a box
Fafnir Icingdeath
Fafnir Icingdeath 5 månader sedan
its weird watching how someone is going to die. surreal.
Alevaria 5 månader sedan
Found this late at night, what a gem; just causally falling in love with these snakes, their so gorgeous 😍🐍🖤💜
Henry Fajardo
Henry Fajardo 5 månader sedan
I really hope he was joking about the Dasani water
cra5h cre8ions
cra5h cre8ions 5 månader sedan
My favorite quote from Steve Irwin: “you think this is crazy, you should see what I got in me shed!” As he’s handling a rattlesnake he just found on the fckin ground... anyways that’s 100%the energy Chandler gives me
Bailey Camp
Bailey Camp 5 månader sedan
Why are all the venomous snakes soooooo pretty
John Halchishick
John Halchishick 5 månader sedan
That first snake is incredible
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 5 månader sedan
How would you treat a bite from childish gambino ? (Because of him being a rhino/gaboon)
Tariq A
Tariq A 5 månader sedan
You annoyed my dogs with your ninja screaming 😂
FireFox_ Psycho
FireFox_ Psycho 5 månader sedan
I wonder what it’s like to be the camera man And how He would react when chandler say “Those SpIcY sPiCy MeAtBalLs
Michigan fan
Michigan fan 5 månader sedan
This guy doesn't need to have these venomous snakes he is going to end up getting bitten
Daan Bezemer
Daan Bezemer 5 månader sedan
Trimeresurus albolabris is that a snake to begin with
Landon Spence
Landon Spence 5 månader sedan
I found out how Chandler is so good with snakes He's a PARSLETOUNG!!!!!
Emma Mach
Emma Mach 5 månader sedan
I feel like Chandler is the only person that can make feeding snakes entertaining
Paul Desmettre
Paul Desmettre 5 månader sedan
Dynamosaurus Imperious
Dynamosaurus Imperious 5 månader sedan
Gina Bennett
Gina Bennett 5 månader sedan
Also have you heard of the new species of snake called Salazar pit viper?
Gina Bennett
Gina Bennett 5 månader sedan
It's amazing how comfortable he is with all of his reptiles especially with all of the reptiles trying to take a good bit out of him.
Logannn Luv
Logannn Luv 5 månader sedan
What if they strike and bite them selfs (not on purpose) but can they kill them selfs?
Jessica Long
Jessica Long 5 månader sedan
I love how he is so relaxed around big birtha😂😂😂😂
Chloe Baird
Chloe Baird 5 månader sedan
How hard does your camera person have to hold back laughter when you act goofy? Cause I never hear them laugh? Lol I would be cracking up.
Taylor Paige
Taylor Paige 5 månader sedan
Cobra strikes in his face, not a flinch Chandler loves his scaled children Beautiful reptiles
Cassandra Todhunter
Cassandra Todhunter 5 månader sedan
The pattern on that first snake is amazing beautiful! It reminds me of aboriginal art 😍😍
Miguel Luis Fernandez
Miguel Luis Fernandez 5 månader sedan
Chandler is so hot
Jaxson Kidd
Jaxson Kidd 5 månader sedan
Why don’t you use a one-way glass
Li moucheu
Li moucheu 5 månader sedan
I love the way that you says almost never agressive always defensive because it is the truth. These animals are almost never agressive.
Cameron Bower
Cameron Bower 5 månader sedan
Everyone talking about chandler getting struck at by a cobra but no ones talking about him FREE HANDLING A GABINO!!!
Diovel Albacete
Diovel Albacete 5 månader sedan
Kraug _
Kraug _ 5 månader sedan
I don’t think you should keep em they don’t have alot of space you should realease them
Alexandro Steck
Alexandro Steck 5 månader sedan
I just love how you randomly speak in Spanish!! 🇲🇽
Dastan 5 månader sedan
I want to send flowers for your last rites (funeral). Please send me your address. Love from India. Take care both, your snakes & yourself.
Chester Peaks Gaming
Chester Peaks Gaming 5 månader sedan
I see he’s started doing crack
jamie rossberg
jamie rossberg 5 månader sedan
always the best but man i could just not do this
Milla Castro
Milla Castro 5 månader sedan
@8:53 DUDE.....
LoneWolf 5 månader sedan
how old are you chandler?
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