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Chandler's Wild Life

2 månader sedan


Kevin Duffy
Kevin Duffy 11 timmar sedan
GABRIEL ciobanu
GABRIEL ciobanu 3 dagar sedan
India is in Asia
BeerGrills 5 dagar sedan
As a risk analyst, only a matter of time..
brandi3981 8 dagar sedan
Chandler better not be getting ready to challenge that guys world record on most venomous snakes in a tub with him XD i believe he used rattlesnakes not cobras and though cobras tend to be longer they are much skinnier
brandi3981 8 dagar sedan
Did the gaboon/rhino viper die!? Or (hopefully) just too big to be housed with this group?
Gervaincraft tittup
Gervaincraft tittup 9 dagar sedan
13:50 scared me to death
vaibhav nema
vaibhav nema 10 dagar sedan
And yet you have only scratched the soil of the earth of India if you talk about showing the people, the snakes of India as we here have 270 species of them, out of which 60 are venomous and responsible for 46000 deaths due to snake bites.
Kobayashi Mona
Kobayashi Mona 10 dagar sedan
be careful please my i dol
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 17 dagar sedan
that looks like they were just delivered a Pizza to you. Do Snakes come all vacuum rap like that and everything? Just go on down to your local Costco and order a couple packages of cobras?
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 17 dagar sedan
Thank you for not feeding live rabbits to your snakes. Thank you for not feeding live anything to your snakes. There is absolutely no reason on Earth somebody would have to feed live animals to their snakes. There's absolutely nothing different in the nutritional value and if you feed them properly they can still feel like they're! I love you for that Chandler. I've rescued rabbits over the last couple of decades from our Co-op. People calling want them to hold a couple so they can feed their snakes and I always go in and rescue them. I have a friend who works at one of the local co-ops and he feels the same way I do. So he always calls me to come get the rabbits and when the snake dude shows up for the rabbits well..."Ummm g ee sir...I don't know what happened. they were here this morning.."😆😆🐰🐰🐇..
The Fun Channel!!
The Fun Channel!! 23 dagar sedan
India is the best country!!
ZApocalypse 911
ZApocalypse 911 25 dagar sedan
I just watched this after a month of it just saved in my youtube app. Chandler India is part of asia(South asia specifically) lol... still love yo vids. Wabbits.
Christine Beers
Christine Beers 28 dagar sedan
dingo dinkleman challanges u to the cobra war here are the rules: 1. the one with the most cobras wins. 2. the one who cheats will have to talk to me on discord
JM0417 4rever
JM0417 4rever Månad sedan
Catch a samar cobra from Philippines dude hehe
Kumar Loh
Kumar Loh Månad sedan
Female Spectacle cobra doesn't have hood? Nayaa, nayaa you meant to say New? :)
r laze
r laze Månad sedan
It is so cool to learn about these legendary snakes. All i knew before was their names and that they are dangerous. But seeing them here we get to see their beauty. Like the king cobra's eyes are beautiful and intelligent.
Nem Esis
Nem Esis Månad sedan
Baltimore Bob
Baltimore Bob Månad sedan
Russell’s Vipers Gaboons and Spectacles oh my. Beautiful snakes . When I think of a cobra it’s a spectacle. Hope I get the chance to check your place out sometime. Keep it up
08 - Aneesh Vartak - 7B
08 - Aneesh Vartak - 7B Månad sedan
hey chandler pls say naja naja as it resembles shiva ( a god ) for indian as i live in india
thala raja
thala raja Månad sedan
Any Indian here
Y Knot fishing crew
Y Knot fishing crew Månad sedan
Did he just give out his phone number
64 Singh Aryan
64 Singh Aryan Månad sedan
I have see alot of Indian cobras bc I'm indian
64 Singh Aryan
64 Singh Aryan Månad sedan
I'm indian
ramesh chimakurthi
ramesh chimakurthi Månad sedan
Why do you show me the rainbow snake
Jayakanth J
Jayakanth J Månad sedan
Sherlocks 'Speckeld Band' was inspired by a Russell's viper...
Jessie Jay
Jessie Jay Månad sedan
Currently packing to move and had this on as background noise and just heard the "Snake Review" at the end there and now I love him 100x more. Whats up Chandler you a bro? Floorgang? 😂😂😂
Siddhi OP
Siddhi OP Månad sedan
I live in India
Omar Saleem
Omar Saleem Månad sedan
Bro anytime you're in Pakistan, you're my guest
Joker Kepner
Joker Kepner Månad sedan
These snakes are gorgeous
Drake C
Drake C Månad sedan
Act's like a child
Gaming liger
Gaming liger Månad sedan
What happened to Kevin the king cobra?
logan senger
logan senger Månad sedan
Chandler is that eastern Diamindback rattlesnake still available at the beginning of this video???
Sandesh Nayak
Sandesh Nayak Månad sedan
Please free them in forests 🌳. They will be suffering inside that small cage
geo Ka
geo Ka Månad sedan
comprate una serpiente de cascabel .
Buddha AF
Buddha AF Månad sedan
Only thing I got to say is SNAKE REVIEW!!!
lonnie rasmussen
lonnie rasmussen Månad sedan
UH I will love to have that snake!!!!! Love venomous!!!!!! You are so Lucky!!!
Rei Kawahara
Rei Kawahara Månad sedan
Ahh ! You have Gaboon vipers now. This channel is officially the best. Ok, been the best for a while, but I'm so happy you have my favorite viper now.
Kartik Gupta
Kartik Gupta Månad sedan
The way he handles cobras 🐍 the cobras be like - am i a joke to you ?
Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq Månad sedan
R u mad
MarceScarlett23 Månad sedan
Estoy bien high y me cagué bien cabrón cuando nos dio las cacheteadas D:
Allison Månad sedan
Do you normally purchase captive bred snakes? I was just curious since you have more venomous snakes
Redtro Månad sedan
Legit question, what’s keeping those snakes in the same box from biting each other?
Edged Young
Edged Young 2 månader sedan
Indian Cobras are beautiful... They come from a wonderful country
M 2 månader sedan
Chandler my SEpost great-grand, worry about you son.
scrambo mills
scrambo mills 2 månader sedan
i love themRussels viperS Are so dangerous!!!
Austin Lawrence
Austin Lawrence 2 månader sedan
Matt at Olympus reptiles might be interested in the rattlesnake.... He has a collection of them
Blade Frost
Blade Frost 2 månader sedan
However the Spectacled/ Binocellate Cobras (Naja Naja) are 4 to 10 times less toxic than the Thai and Indian Monocled/Monocellate Cobras (Naja Kaouthia) as per the LD 50 values at various levels. Still allover the world,the Monocled cobra venom LD 50 value range between 0.115 to 0.89 mg/kg at intravenous level, 0.18 to 1.1 mg/kg at Sub Catenous level,0.148 to 0.9 mg/kg at Intra Peritional level and 0.225 to 0.6 mg/kg at Intra musclular level. Compared to this the Specs all over the world have venom LD 50 value range between 0.2 to 1.9 mg/kg at intravenous level,0.6 to 2.54 mg/kg at Sub Catenous level,0.55 to 2.8 mg/kg at Inter Peritional level and 0.315 to 2.5 mg/kg at inta musclular level. Please respond and reply kindly to this.
Napkins4Life 2 månader sedan
Lmao Pakistanian
sour462 2 månader sedan
23:06 Indian music for Indian cobras
Shadow Moon Meadery
Shadow Moon Meadery 2 månader sedan
So jealous! I just finished multiple snake relocations for a horse farm! None venomous, but always hopeful I can work some more with hots. Wild Cottonmouths taught me well how to handle.
Nathan Stiltner
Nathan Stiltner 2 månader sedan
Chandler if you dont mind me asking!! How much do u pay for cobra's?
Allana Bradshaw-mann
Allana Bradshaw-mann 2 månader sedan
if the lump is a "birth defect" surely you dont want to breed from her? Most breeders of any animal dont breed from animals with obvious defects like kinks, is it the rarity of the species that is changing this stand point?
Allana Bradshaw-mann
Allana Bradshaw-mann 2 månader sedan
errr, "you got to know your enviroment" you do realize it not a choice between boots and flip flops its a choice between bare feet and flip flops.... a little sensitivity, i agree its not the snakes fault but its not like as a rule these guys are thinking ow yeah lets go out at night no torch and bare foot cos why not...
Sebastian Kleis
Sebastian Kleis 2 månader sedan
The next Steve Irvin.
DevTech 2 månader sedan
lol im from sri lANKA I saw a cobra yesterday near my house
killen2167 2 månader sedan
Please use the Raptor names from Jurrasic world for your snakes, awesome names for awesome snakes
さな港ざき 2 månader sedan
someone knows how to have a place like his with a snake like that, I want to follow in his footsteps inspired me by him, and also what it takes to have them  someone knows how to have a place like his with a snake like that, I want to follow in his footsteps inspired me by him, and also what it takes to have them
Saravanan B
Saravanan B 2 månader sedan
The Indian cobras will not bite at the first strike, it will beat our toe with its mouth closed as a warning... That's why we call it "nalla paambu" literally means good snake... (Obviously if it bites we die)
I love kevin
A.S. Bhullar
A.S. Bhullar 2 månader sedan
Don't free handling with cobra
Harvey Plays
Harvey Plays 2 månader sedan
Your doing well to not get big
E.Monica B.
E.Monica B. 2 månader sedan
No spicy meatballs today Chandler...? lol...🤣 😍👍👍
Chetna Agrawal
Chetna Agrawal 2 månader sedan
Indian cobras are so beautiful.I am from india😁😁😁
Amber Hyatt
Amber Hyatt 2 månader sedan
if you don't want your rattlesnake donate it MToxins Wisconsin venom lab. 🐍🐍🐍🐍it will have a gear life
Becky Bishop
Becky Bishop 2 månader sedan
It’d be really interesting to see a video kinda just explaining each snakes venom and like how deadly it is, what it does to you etc - I think it would be interesting to see 😊 love watching your videos! Much braver than I am 😂
S truth
S truth 2 månader sedan
Keep indian king cobra too bro..he is awsome and agressive
karin buff
karin buff 2 månader sedan
Hey chandler how can you if it is male or female love corneas very cool reptials love your channel learn a lot fro your v L ogs
G Manu
G Manu 2 månader sedan
"Dont play with cobras my friend." -Mirza
Su Jones
Su Jones 2 månader sedan
It’s Pakistani not Pakistanian Beautiful snakes
TraveyonTV 2 månader sedan
Just imagine how the camera man be looking like when chandler take the snake out 😂 👀
Ghielyka Castillo
Ghielyka Castillo 2 månader sedan
Chandler get a fer de lance snake
S Heinz
S Heinz 2 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, You are an amazing snake handler, lover of all things reptile plus! Are you considering/do you have a Herpetology/Zoology degree to add to your resumé?
Mikey likes it !!!!
Mikey likes it !!!! 2 månader sedan
They was close
party monster blog zam2344
party monster blog zam2344 2 månader sedan
Cool cobra snake pattern I like to have one as a pet
Jennifer Hoffman
Jennifer Hoffman 2 månader sedan
Do you keep anti-venom on location?
Sohayle Macauna
Sohayle Macauna 2 månader sedan
How many cobra species do you think is still missing from your collection man? Do you some of those spitting cobras?
Francis Moracco
Francis Moracco 2 månader sedan
16:55 hahaha. Slap “ pay attention”.
bri d
bri d 2 månader sedan
I want to see you more Kevin the king cobra
Ron Lobato
Ron Lobato 2 månader sedan
Instead of handling snakes you need to handle that hair if Someone needs a haircut
Kirtikprien Kritikprien
Kirtikprien Kritikprien 2 månader sedan
In my country he uploads like 6 in the morning
guildmaster66 2 månader sedan
I shouldn't replicate anything I see you do? No worries. I never feel like grabbing a king cobra just to see if I can! I'll leave that to you!! Peace!
John o'neal
John o'neal 2 månader sedan
19:17 is where you had a very very high chance of getting bit on the wrist area. Very lucky that snake stayed focused on your face. You are really pressing your luck.
Gazza Bowers
Gazza Bowers 2 månader sedan
Those Indian cobras have to b the best cobras on this planet !, they look awesome. Stay safe 😷 cheers Gazza
Sydney Marrara
Sydney Marrara 2 månader sedan
What happened to Kevin😫😭
DA BACON BOI 2 månader sedan
I'm pretty sure those Russel's vipers are gonna suprise you
Franny the zombie maid
Franny the zombie maid 2 månader sedan
will we ever see Gamora again
Mikerometer 2 månader sedan
Your stupid foreign accents aren’t funny, stop doing it! You have interesting content!
Heather Scarfo
Heather Scarfo 2 månader sedan
Chandler do you own all these snakes?
SilverPhoenix57 2 månader sedan
Beautiful Cobras, love these snakes.
Katie B
Katie B 2 månader sedan
How do you set up your lighting in the tanks
Espi 2 månader sedan
Bro you over doing the "pay attention" and "slapping"
Nick Sgourakis
Nick Sgourakis 2 månader sedan
Is that kink preventing her from hooding? I love her
Alison L
Alison L 2 månader sedan
I was so high thought the boxes of snakes were frozen food lol😂
garland Fraley
garland Fraley 2 månader sedan
Video starts you handling cobra and screen goes black.... how you doing
Pug Z
Pug Z 2 månader sedan
I love snakes and I miss jade
Zach Kelly
Zach Kelly 2 månader sedan
I would love to donate and help whatever i can good sir
Zach Kelly
Zach Kelly 2 månader sedan
Hey so i hear you need more vision cages. How much are they and what size?
Stevetc 5034
Stevetc 5034 2 månader sedan
Omg that was to close with that 2nd cobra stay safe Chandler
tacomovieguy261 2 månader sedan
Dude, you have balls of steel
sly kid
sly kid 2 månader sedan
When you slaped the camera you gave me a heart attack 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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