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Chandler's Wild Life

3 månader sedan


RagingWildBlood Månad sedan
This further proves my theory, that all animals are Pokémons.
buildahome Månad sedan
Chandler is super sexy! He needs a fansonly !
64 Singh Aryan
64 Singh Aryan Månad sedan
He do be gyming alot doe
Andrew Bow
Andrew Bow Månad sedan
I'm surprised Chandler doesn't have an OnlyFans page, proceeds go towards local conservancy groups. You know its a good idea dude.
heather landskron
heather landskron Månad sedan
great video and awesome catching turtles you guys!! have a good evening. i hope all is well.
Meme E.
Meme E. Månad sedan
This gave me so much joy, just to see you guys have so much fun!!
Aisha Kenya
Aisha Kenya 2 månader sedan
The ending to this video was great!!
Queen Nirak
Queen Nirak 2 månader sedan
Two shirtless reptile guys holding turtles. Omg 💀
Terry Jon
Terry Jon 2 månader sedan
Awww love is mata Mata bait
Jacob Griffin
Jacob Griffin 2 månader sedan
Am I the only one looking at them in that pond and thinking about how there might be a gator that moved in there? I’m from Florida and I know first hand how quickly a gator will find a body of water and just hangout there for a bit. I would never do this. I hope this place is fenced in or something
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 2 månader sedan
Automatic like
*Insert_Lenny_face_here* 3 månader sedan
dude, you need to re-watch spongebob
Tanwackson 3 månader sedan
This guy is dr demolition but for animals.
Jay Andrew
Jay Andrew 3 månader sedan
two guys... siting in a turtle pond 2cm apart because they arent gay
maddiewithfriends 3 månader sedan
I love the bromance lowkey jealous of Kenan
Diann Spd
Diann Spd 3 månader sedan
Is that kamp keenan ? Fyi i like that guy, and of course you too dude, nice vid, nice collaboration
Mjhakes 3 månader sedan
Want more turtle content? Come join the Turtle Team at @Sf30
MLE 3 månader sedan
The bromance ❤ I love how much fun they're having together, it makes it even more enjoyable to watch
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards 3 månader sedan
Just imagine what the eyes in the sky are saying about the 2 crazy half naked guys frolicking in the pond jumping around hugging turtles and each other... seriously tho good stuff and the best part no snakes in this vid..
Morgana Moonshard
Morgana Moonshard 3 månader sedan
I love these turtles but I love seeing Chandler shirtless more 😅
Lenna Godbey
Lenna Godbey 3 månader sedan
We watch every video.. Is it in the contract the only way guests come on CWL is if they compliment your gym body? 😆 just kidding.
Matthew Stephens
Matthew Stephens 3 månader sedan
2:38 funniest *bleep* ever
Crystal Aldridge
Crystal Aldridge 3 månader sedan
Awww that river turtle's little face is so cute!
yttrium 3 månader sedan
The power of friendship revealed the turtle.
Mia Bustamante
Mia Bustamante 3 månader sedan
One of my favorite animals are turtles
M.M Andersson
M.M Andersson 3 månader sedan
Great content
Joe B
Joe B 3 månader sedan
Good looking guys enjoying what they do and enjoying each other's company. You should do more videos together.
Miguel Cordero
Miguel Cordero 3 månader sedan
Lmao this is my fav episode u two make amazing content funny and educational but together ur hilarious 😂 plz do more content together keep the good work chandler and Kenan
Brenda Patterson
Brenda Patterson 3 månader sedan
Chandler handling the turtles with such reverence....great video!
yurixd delfinado
yurixd delfinado 3 månader sedan
That turtle is older than me
buf 3 månader sedan
4:25 salmonela 😂😂
The ThotSeeker
The ThotSeeker 3 månader sedan
DUDE THATS SO COOL he got turtles from THE BRONX ZOO in New York, thats literally the zoo i have been going to since a toddler haha! Awesome dinosaurs those turtles !!
BrianTDG 3 månader sedan
The matamata just wanted to join in on that hug
Echo Nox
Echo Nox 3 månader sedan
2 bro’s sittin in a pond 6 feet apart cause their not gay from old vine also am joking :>
Tetra Resinstone
Tetra Resinstone 3 månader sedan
👀 omg yasssss Chandler Swimming 🥵
Qüeen Cøbra
Qüeen Cøbra 3 månader sedan
It's so cute!
Jill Higgins
Jill Higgins 3 månader sedan
Am I the only one who also watches this video to see Chandler with no shirt and wet hmmmm love you Chandler 🤔😁 oh and the turtles are so cute
Julie Vander Leest
Julie Vander Leest 3 månader sedan
I just love turtles. I dream of being able to care for these beautiful animals. They are truly incredible little creatures.
I like to comment
I like to comment 3 månader sedan
Turtles have always had a special place in my heart.
Peter Gamble
Peter Gamble 3 månader sedan
Dude I love it! We are in the “Eskimo kissed a Fly River Turtle” Club! Hahaha
Kelly Stottlemyer
Kelly Stottlemyer 3 månader sedan
Best colab yet. I would love to see more male bonding. Great vid.
Omari 3 månader sedan
My sister is a mata mata
Lena Schill
Lena Schill 3 månader sedan
12:42 officially one of the cutest turtles I've ever seen😂🥰
Ulises Fernando Avila Cardona
Ulises Fernando Avila Cardona 3 månader sedan
Amo este capítulo
FABOULOS A.REYES 3 månader sedan
The turtles 🐢 are all so cute!
Brucio Wilbur
Brucio Wilbur 3 månader sedan
You 2 are nuts I love it! 😆
Breakbeat 3 månader sedan
So no go on mata mata, what about moto moto
Dhrakhan 3 månader sedan
Hey chandler you can't say southamerica as a general, there are so many countries with their own culture, all but Brazil speak spanish and mata mata is kill kill man.... There are also indinenous dialects unique to each country that could mean other things..... Soo can't generalize a meaning like that
Brutus Jr 99
Brutus Jr 99 3 månader sedan
im loving these two filming together
Mike Churchill
Mike Churchill 3 månader sedan
That’s was a sweet hit.... it’s was totally staged right ;)!!!
Kailynn Welch
Kailynn Welch 3 månader sedan
“ I don’t think I’m nuts.”
SumAussieCobber 3 månader sedan
As a aussie i will say this now after following you both for a long time! You both remind me of steve irwin!!! Your love for animals and how you try to make the animal feel at home reminds me so much of steve!! Love both your work please keep the videos coming as a animal person who doesn't have funds or space like you guys do my hat is tipped and appreciate the work you both do!!
Ethan G
Ethan G 3 månader sedan
My 2 favorite you tubers collabing!!!!
Jessica Franklin
Jessica Franklin 3 månader sedan
I love these turtles!! Chandler, did you get a haircut?? It looks shorter.
RoseRatedR 3 månader sedan
Came for the turtles, stayed for the cute boys swimming around in a pond 😉
I'm Nobody
I'm Nobody 3 månader sedan
13:16 Cute scene. Two men having a great time like kids 🤣😁
Nay. murray
Nay. murray 3 månader sedan
you got a thumbs up just for being half naked . great start to the day xx
Zak 3 månader sedan
Drug Peclo
Drug Peclo 3 månader sedan
LIKE SPIKE 4 CWL rn!!!!!
Shay Quattrucci
Shay Quattrucci 3 månader sedan
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 3 månader sedan
What a beautiful place kenan has ! 💚,🐢🐢🐢 It's Simply Beautiful! 💚Smart guy there's nothing like seeing animals in their natural Environment 👍😁👍
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 3 månader sedan
I feel backwards and use my hinney Really WoW Too much information Kennan ❤️🐢😉😉🐢
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 3 månader sedan
I ❤️🐢 Eskimo kisses from fly River Turtles 🥰😍😉
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 3 månader sedan
Ziggy look like he was smiling too 💚🐊❤️👍😁👍 Chandler you need to make this for him a natural Environment 👍🐊❤️Love you Ziggy ❤️🐊❤️
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 3 månader sedan
Hi Chandler it makes me feel so good to see you with Kenan 👍😜👍 I can't count how many times you both made me chuckle thank you for the laughs and the education! 💚
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 3 månader sedan
I am a faithful Kennan Fan too and Brian barczyk,,& my son is his Vlog Producer Aka Jay Tomsky 👍📸🎬🎭📽️😁👍👍 ❤️🐍❤️🐊❤️🐢💚 You ,Tyler Nolan ,Kennan Savannah from Gatorland ❤️🌴 and last but not least Kevin from Nerd are my everyday go to Vlogs yall need to get together more ye hear 😉🌴stay safe , Stay beautiful and most of all stay gangster 😉❤️🌴
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 3 månader sedan
The best part was the ending I love you guys keep doing the collabs together it's very rewarding to watch! Well the best part was the whole Vlog 👍😉👍💚🐊❤️🐢
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 3 månader sedan
Chandler love it when you did the seal walk onto the grass lol 😂 Keep on Rappin 😉👍😜
Cassandra Todhunter
Cassandra Todhunter 3 månader sedan
I totally came to watch the turtles *nervous dodgy eyes* 😉
Philosopher's Ink
Philosopher's Ink 3 månader sedan
We're gonna need a paternity test. Pretty sure Chandler is somehow Kenan's long lost son. Or at least a little brother. The bromance here is wholesome either way. #BrosWhoTurtleTogetherStayTogether #YourSisterLooksLikeAMatamataAndYourMotherSmellsOfElderberry
איתי מרלוב
איתי מרלוב 3 månader sedan
Ziggy isn't going to stay in that pond forever, right? Watching you're channel without you having Ziggy won't be the same..
Daily Lyfe
Daily Lyfe 3 månader sedan
@chandleswildlife pls go check out this dude dingo channel. The way he handles his snakes compare to you is mind blowing. You can tell you have all heart with every single animal you own or don’t own. This guy likes to antagonize his snakes especially his king cobra.
WB Venxy
WB Venxy 3 månader sedan
I live in aus but not the part the pig nosed turtle (flys river turtle) lives
Dynamosaurus Imperious
Dynamosaurus Imperious 3 månader sedan
It's kinda weird how you put the word "hunting" in the thumbnail,but I like the video, anyway
Simon B
Simon B 3 månader sedan
5:48 he siad nigga
Brenda Binau
Brenda Binau 3 månader sedan
Chandler shirtless again!❤️❤️
Catarina Hansson
Catarina Hansson 3 månader sedan
Two of my favourite boys 🥰
Tha Homie Macaroni
Tha Homie Macaroni 3 månader sedan
I see that south park reference
paulo dela cruz
paulo dela cruz 3 månader sedan
more topless chandler LOL
Renieraaa Van Loggerenberg
Renieraaa Van Loggerenberg 3 månader sedan
Pleas send me your gym workout man😂😂
DankDoodleMemes4Life 3 månader sedan
I’m thinking of having my own reptile house in my back yard. So far I only have a corn snake, any ideas for a good starter reptile I could get?
Fi it
Fi it Månad sedan
Crocodile monitor lizard
Miguel Robles
Miguel Robles 3 månader sedan
This is what we grown men love to do. That bromance is great.
Tygger. 3 månader sedan
Actually, I currently am figuring out what I wanna be doing later, so youtube recommanded me this video, I went ahead and looked at different videos of Chandler, and damn it, this is just super awesome
tehfuq izg0inon
tehfuq izg0inon 3 månader sedan
Don't forgot to bring a towwwell--towlie
Morten Olsen
Morten Olsen 3 månader sedan
Never seen two "grown-ups" so excited to find a turtle before 😂🤣
Nimrod Fowl
Nimrod Fowl 3 månader sedan
I love these grown ass men behaving like children 😆🖤🖤🖤 You're awesome!
Bo Nielsen
Bo Nielsen 3 månader sedan
The Fly River Turtle look so cute. I get why you love your animals so much, and it is great to see how great you guys take care of them. Great :D
Jinu Ashraf
Jinu Ashraf 3 månader sedan
This is getting better and better
ThunderPokéScout 3 månader sedan
The power of friendship is real
Carlos Thomas
Carlos Thomas 3 månader sedan
thanks for great videos, education you keep entertaining! Everyone remember
Rommel Deri
Rommel Deri 3 månader sedan
Please Notice me I'm from Philippines subscribers
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 3 månader sedan
That was friggin awesome...what a place, so cool...that was so much fun guys , thankyou...
Arjun's Animal World
Arjun's Animal World 3 månader sedan
wow that is cool
Muttley Von Erich
Muttley Von Erich 3 månader sedan
I always wondered to the 'I like turtles' kid...
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 3 månader sedan
Need to see a video of you hanging with guopo and lola
Muttley Von Erich
Muttley Von Erich 3 månader sedan
3 days in a row with Kenan now. Loving the bromance.
Grow Your Groceries
Grow Your Groceries 3 månader sedan
Your love found the mata mata haha
Grow Your Groceries
Grow Your Groceries 3 månader sedan
I literally adore you two geeking out together!
D R 3 månader sedan
Hard to focus on turtles with those two bodies without shirts on
Alex Perez
Alex Perez 3 månader sedan
I wish Chandler handled me like that 🥰
Keira morgan
Keira morgan 3 månader sedan
Chandler is like the Florida version of Steve Irwin, Loves animals Wants to protect them Even though they’re dangerous, he still gets up close and personal And has my upmost respect, thank you for posting as much as you do, if you didn’t? I wouldn’t have something to do in my free time. Thank you 🙏
TerrorMau5 3 månader sedan
*Chandler gets to say things trough Kenan when he's speaking no one else was able to do that* Kate (Kenan's wife): He's Speaking The Language Of The Gods.
river wild
river wild 3 månader sedan
Chandler has become 😋er!
rishi tena
rishi tena 3 månader sedan
Turtles : They are so happy to see me 😂😂
Motobods Motovlog
Motobods Motovlog 3 månader sedan
solid meat ball gangster!
Patrick W
Patrick W 3 månader sedan
"I have them (alligator snappers) in the big pond." What? That's not the big pond???
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