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Chandler's Wild Life

6 månader sedan

Sherlock Among Us
Sherlock Among Us 2 månader sedan
I love big long snake of chandler.
Alum Pot
Alum Pot 3 månader sedan
Chandler's armpit is so yummy! 😋😋😋
Anjie Cornelius
Anjie Cornelius 4 månader sedan
Hey Chandler! Love watching your vids. I have a question, if Kevin bit himself, would his venom kill him?
RFDNOYPI VLOG 4 månader sedan
OMG always Take Care mamamiya...
TheRealWolvesOF845 SFMC845 x GVO
TheRealWolvesOF845 SFMC845 x GVO 4 månader sedan
Chandler is a big inspiration to me 💯 The love and respect you have for animals is what I have. And that’s why your my inspiration
Andrew Raynes
Andrew Raynes 4 månader sedan
So does that make meatball a poop noodle or a shithead? Curious minds are curious.
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 4 månader sedan
I pretty much hate every snake I see. But I’ve been binge watching your channel and an getting a different perspective on them. Doesn’t mean I’ll handle them, but next time I’ll just let it slither away from my house. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone.
Anonymous 420
Anonymous 420 4 månader sedan
What type of a snake is meatball by the way chandler??
Nari Strmb
Nari Strmb 4 månader sedan
You have Indonesia snake?
Madhu Kesh
Madhu Kesh 5 månader sedan
hey there! Snake man.... you should one day get married to a nice snake woman (or rather snake King)....!
Jared Hulse
Jared Hulse 5 månader sedan
Too bad meatball is venomous, he is a beauty and looks very handleable 😂
Curtis Sullivan
Curtis Sullivan 5 månader sedan
you such a brave guy. i hope it gets you laid.
JustHugss 5 månader sedan
My auntie had to kill one because it was chasing my cousin lucky she got into the car
STaR_WaLKeR 5 månader sedan
Hahahahaha had to like the video bc I been wearing the same shirt for a week
SteGo Fuego
SteGo Fuego 5 månader sedan
Got some real haters... 9,900 people have a problem with you wearing the same shirt
Jonathan Grinnalds
Jonathan Grinnalds 5 månader sedan
Bro u and Tyler are my favorite. Yall are the best. Thanks for all the content. My 3 year old and I love the videos
Leah Mortenson
Leah Mortenson 5 månader sedan
spicy meatballs!
David D
David D 5 månader sedan
do they ever strike at each other?
Nadia Westerman
Nadia Westerman 5 månader sedan
As an Australian living in Queensland my whole life, almost everyone learns to be a snake handler, the amount of brown snakes, red belly blacks and carpet pythons we get around here is crazy. In summer it’s almost a snake a day, sometimes more. Pulling snakes out of your gutters and tossing them off the roof while preparing for the summer monsoon rains is a fun but dangerous job. Hehe.
apache tyson
apache tyson 5 månader sedan
I'm From Australia and I have never seen or heard of that snake.. he looks like a red belly.
Martin Jenkins
Martin Jenkins 4 månader sedan
Me too, we have enough to worry about. Tiger, king brownes and taipans.
Kennedy D.
Kennedy D. 5 månader sedan
He pokes his head inside the snake 🐍 habitat “ is that what I think it is” lol
Kennedy D.
Kennedy D. 5 månader sedan
The exploding of the meatballs
Brian Neary
Brian Neary 5 månader sedan
You need some adderol, homie. Lol JK. I'm a huge fan, dude
Jennifer Michele Marus
Jennifer Michele Marus 6 månader sedan
He’s so charming and hilarious 😂
RNSSR 6 månader sedan
What's the name of the Queensland elapid. No matter how many times I play back I never quite get it.
sabah hashi
sabah hashi 6 månader sedan
Hi Show more Haha 🤣 got you
sabah hashi
sabah hashi 6 månader sedan
Spicy 🌶 meatball 🧆
dean lyne
dean lyne 6 månader sedan
Hi chandler take it from me I live in Queensland and been bitten twice by eastern brown both times just mowing the grass.They are a very aggressive and unpredictable snake
Dinzy Finzy
Dinzy Finzy 6 månader sedan
You are funny!
Comedi Desa 2020
Comedi Desa 2020 6 månader sedan
Geo 031
Geo 031 6 månader sedan
Why take so many chances while handling this things like I dont understand
A Danzig
A Danzig 6 månader sedan
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 6 månader sedan
Don't know why no one's mentioned it but this 19 minute clip was about a 6 and 1/2 minute clip restarted three times. And I am not a troll. I honestly love this channel, but one thing that surprised me, was the title he used made us believe that the video was going to be mostly about the collets snake which we've never seen before on your channel, however there was maybe 30 seconds of the collets snake, and the rest was dumping teenage Bushmasters into garbage pails. Big fail Chandler. And that's constructive criticism
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 6 månader sedan
I get the whole spicy meatball thing is your catchphrase with that Italian accent. But that stupid yelling at the top of your lungs at exactly 16 minutes makes me want to smack the shit out of you. And I love your channel. You don't need to go overboard just being yourself has gotten you a successful SEpost channel, and there's no reason for almost blowing our eardrums out to any of us wearing in-ear headphones. Freaking ridiculous
Davide Barcelli
Davide Barcelli 6 månader sedan
I'm italian and when u said perfetto i was so triggered lol
Chris Paul
Chris Paul 6 månader sedan
Incredible video, you have lots of guts my friend...🐍😉
Sam Coleman
Sam Coleman 6 månader sedan
I love your vids
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 6 månader sedan
The background music at the beginning reminds me of mako mermaids 😂😂
LinkaBell GAME
LinkaBell GAME 6 månader sedan
I think Chandler is going insane while being in quarantine. xD
Andre Mora
Andre Mora 6 månader sedan
Im only here for the meatballs.
AfriHerpPhoto 6 månader sedan
Sr Costa
Sr Costa 6 månader sedan
3:33 she is a Surucucu? From Amazônia?
Billy Dinh
Billy Dinh 6 månader sedan
Chandler: I'm gonna get some fresh water for my BUSSSHHHH MASSTTER
Billy Dinh
Billy Dinh 6 månader sedan
Will 6 månader sedan
There is no animal on earth hated more by every other animal then snakes. Cats, dogs, horses, lions, birds, cows even freaking squirrels hate snakes.
Gman 2603
Gman 2603 6 månader sedan
Can you make a vid of your puff adders
Inke Mountain Horsemanship
Inke Mountain Horsemanship 6 månader sedan
When he yelled bushmaster I think I dumped 2 or 3 meals on my couch....
Ryan Popovici
Ryan Popovici 6 månader sedan
Wait who is joe
Callum McGilloway
Callum McGilloway 6 månader sedan
Quarantine got you loopy dude lol
Karebear's Animal House
Karebear's Animal House 6 månader sedan
I've been wearing the same clothes too!
janavie daya
janavie daya 6 månader sedan
Are you chandler from unspeakable
Avinash Kisseur
Avinash Kisseur 6 månader sedan
Chandler, have you ever encountered a Taipan?
Patrick Wust
Patrick Wust 6 månader sedan
I don't know if you have mentioned it before (I'm new to the channel), but would you ever get an Eastern brown snake? Its my second favourite snake. Number one being the inland taipan but they arent often seen by people here in Aus.
Ari Basmajian
Ari Basmajian 6 månader sedan
There is a snake island in Africa on lake Victoria it's a hidden island a hidden gem of Africa instead of of snake island in Brazil Being full of golden lance head Vipers Africa's snake island is full of forest cobras and not just forest cobras the island is also full of frogs lizards and lots of birds the name of Africa's snake island is musuamba island sorry if it's spelled wrong but in the you tube search bar just type in snake of africa or Africa's snake island the island is full of fisherman no women live on the island and about 100 fisherman live on this small island and the snakes are chill and wildlife and people seem to live in harmony it's pretty cool. I think the island is in Uganda I'm not sure which country exactly lake Victoria is massive.
dady Armo
dady Armo 6 månader sedan
I do pools in Sydney and I had an opportunity to see a Collet snake in customers filter room now I so your video it hit me what I so , I thought it could be a common snake but it seems it was'nt..anyway I wanted to share it with you as I do come cross many reptiles in my line of work as I am always in someones backyard
Ihizz 6 månader sedan
perfect aussie accent man.
Boards of bones Productions
Boards of bones Productions 6 månader sedan
I like your videos but the spicy meatball thing is getting annoying and offense
MotherHeart Life
MotherHeart Life 6 månader sedan
its my birth day
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 6 månader sedan
what about keiven
ATLHooligan 6 månader sedan
Gay tattoos alert.
Kristina Syslo
Kristina Syslo 6 månader sedan
It's ok u been wearing that shirt for 3 days shows off your arms mmmmm also what's the most venomous snake you have,?
ambil pengkolan
ambil pengkolan 6 månader sedan
mungkin covid 19 ini cuma sandiwara yg dibesar²kan untuk kepentingan kelompok tertentu
Eric Bettinger
Eric Bettinger 6 månader sedan
I feel bad for anyone watching this while wearing headphones---maybe modulate the volume a little?? :-)
James Walker
James Walker 6 månader sedan
Anyone think Chandler was extra crazy today 🤣🤣🤣 isolations taking it's toll on Mr wild 💪another great vid
Zena Featherstone
Zena Featherstone 6 månader sedan
How can you tell if the snake is male or female?
ORYX X 6 månader sedan
Boys we've been snake handlers since we were 12 this is an easy profession. 😂
APS Diaries punnya pups
APS Diaries punnya pups 6 månader sedan
The day when I started watching Chandler's video 😊😊after seeing meatballs for dinner😲😲
MatrixRishon 6 månader sedan
Is that taipan
Paula Brown
Paula Brown 6 månader sedan
Chandler you have been in quarantine too long haha, it shows Hun!! Hey from Australia, we love our Bushmasters they are magnificent !!
Marfa Marfa
Marfa Marfa 6 månader sedan
Hello, handsome ... continue to be successful ... from Indonesia
Jesus Mata
Jesus Mata 6 månader sedan
I know this question is probably a dumb one, but if and when confronted by any Venomous snake does the "slowly back away" work for all types? Sweet channel, awesome work you do! 👌🐍
andrew bennett
andrew bennett 6 månader sedan
Aussie Aussie Aussie
KirbSyde 6 månader sedan
Oy! Oy! Oy!🍻 I'm from Texas but couldn't resist 😁
Tim Walker
Tim Walker 6 månader sedan
the Colletts snake is the world's nineteenth most venomous snake
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 6 månader sedan
Anyone know why two snakes in a barrel dont strike each other? They only stike warm targets?
Christian 6 månader sedan
Since were talking about Australian vipers. Would you or have you ever thought of maybe taking in something super major like a Taipan? My favorite species is the inland Taipan and ik you cant legally have one but would you?
CoronaVibez z
CoronaVibez z 6 månader sedan
girlfriend:"pulls down pants hasnt shaved in months" Chandler:"good thing imma bush master" im dying
Battle Bot
Battle Bot 6 månader sedan
Am i the only one thinking he is starting to lose his mind
eddie julian
eddie julian 6 månader sedan
Hey Chandler if you put a glob of wax, like bee's wax on that didgeridoo and conform it to the shape of your mouth, it will be much easier to play because it traps more air and allows your lips to vibrate better. Also once you get good at it you can add your voice for overtones and create some very cool sounds. My buddy brought me a didgeridoo back from Australia when he came home from the military back in the 90's and I've been playing it ever since. You'd be surprised at the many different sounds you can get out of them. Amazing snakes on this video by the way, Bush masters are some of my favorites as well, second only to the diamond back rattlesnakes, western and eastern.
Debie House
Debie House 6 månader sedan
You are too hilarious 😂
Ryan Mclin
Ryan Mclin 6 månader sedan
Is the collett snake the same thing as a tiger snake?
Pastroodle 6 månader sedan
Chandler i have a question what is you're job and what courses did you take to get it?
steve hurtz
steve hurtz 6 månader sedan
Watching him unravel in this quarantine is awesome
AELIUS 6 månader sedan
Love the addition of The Godfather strings..apart from learning about reptiles I’ve also learned a good bit of Italian lol
Slick Mason Official
Slick Mason Official 6 månader sedan
I wish Chandler would do a review on the snakes used in popular movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 6 månader sedan
Sure he’s red like a meatball but don’t you call shit meatball? So he’s basically named shit, turd, poop, etc?
ferretapocalypse 6 månader sedan
You look like you’ve been working out compared to older videos
John Casey
John Casey 6 månader sedan
After watching this I realized that Steve Erwin must have had an illegitimate child after visiting Florida for vacation!
Sparky D
Sparky D 6 månader sedan
Hi Chandler have you ever done a video on a black mamba or if you have 1 can you do a video.
Jacob Oliveros
Jacob Oliveros 6 månader sedan
So I just became a snake owner he's a California king snake and I've had him for a few months he's a great snake but he's still very young and I can't seem to get him to trust me and be relaxed when I hold him he's always trying to run away or bite me is their any way I can get him to trust me a bit more and not be so afraid of me I mean he get held at least every 2 days but he just doesn't seem to be calming down around me
RedPhoenix3D 6 månader sedan
15:57 ahahahaha
Carrie Sullenger
Carrie Sullenger 6 månader sedan
Why have you not started a patreon yet?
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza 6 månader sedan
Stay safe out there errbody 💯👊🏿
Megan V
Megan V 6 månader sedan
Since you go to Costa Rica you should come to Panamá too!
Sean Wilkinson
Sean Wilkinson 6 månader sedan
Chandler: why am i wearing the same shirt for three days because its quarantine and i don't care Me: same Chandler : if you don't care don't like Me : i will like anyway
Angelo Adorno
Angelo Adorno 6 månader sedan
have you ever thought of getting a Jararaca Pit Viper or a Golden Lancehead?
smashtoad 6 månader sedan
You should do live feeds, so when you get have a bushmaster connected to your wrist we can all see it happen....LIVE!
Legend Killer
Legend Killer 6 månader sedan
Your weird
Raptor Hunter210
Raptor Hunter210 6 månader sedan
What reptile Should I start with
Raptor Hunter210
Raptor Hunter210 6 månader sedan
What reptile Should I start with
Toronto Gamers
Toronto Gamers 6 månader sedan
I love your vids
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