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Chandler's Wild Life

5 månader sedan

Jaks Månad sedan
King tut 🔥🔥
Bruokoli 2 månader sedan
Love the cleaning montage
Trevor Pence
Trevor Pence 3 månader sedan
I think the Mexican west coast and timbers are my favorite rattlesnakes.
Alex Mcintosh
Alex Mcintosh 3 månader sedan
King tut
Silly SillyPutty
Silly SillyPutty 3 månader sedan
Charlie Richardson
Charlie Richardson 3 månader sedan
Pharoh sounds a lot like feral. I honestly thought you were saying feral until you put up the pictures.
Barbara Lucero
Barbara Lucero 3 månader sedan
I have been trying to find out and can find nothing...so does anyone know if an Eastern Diamondback and a Western Diamond cross if their habitat overlapped significantly?
Brandon Vananden
Brandon Vananden 3 månader sedan
You name one your snakes moonfury
Snowie Akashiya
Snowie Akashiya 4 månader sedan
After seing your Mangrove snake swim in the water, would someone be able to keep a Sea Snake? If they had the license for it of course, and the right enclosure for it.
Toxib 4 månader sedan
Do a full background for the mangrove tank
Keith Fraser
Keith Fraser 4 månader sedan
Lost when he smashed the water dish 😂😂
Alex Flipz
Alex Flipz 4 månader sedan
14:54 "Such solid little humans"
Sam Levy
Sam Levy 4 månader sedan
I thought you were supposed to leave your snakes alone during a shed cycle because of the stress it can cause them. Is this true? Are there certain tasks you must perform regardless of them being in shed? I usually just leave them alone for a while when my snakes starting his shed cycle.
mason A
mason A 4 månader sedan
Is the behavior of a Cobra easier to detect. Ex striking, than the other snakes?
Greg V
Greg V 4 månader sedan
Robin Robinhagen
Robin Robinhagen 4 månader sedan
8:26 watch the snake in the other cage lol
xtravagentK 4 månader sedan
Well King Tut was a Pharaoh, so best of both worlds.
Osg -Jesús57
Osg -Jesús57 4 månader sedan
Men veos todos tu video y no hablo ingles pero eres un crack
Isaiah Hodges
Isaiah Hodges 4 månader sedan
The color on the rattle snake were crazy beautiful the hints on white crazy
Crazy Clown
Crazy Clown 4 månader sedan
Muttley Von Erich
Muttley Von Erich 4 månader sedan
Well technically Tutenkamen was a pharoah. So Pharoah works for me
Paris Mcphaul
Paris Mcphaul 4 månader sedan
Love how dramatic he is in all his videos 😂❤️
SUSHIL TRIPATHI 4 månader sedan
buddha was born in nepal
Yuki panda
Yuki panda 4 månader sedan
I have been watching your channel for about 3 years now used to have a different channel but i forgot my password but ive been away since i got my new channel and slowly catching up but you have intrigued me for years honestly thought you were alot older than me but apparently only a year older almost which blows me away you are incredibly handsome and i love seeing people who are so in tune with their animals and their animals well being. Thank you so much for being here. Im Samantha but all my friends call me yuki and hopefully one day I'll be able to come visit your park and maybe meet you. Have a great day Chandler. P.s. Kevin is one if not the most beautiful snake ive ever seen
Kira Higgins
Kira Higgins 4 månader sedan
I love the name Farrow because he is the Egyptian King and your snake is the King
Lea Hüttner
Lea Hüttner 4 månader sedan
I would say Pharaoh
FizzlePix 4 månader sedan
He reminds me of Chris Pratt for some reason
jack Girling
jack Girling 4 månader sedan
Why is the cobra always so angry ? Lol.. other snakes fairly chilled.. but no not the cobra 😂 not just this channel but every single cobra video I have seen, they are looking to always do damage
Rei Kawahara
Rei Kawahara 4 månader sedan
Pharaoh sounds more regal.
Belle from Oz
Belle from Oz 4 månader sedan
I like Pharaoh. King tut for a future king cobra? Or another Egyptian snake?
ruby huereca
ruby huereca 4 månader sedan
chandler is sooo handsome💗
Kristen Whitley
Kristen Whitley 4 månader sedan
I personally like king tut more
Shammi Marimootoo
Shammi Marimootoo 4 månader sedan
Came across ur videos recently an I'm obsessed 😘😘😘
Trenton Keen
Trenton Keen 4 månader sedan
Peat moss works great and isn’t as fine as eco earth. Cheaper too.
3oogie 3aghdad Ent
3oogie 3aghdad Ent 4 månader sedan
King tut was a Farro
Ofmine 4 månader sedan
I look forward for the green anacondas to grow up. How long does they need to grow up?
Simply_Txffy 4 månader sedan
A name for de mamgrove snake:hornet :3
Black 45
Black 45 4 månader sedan
13:25 Hit yo Dougie G. 😆🤣
Murat sağlam
Murat sağlam 4 månader sedan
alternative suicide methods...
Blake Yarbrough
Blake Yarbrough 4 månader sedan
The male Western Diamondback looks wayyy calmer, than a few weeks ago. That's Great.
Ariel Vaughn
Ariel Vaughn 4 månader sedan
Bryan Kowalski
Bryan Kowalski 4 månader sedan
Senor pepe is easily one of the most beautiful rattle snakes I've seen. One of my favorites in your collection!
Joshua Moss
Joshua Moss 4 månader sedan
Cant wait to get a mangrove snake. So beautiful
Kaci Linn
Kaci Linn 4 månader sedan
I love how you can tell Chandler and Tyler are truly buddies because they wewr eachother merch AND they have both started saying "stay gangster" at the end of their videos like it their own inside joke😂😂
Fat Frog
Fat Frog 4 månader sedan
Go with pharaoh.
Isaiah Riggs
Isaiah Riggs 4 månader sedan
Chandler is the only person I know that can talk about snakes and be entertaining “cue montage”
Ryan Herps99
Ryan Herps99 4 månader sedan
Seeennnooorrr pppeeeeppppeeeeeeeee
Brittany Westbrook
Brittany Westbrook 4 månader sedan
King tut
POGO3D 4 månader sedan
You are a riot to watch : )))
Danny Scott
Danny Scott 4 månader sedan
Rameses II !! I think I saw Rameses II in Cairo, the mummy was on display. Cool. Pharao (sp?) pretty cool name too...
Danny Scott
Danny Scott 4 månader sedan
Love Love Love your Mangrove snake tank. When I kept water snakes (Red Mangrove/Banded) I had them in just 20 gal long tanks and used large storage bins for the water bowls and always had a fresh supply of feeder golds or rosie reds for them (that was the luxury of having a Grandmother-in-Law that owned a pet store. I just kept them at the pet store. Believe it or not, the Red Mangrove and Banded eventually mated and the Banded gave live birth to about 8 beautiful cross-breds. Can't describe it; I just remember the colors being brilliant and markings wicked. Cheers, Mate!
Danny Scott
Danny Scott 4 månader sedan
Dude, the Mario Bros. sound effects are brilliant! I once had a 9 or 10 foot tiger ratsnake. Do you have any of those? They are beautiful. Mine was way too nippy for handling; just slashed me left and right every time I tried. Unfortunately had to resort to gloves and gentle head holds to move it for tank cleaning time. :(
[YT] GRIMGamin01
[YT] GRIMGamin01 4 månader sedan
Wait hold up did anything happen to the Waglers Pit Viper?
Cole Townsend
Cole Townsend 4 månader sedan
Can someone give me the name of the song during the cleaning montage
shadowknight 4 månader sedan
tut for short?
Carter Martin
Carter Martin 4 månader sedan
5:15 Senor Pepe lookin' spicy
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster 4 månader sedan
Pepe...is a BIG FUCKING GORGEOUS ASS SNAKE!.... but I got to say....he actually looks EVIL IN THE FACE!....BUT HE IS A BEAUTIFUL SNAKE
DB7 VASUANNAN 4 månader sedan
Bro watch vava suresh vedios
Matthew B
Matthew B 4 månader sedan
Pepe is beautiful. Are all rattlesnakes of the viper family?
Jonas_ LS
Jonas_ LS 4 månader sedan
When comes a Video with Kevin? Kevin is my favourite Snake
Shane Ticknor
Shane Ticknor 4 månader sedan
Way to go Chandler You are the Snake Whisperer! You definitely know how to handle em.
Connie Wolf
Connie Wolf 4 månader sedan
Didn’t you see that movie about the kid growing up in Africa? He played with snakes until one finally bit him and he died....
Ninja Hombrepalito
Ninja Hombrepalito 4 månader sedan
I don't like King Tut. King Tut was stiff necked and lame, from inbreeding, and died young. Now Pharaoh is a very nice name.
Hydr0_Viper 4 månader sedan
I wanna see more Kevin
Allison Culp
Allison Culp 4 månader sedan
" buzz butts" omg yes
JarHeAd anifoogam
JarHeAd anifoogam 4 månader sedan
This guy is actually pretty hot ! Damn I'm kinda shook... ngl.. Like he fine AF mah
Ducati Parts
Ducati Parts 4 månader sedan
Stop saying VISION CAGE
Brandon Reid
Brandon Reid 4 månader sedan
His collection of snakes is getting cooler but as his subscriber count grows he keeps trying to be this crazy Ace Ventura copy cat and it just comes off as annoying and fake as hell. Bro, go back to how you were in the beginning that whats made you grow, idk why you feel the need to be an Ace Ventura./ Coyote Peterson copy cat its not necessary.
scrambo mills
scrambo mills 4 månader sedan
I love mangrove snakes!!!!
Kathy Ludy
Kathy Ludy 4 månader sedan
King Tut was a pharoh so it would be no change
Matthew Mohri
Matthew Mohri 4 månader sedan
One of the best behaved Rattle Snakes I've ever seen.
Rosa Ramirez
Rosa Ramirez 4 månader sedan
I just saw this randomly and I’m hooked to it LOL
WILLER-T 4 månader sedan
Benjamin May
Benjamin May 4 månader sedan
"Senior Pepe, he is a ah sPiCy individual......." This man speaks fluent meme XD
Γιαννης Καρανατσιος
Γιαννης Καρανατσιος 4 månader sedan
How many snakes do you have?? (I am a new viewer )
Rhys258A 4 månader sedan
Jillian Rogers
Jillian Rogers 4 månader sedan
I have a idea! Name him the proper name: Pharaoh Tutankhamun
Scott Schaffer
Scott Schaffer 4 månader sedan
Raimie Lee
Raimie Lee 4 månader sedan
Pharoah sounds better!!!
Trollmaster 4 månader sedan
what drink is he always drinking from starbucks? looks like some sort of ice tea
Thorne Pleiades
Thorne Pleiades 4 månader sedan
That's a spicy meat-a ball!! Edit: 13:00 Well that was unnecessary
ModiZorro Mariano
ModiZorro Mariano 4 månader sedan
Simon Stamminger
Simon Stamminger 4 månader sedan
chandler.. little out of context, but do you consider dealing with mambas in the future?? :)
Ioan Evans
Ioan Evans 4 månader sedan
I wanna go to the Everglades outpost soooooo bad. See the animals, snakes and Chandler
DazX 4 månader sedan
Thank You for making content you make my day a whole lot better, Yesterday I went out on the boat and had an accident it was soooo choppy I almost drowned, later on in the day me and my friend went on the trails with our dirt bikes and I wrecked and my thigh is almost all purple and I can barely walk, my mom doesn’t think a single thing of it, and doesn’t care that I can’t walk... so I’m just locking myself in my room binge watching your vids
Nathan Hooz
Nathan Hooz 4 månader sedan
Also, go with King Tut
Nathan Hooz
Nathan Hooz 4 månader sedan
So Dingo's Black Mamba just layed a clutch of eggs, you should try and snag one of those spicy little babies from him if possible, idk how the venomous reptiles permits work or if you can even import them but if you can, that would be a badass addition to your snake room! Love the videos!
Codedrex plays
Codedrex plays 4 månader sedan
name him kingtut and his left nut
Jake D
Jake D 4 månader sedan
So as far as I know the biggest Vision cage available is 72x24x18?
Brandon Guin
Brandon Guin 4 månader sedan
So Chandler do rattlesnake scales feel similar to a king cobra?
Stevetc 5034
Stevetc 5034 4 månader sedan
Time for a haircut bro!😂
Brandon Blackfyre
Brandon Blackfyre 4 månader sedan
Somebody tell my man *Chandler* that some barber shops open backed up 😂
George singletary
George singletary 4 månader sedan
Well I have always respected snakes and would never touch them but I've been watching you Tyler and dingo a lot in the last 8 months to a year and today I rescued my first snake.. it was a copper head about a foot long it was in the middle of the road and wasn't moving so I got it to the other side of the road and it went on into the woods... Thanks to yall I kinda knew what to do..
Brandon Blackfyre
Brandon Blackfyre 4 månader sedan
King Tut name for the win!!
Andrew Comeau
Andrew Comeau 4 månader sedan
Chandler , Buddy, I love ya man so don't take this as an insult because it's not at all. I'm asking you to please CUT YOUR HAIR! ,lol I couldn't resist, oh and Pharoah
Mr shiftless
Mr shiftless 4 månader sedan
You are awsome ❤
Basil florence T F
Basil florence T F 4 månader sedan
You are awsome
Melanie Zagata
Melanie Zagata 4 månader sedan
King Tut for sure
BossBaby 101
BossBaby 101 4 månader sedan
Chandler so funny and childish😂❤
Money_Mark97 4 månader sedan
King Tut? More like King Butt, amiright?
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