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Chandler's Wild Life

2 månader sedan

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hyperzillas Dag sedan
I'm sure that Steve Irwin would be proud!
Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum Månad sedan
Do you have any eastern corals
UA10i12 Månad sedan
you should get a bright green tree python. They look amazing.
2 Minute HACKS Gaming
2 Minute HACKS Gaming Månad sedan
We Want Your Channel In Discovery Channel In India
Bridgejonesrox 2 månader sedan
I really do chuckle every time I hear the whispers 'chandler chandler...chandlerchandler' whoever came up with that is a hilarious genius
Nopz Vlogz
Nopz Vlogz 2 månader sedan
PredatorX 2 månader sedan
Man that's kinda sad. We won't be getting any new anacondas on this channel
Sin City Exotics
Sin City Exotics 2 månader sedan
I’d love to get drunk with Chandler ... And I don’t even drink
Da crazy Mom moments
Da crazy Mom moments 2 månader sedan
Unfortunately I have to play devil's advocate on your Florida banning discussion. You know that we have a huge python population down in the Everglades. There is nothing stopping someone from going and getting some babies and put them in a cage and reproducing them. Having the ban allows wildlife law enforcement to stop that from happening..and legally taking swift action. unfortunately the bad eggs affect the good eggs..... :( maybe when the python population is under somewhat decent control that ban would be lifted.
Da crazy Mom moments
Da crazy Mom moments 2 månader sedan
I love watching your videos also!
QueenDelirious 420
QueenDelirious 420 2 månader sedan
I can’t get over how much he sounds like Chris Pratt
Aaron Paine
Aaron Paine 2 månader sedan
Can I just ask what type of enclosures your gray plastic ones are? I have pythons, and I would love to have tanks more like those. Thank you!
thisguy177 2 månader sedan
chandler is a good advocate and seems responsible and also a active speaker for all snake handlers. you teach and help alot of people. i mean i would never kill a snake for no reason. i know alot of stupid ppl kill snakes i dont like it. i dont support killing any snake. and this channel is supposed to teach the public about these beautiful animals. thank you chandler in my case youll know ill never kill a snake. im very grateful to be able to watch you everyday handle them. thank you bro.👍🙏🙏🙏🙏
thisguy177 2 månader sedan
they should make exceptions for chandler,tyler nolan and will nace. will is a cool dude. idk why ppl be hatin on him for. hes more serious but thats just his personality. chandler is more playful...its like a dog. some dogs are very playful and wanna be left alone. doesnt mean they are bad people or anything. they all deserve to own the snakes they own. i think their all responsible and can safely own snakes without them escaping. so the bans are just unneccessary....educate people and rhe public not block them!😐
zonkey kingz
zonkey kingz 2 månader sedan
Robert Keller
Robert Keller 2 månader sedan
ziggy is soooo cute like if you agree
peter italiano dance
peter italiano dance 2 månader sedan
a question please if a cobra should bite you how do you keep
muntasir baqui
muntasir baqui 2 månader sedan
Nice thumbnail and chan as entertaining as always. Beautiful reptiles too
salem khamis
salem khamis 2 månader sedan
When are we gonna see you feeding the croc to the anaconda
zane creed
zane creed 2 månader sedan
i remeber fiesta jones and bongos
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 2 månader sedan
I don't know how he does this. I can barely watch the video.
phil collier
phil collier 2 månader sedan
We have the best snakes in Australia. Wish I could of meet you when u came to Oz.
Mogwai G
Mogwai G 2 månader sedan
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace 2 månader sedan
Today me and my friend caught 3 wild water snakes. Super awesome. The female was in blue so she was pretty slow and didn't bite but the male bit me 3 times. They musked all over though.
יוסי רומנו
יוסי רומנו 2 månader sedan
Hello I wanted to know what kind of gray day morning
Sharon Aultman
Sharon Aultman 2 månader sedan
Put a piece of pvc pipe in with joe. Can be cleaned and disinfected reuse able
Noah Simmelhag
Noah Simmelhag 2 månader sedan
I was afraid of snakes but they are actually really cute nice to see another video
Mateo the Meme
Mateo the Meme 2 månader sedan
I love these videos
trisha fisha
trisha fisha 2 månader sedan
it is sad when people do not research what it takes to care for the animal or how big it will get or the the mating rituals between males and females I am 59 years old and still learning from you Chandler and Zak cachem all also Joey slay em and wild world of Farley i did not forget Blake's exotic animal farm i hope I remember thank you have a great day 👵🐟♎🕊🍒on top 🌞🏊‍♀️
mythik !!!
mythik !!! 2 månader sedan
OMG the slapping part got me laughing so loud!!!
Les animaux
Les animaux 2 månader sedan
That is so cool
Demonds Review
Demonds Review 2 månader sedan
Why not chipping all animals and IF they get loose and someone find them in the wild, they can scann it and see who is the owner
Caleb Shuping
Caleb Shuping 2 månader sedan
Dope video brotha
Chad Casselman
Chad Casselman 2 månader sedan
U have issues lol
Idk, it’s me?
Idk, it’s me? 2 månader sedan
It makes me so sad tegus are banned, I really wanted to own one as a future pet. So many reptiles are getting banned and I understand some pose a threat to our ecosystem but I feel they eventually will ban almost all reptiles for private owning all because a few ruined it by letting some out in the wild and it just makes me sad :(
Savage Sam
Savage Sam 2 månader sedan
Last time I saw Chandler he had no hair anywhere 😂 this video was ok.
Savage Sam
Savage Sam 2 månader sedan
Chandler you Look so Different! 😮🙊❤️ Last time I seen Chandler his hair was short and I never could see his arms like this it's been months I re subbed.
M. Mott
M. Mott 2 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, Greetings from lower Az. Sorry about Jade, I really think you should put her on some merchandise to commemorate her and the bond you shared. Man i would love to have that mangrove snake skin. Its really bad ass. The snake is a beauty, but i cant stoplookin at the skin so cool. 👌👍 I really like your content.so i subscribed 👾🙊💜✌✌✌
Dannie Hutchens
Dannie Hutchens 2 månader sedan
I have a glass case you can have if you bring Ziggy and a few other friends I can see if you r interested hmu
Tayden Staples
Tayden Staples 2 månader sedan
Can snakes bite under water?
Raais Asmal
Raais Asmal 2 månader sedan
Dude you are so funny, but I'm sure you knew this 😂😂
Kicklighter 2 månader sedan
They put the ban because they don't want them to set up an established breeding population. As you know Burmese pythons didn't have an establish breeding population here in the states, Until they did. So what you might think is ridiculous, is actually very smart. Good thing is we learn from our mistakes. I honestly think they should have a ban on all animals and reptiles that are not native to the U.S.
Lorrie Tsaoussis
Lorrie Tsaoussis 2 månader sedan
That would be bad cause Florida is mostly a reptile community and they live of care and raising reptiles
Ruth Cuevas
Ruth Cuevas 2 månader sedan
Chandler I’m going to give you my first like just in case I won’t see you again. I’m so afraid 😱 of snakes 🐍 you are so brave. God bless you!
Christian Beaton
Christian Beaton 2 månader sedan
I actually do have ADHD lol
CoCo O
CoCo O 2 månader sedan
Mr Brown aka UPS Man. Dang he’s fast!
Haylee Keith
Haylee Keith 2 månader sedan
I used to be terrified of snakes until I stumbled upon your SEpost, I am obsessed and am so interested now. Please never stop making videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jennifer Colon
Jennifer Colon 2 månader sedan
Whatever floats your boat.
Arc 2 månader sedan
H O T oop
thirdculturekid12 2 månader sedan
Chandler handling snakes vs. Owen Grady training velociraptors = same energy
Ragtime Raver
Ragtime Raver 2 månader sedan
Does anyone know why yellow anacondas were banned but green weren't?
mettaarja saputra
mettaarja saputra 2 månader sedan
snake fan
snake fan 2 månader sedan
weren't there fish in the mangrove snake's tank?
maddie button
maddie button 2 månader sedan
Tip for Ruth with filming, don’t zoom in on wrinkly wet dead rat balls 😂😂 when it focused on it i was like eeaaahhhh
Brandon Blackfyre
Brandon Blackfyre 2 månader sedan
Hope all is going well Chandler! Can't wait to see you make progress on your property you are looking for! Hopefully you find a good property soon that you can get your walk in enclosures for the Cobras! That would be amazing to see a huge walk in enclosure for Kevin!
matthew Macdonald
matthew Macdonald 2 månader sedan
You look like Chris Pratt
Tarif Florence
Tarif Florence 2 månader sedan
You should record your inspections by Florida Fish and Wildlife.
Kevin Gr
Kevin Gr 2 månader sedan
Ha! I hand fed my snake on the last feed. The rat slipped from the tongs and bang “hand fed”🤦‍♂️
Noku Rupiya
Noku Rupiya 2 månader sedan
"Hello beautiful people" That intro will stay wit me
landon young
landon young 2 månader sedan
Chandler you should get a baby saltwater croc
UFOWEN 07 2 månader sedan
My man is petting his crock like it’s a cat.....respect
the loshman
the loshman 2 månader sedan
Stay gangsta!!
EJ Alcala
EJ Alcala 2 månader sedan
Him green arconda are the biggest and heaviest me be like no baos are
benjamin brown
benjamin brown 2 månader sedan
I thought ziggy was a dude
shrektastic gaming
shrektastic gaming 2 månader sedan
I just got my Anaconda today (it’s way bigger than expected) apparently when they say juvenile they mean 10ft luckily it still fits in the cage I built for it enjoying these vids
Jaron Stephens
Jaron Stephens 2 månader sedan
Chandler should I get a cornnake?
Kay Collarfeild
Kay Collarfeild 2 månader sedan
Wow!! Ziggy got so big since the last time I saw her! Shes so beautifull :)
A KEARSE 2 månader sedan
The 45 dislikes are the people who never had animals growing up
kevin kline
kevin kline 2 månader sedan
I'm for the right to kill snakes.
Shane Lamer
Shane Lamer 2 månader sedan
You should name your forest cobra Gump. Forrest Gump
passions20013 2 månader sedan
Chandler you remind me of someone intelligent with some wisdom. You hang around ignorant buffoons who are deaf dumb and lame. Stuck in their ways open to nothing if it displeases them right or wrong. He's in a position of privilege so he can still be successful but if he was anything other than what he is he would not be as successful trust me.
Dan Stuart
Dan Stuart 2 månader sedan
passions20013 2 månader sedan
Why would I fight for someone to keep an animal caged like a prisoner instead of being in its natural habitat for someones selfish reasons. Cuz you just like em so so much. Make it make sense the shit people like this man tell themselves to manipulate people and reason with themselves its for their own good cuz he wants to have them. Im sure he will delete this since it doesn't fit his narrative. The snakes your taking care of born into captivity i get. Their best option may be to stay in captivity. They can't talk. Humans i know dont particularly like being in cages most of their lives any of their lives. I believe in my heart no species does. Even non living microorganisms don't like it hence the way they travel when possible. Purchasing a baby unless it significantly helps Humans in some way like manufacturing anti venom. Its dead wrong. No amount of words and manipulation can make it right. If you want to teach about these animals capture one out of the wild for a little while and release it back minimize its suffering. I truly believe captivity for any living species is a form of suffering. I don't believe death is better necessarily perhaps many slaves well we know some disagreed. Suicide amongst slaves was high. These animals aren't being mistreated like slaves were. But still. Just like the catholic church lies hypocrisy and tradition doesn't make it right.
Stephanie G
Stephanie G 2 månader sedan
Manny the mangrove snake.. come on... it's perfect!!
Picot Snippet
Picot Snippet 2 månader sedan
Haircut video Chandler hahahaha
Zach J.
Zach J. 2 månader sedan
A butterfly 🦋 lol 😂 😂😂😂 You’re a legend mate!!... again my condolences for your long time friend.. rip ✌️ Best wishes, Zach .. ohh you need to upgrade that pigmy brown to the real deal down the track.. if it’s possible?
10k subcribers with no video challenge
10k subcribers with no video challenge 2 månader sedan
Your baby anacondas are really big compared to your first video with them
TAN JIA YANG Moe 2 månader sedan
Chandler, i wish you are starting to get over the death of ur lizard! All the best!
J Troche
J Troche 2 månader sedan
Chandler you have this amazing vibe that gives us viewers a smile which is amazing!!🔥🔥
April Hare43
April Hare43 2 månader sedan
Z I G G Y !! 🐊
April Hare43
April Hare43 2 månader sedan
Always great content! And looking at those biceps will keep me coming back! Thanks for showing us so much,,I’ve learned to love snakes now because of you
Mikkel Vendelboe Nielsen
Mikkel Vendelboe Nielsen 2 månader sedan
Those anacondas are getting T H I C C
Captain Lag
Captain Lag 2 månader sedan
Plot twist : Turns out Kevin is a female too ...Kevina................... Sry, had to do it
Kirmax 2 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, I love your content and I was wondering if there was a place where you list every single ones of the snakes, crocodiles and every other species that you have ? I have been watching your vids for over a year and I can’t remember every single ones of your pets. 😂😂😂 Continue what you are doing and remember ; stay wild, stay safe and most of all, stay gangsta 🔥🔥
Shiann Stilley
Shiann Stilley 2 månader sedan
Chandler!!!!! Can I come visit ziggy!!! I need a American croc friend 🐊
Quinten Richards
Quinten Richards 2 månader sedan
Why can you keep your snakes but kamp kenan might have to get rid of his big girl?
Jack 415
Jack 415 2 månader sedan
My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun
Chiara Will
Chiara Will 2 månader sedan
@11:56 I felt so called out 😂
Lynn 2 månader sedan
Why is ziggy so lethargic? Is that normal for him?
Dills life
Dills life 2 månader sedan
He or she must be hungry
Vicente Stitt
Vicente Stitt 2 månader sedan
Hey chandler do a behind the scenes with your camara person.
Fitzgeezy 2 månader sedan
I swear Ziggy gets bigger every video
ItsYT 2 månader sedan
Chandler almost 2 million 45,000 away
Mathew Hepple
Mathew Hepple 2 månader sedan
Oh you finally got ziggy sexed man so happy for you! 🦎🐊
Moto's Danger Zone!
Moto's Danger Zone! 2 månader sedan
Cranky that's a wild one hahah
Tavaris Handley
Tavaris Handley 2 månader sedan
Thanos??????? What happened to him?
Willchan18 2 månader sedan
I live in the UK but I’m still donating to usarkfl cuz Chandler and other owners deserve these animals. It’s obvious Chandler knows how to keep these animals and if anyone has watched someone like Kamp Kenan it’s obvious they can too. They deserve their animals.
Mason Barney
Mason Barney 2 månader sedan
Would love to see a video on snapping turtles again!!
bluedragon adam
bluedragon adam 2 månader sedan
WE all want to see Ziggy
Verlyn Nygaard
Verlyn Nygaard 2 månader sedan
Verlyn Nygaard
Verlyn Nygaard 2 månader sedan
vermas4 2 månader sedan
7:18 anaconda: hmm... Who am I going to eat, Chandler or the rat... Both look tasty
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