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Chandler's Wild Life

3 månader sedan

PLEASE HELP SUPPORT They fight for our rights to keepe reptiles!!!➡️

stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott Dag sedan
I love my Slinky Boo ❤ He's my fav monitor in the whole world 🌎 I can't get enough of Slinky vids, so Kenan gotta get on it, cause I haven't seen a lot of new Slinky vids lately. Well there was this last 1 when he took him to the vet and his title had me sooooo worried, but thankfully he's doing great 👍 Ziggy is also amazing and I love Chandler and Kenan for all they do for these awesome animals ❤ and for sharing them with us.
Dylan Majors
Dylan Majors 9 dagar sedan
no way he put this snake down i bet he still has it because if that snake was my pet i wouldn’t
Beyond Awesome
Beyond Awesome 10 dagar sedan
Camp Kenan, is AMAZING!!!
AgentOrange 01
AgentOrange 01 Månad sedan
1:34 Did Chandler just call Kenan's wife a spicy meatball with hand gestures?
Aharon Kosofsky
Aharon Kosofsky Månad sedan
I literally have a gecko in Michigan
Paragliding Sweden
Paragliding Sweden Månad sedan
Great collaboration ❤️
micah fuller
micah fuller Månad sedan
I just came across this video. Why would you even mention euthanizing that snake? No you do NOT have to if the laws don't change. With the contacts you guys have with other good people who own animals out of state, I'm sure someone would take her. It would be all out ridiculous to kill that beautiful snake just because YOU can't have her.
Layla Hersh
Layla Hersh Månad sedan
heck yeah bring zeige out here
Gary Kirk
Gary Kirk 2 månader sedan
The government funded (and also very profited from) zoos are not drawing the people they once were because of people like you guys. So they want to eliminate the competition..
Kaea Tamariki
Kaea Tamariki 2 månader sedan
This genuinely made me cry, I hope this works out, and g'luck
Hanna Batey
Hanna Batey 2 månader sedan
i mean open for public, you kind of are by being on youtube, people all over the world is watching your channel. I show your channel to my little sister so she can both learn english, but also get an understanding and respect for animals that we do not see as often here in Sweden.
Nicole DiCaprio
Nicole DiCaprio 2 månader sedan
I feel you give good hugs
Tee Taylor
Tee Taylor 2 månader sedan
Yes to Kevin!
J_Cisco21 _
J_Cisco21 _ 2 månader sedan
Haha Kenan walking past his wife, points and says " that's Kate, my wife...she does uhh.. I love her" and continues to walk by
moogly woogly
moogly woogly 2 månader sedan
Cowboy Redbeard is kind of a jackass
sonny d
sonny d 2 månader sedan
How would you not hide your snake what is it a couple thousand dollar fine or something I'd be hiding that nobody would have any f****** idea what animals you have people do that stuff all the time there's no way I would kill an animal that I've had for 7 years
John Doe
John Doe 2 månader sedan
I've never been interested in lizards or reptiles in general, I'm not particularly passionate about animals even though I like them and I think the animal world is fascinating, which is why when the wonder that is the youtube algorithm started suggesting Chandler's channel to me, I started watching, and through the entertaining aspect of his videos, I've learned a lot about reptiles, even though that never interested me before. Now it's been a few months and I watch this channel very regurlarly, as well as Kenan's channel more recently. There is no doubt about your channels having an educationnal value, no doubt. I didn't know a single thing about reptiles before I started watching you guys, there are so many different species I didn't even know exist. But now I do and I think they're so fascinating, and I respect them much more for it. So I hope you guys will be able to keep doing what you're doing as long as you can, because it is really cool and interesting to watch. Big up!
Nanette Barling
Nanette Barling 2 månader sedan
Does the head size apply to captive snakes too? I've noticed certain captive snakes have smaller heads than wild ones.
Rich Myers
Rich Myers 2 månader sedan
I am actually GLAD Florida is clamping down.. If these nightmares escape they can all live in Florida.. Having said that.. They should be grandfathered in..
Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller 2 månader sedan
Imagine being trump supporters 😂 jokes
braxton mclean
braxton mclean 2 månader sedan
So does this mean blake will have to get rid of his red tagu?
KneeGrowObama 2 månader sedan
Thank God Florida is banning these animals. They already destroyed the South Florida ecosystem and they're moving North to Central Florida.
Dominick Swetcoff
Dominick Swetcoff 2 månader sedan
Bring ziggy
Logan Connerton
Logan Connerton 2 månader sedan
im just watching chandler trying to grab the lizards tongue lmfao
avaorchid 2 månader sedan
You are not the reason these animals are invasive. People will simply switch to the black market and no one will know where these creatures are. And wehre are they going to get this black market stock? Oh well that would be wild caught since a large facility with heating etc for breeding captive is so much more noticable. No one ever considerers unintended impacts of these things
bluegenes371 2 månader sedan
Beautiful work guys. Your passion is contagious ❤️
Ash Is God
Ash Is God 2 månader sedan
if laws get crazier in Florida move to Minnesota after the virus
Paul Castillo
Paul Castillo 2 månader sedan
You guys will have to be like the rest of the world and be in the illegal trade. Black market. Question is, how strong is your love for the animals. If you don’t win, are you gonna lay over and let them take them away from you?! Hide your animals!!!
Jamal Chill
Jamal Chill 2 månader sedan
HAHA you have a beautiful wife, chandler was about to say... "that's a spicy meatball" loll what a guy ur hilarious
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 2 månader sedan
Automatic like
Kalika Latta
Kalika Latta 2 månader sedan
Is she going to be okay?
Richard Gonsalves
Richard Gonsalves 3 månader sedan
Great video I love that that's amazing that that man has ponds and streams and everything that hitting his lizards could go and enjoy life whether or not just in a cage very very very happy about that say what's up Chandler
re575817 3 månader sedan
I already Donate! I am from California. Fans in California, get onboard. Just a couple of bucks can and will change their stars!
SteGo Fuego
SteGo Fuego 3 månader sedan
This guy’s beard is elite
JumpBoyK 3 månader sedan This will be the best build in NBA 2K21😱! Skip to 9 : 21 for the build❤️! Also, pleasee comment your feedback❤️
Kenny Lefou
Kenny Lefou 3 månader sedan
Yeah bring Ziggy!
DOCTAH X aka DUBMEISTER 3 månader sedan
COVID 19 must not exist in this part of FLORIDA,,no mask,,,,body contact et al,,,smfh
Matthew Stephens
Matthew Stephens 3 månader sedan
17:48 funniest shit 🤣
Filmed By Jay
Filmed By Jay 3 månader sedan
“We have some love happening. Stop getting distracted”
Jonathan Owens
Jonathan Owens 3 månader sedan
You guys are awesome I watch y'all every day. I just started watching Chandler dude ur awesome to, keep up the great work .. would love to meet you both in person one day..
Cliff Padilla
Cliff Padilla 3 månader sedan
The black market is going to thrive even more now.
Cliff Padilla
Cliff Padilla 3 månader sedan
I'm glad that I don't live in Florida.
Ken Boltz
Ken Boltz 3 månader sedan
Hello from Arizona: I watch several reptile YT channels including both of yours for educational purposes, including research proving me the knowledge I require for obtaining personal pets of my own. Also the purpose of watching your videos specifically for educating in species that I would choose to never own, but get the value, learn the dangers and enjoy the pets vicariously through your educational purposes. Form which I could not get if these pets are outlawed by F&G. They say you are not having open invitational guests to your facilities like zoos, however the camera lens makes me a virtual visitor and therefore should find a means from which to regulate the ownership of these pets. Not that anybody cares about my opinion, just my .02. but I have in the past electronically signed petitions against Florida F&G and would be happy to do so again. I am Very Grateful for the content to yourself and Kenan. Regards
brandi3981 8 dagar sedan
i only watch to reptile youtube channels right now Snake Discovery & Chandlers WIldlife but i have a feeling that list will grow
Irving Moran
Irving Moran 3 månader sedan
Sure bring over there
Shelly B
Shelly B 3 månader sedan
What is in the bottom corner of the thumbnail with the 🚫??
Tim Adams
Tim Adams 3 månader sedan
Ziggy needs to visit that pond
Sonia 3 månader sedan
1.5 million people in Florida own reptiles, it only takes a few to not give a damn about responsibility! They're the irresponsible ones who don't secure their reptiles and they end up escaping. Those irresponsible people mess up other people's privileges !
Amanda Hudson
Amanda Hudson 3 månader sedan
Need a grandfather clause for situations like these
M.M Andersson
M.M Andersson 3 månader sedan
Great content. 2 of my favorite retile channels in one episode.
Allie D
Allie D 3 månader sedan
i will donate once i have some extra money
AARON EMMONS 3 månader sedan
well just don't give up i know you can get the law changed you can i know it
ivory genious
ivory genious 3 månader sedan
does fwc want people to release more pets into the wild? telling people to kill their pets in 90 days is how you get people to do that.
Jabberwocky 3 månader sedan
Surely if you're making educational videos that could be used as evidence that you're exhibiting these animals and thus should keep them? Does it really require people to come see them in person?
passions 2016
passions 2016 3 månader sedan
Can someone tell me what purpose venomous snakes serve in the ecosystem
passions 2016
passions 2016 3 månader sedan
I feel like I should feel bad for them but I don't. Especially as someone who works in ag albeit moreso with plants than animals.
Keith Dafoe
Keith Dafoe 3 månader sedan
I’m here in Michigan, and I love watching and being educated by your channel. I donated to Keep fighting the good fight.
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 3 månader sedan
I emailed FWC, & told 'em not to take the Snakes, Water Monitors and other animals out of Fl., especially the Snakes. Cuz the Snakes are needed to make Antivenom. The Snakes could save the lives of ppl. who are bitten by Venomous Snakes. We need the Snakes to Milk them of their Venom. So people won't die. So just don't take no animals..... Now, I just hope they listen, to what I emailed 'em, & don't take no animals.
Nigel Barradell
Nigel Barradell 3 månader sedan
Hope that stunning snake saved
Players Club
Players Club 3 månader sedan
I hate snakes but if you make a petition I’d sign it ❗️
Daniel Charles Films
Daniel Charles Films 3 månader sedan
This is totally wrong! I am in Thailand and only just learning enough from you guys to help with animal welfare here. I am literally shocked an stunned.
Daniel Charles Films
Daniel Charles Films 3 månader sedan
Let's just kill them all right?
nicole sawyer
nicole sawyer 3 månader sedan
I agree that you should be able to keep your snake. But don’t lie, if you really care about your snake it will not be euthanized come on...
swiggity swooty
swiggity swooty 3 månader sedan
I recently got a captive bred timor monitor baby! Not as big as these guys but just as amazing at least in my opinion
Holly Gill
Holly Gill 3 månader sedan
That would be so cool if you brought Ziggy to kenan's place to swim! Its would be awesome to see him swim in a big realistic pond like that!!
Kimberly Noland
Kimberly Noland 3 månader sedan
A Lot of Our Freedom’s Are Under Threat. ! We Need To Keep Them and Only Limit Those Who Don’t Deserve Them Relatively Speaking ! What an Awesome Backyard Paradise and Obviously Well Cared For ! 🐍
Kimberly Noland
Kimberly Noland 3 månader sedan
That New Law Sounds Like Discrimination Because Your Not a Public Facility ! Not Right! And Ever Notice All The Hoops You Have To Jump Through in a FREE Country ? It’s Been More Restrictions For The People and More Fee’s The Government Requires ! 🐍
Pascal Boekhout
Pascal Boekhout 3 månader sedan
cool video
Awpy -
Awpy - 3 månader sedan
Bring ziggy
Patrick Prass Jr
Patrick Prass Jr 3 månader sedan
I really hope that Florida sees what y’all are doing for these reptiles and for the people who seek knowledge on a certain animal. You guys are the best and its so unfortunate that you guys put so much time into something y’all love and cherish and they come out with this news and I can see the black market doing exactly what your buddy said
Lukas Lambraia
Lukas Lambraia 3 månader sedan
Two of my favorite people! So glad to see the Collab but also so upset to hear about the change in restrictions :(
Zeus 3 månader sedan
So sad that the government is killing his snake. What monsters.
Heather Roberson
Heather Roberson 3 månader sedan
How fast could that monitor run, if he were to run away?
Spadez Creationz
Spadez Creationz 3 månader sedan
I'm from Ohio and love all of these SEpost channels. It's not right for them to kill off animals that these people put their lives into. They do everything to stay on the up and up.
Amy T
Amy T 3 månader sedan
Omg I hope the python finds a new home!! He/ she shouldn’t have to die for not a very good reason
amy wakefield
amy wakefield 3 månader sedan
i really want to help but dont have the money is there any other way i can help
S Heinz
S Heinz 3 månader sedan
Ziggy and Camp Kenan👍🏼
David Nelson
David Nelson 3 månader sedan
Legislators...The worlds biggest dumbasses
Alex Conner
Alex Conner 3 månader sedan
I hope they can figure out what to do, he’ll be so sad to have to put down a part of his life
Adit Khandelwal
Adit Khandelwal 3 månader sedan
excellent cause
ThunderPokéScout 3 månader sedan
I've learned a lot from these videos, kinda bs to deem these not educational enough to be "education"
Zach J.
Zach J. 3 månader sedan
Definitely bring Ziggy
imperial valley reptile
imperial valley reptile 3 månader sedan
Chandler i am an active protester comment back if you want us to stand with you in your cause ive been keeping reptiles for 16 years get at me!
cwd 123
cwd 123 3 månader sedan
Kenan is awesome!! Would definitely like to see more collabs with him. U can just tell how much he loves animals!! Awesome episode!!🤙🤙
Lindsay Whitelock
Lindsay Whitelock 3 månader sedan
I love your instagram and SEpost channel videos I followed you. You are so amazing and awesome
For the Motherland
For the Motherland 3 månader sedan
Is no one gonna talk about them turtles making love? I am not a like hoarder but I looked for 5 mins and no one commented about it
diviengi 3 månader sedan
I dont want a like for my comment but if you do the more people will see it. I just want anyone who see it, to send a msg to myfwc.(please be respectfull). I have done it but if you want do send a msg to myfwc for animal ambassadors. Go to your facebook or other platforms and send a msg.
D Martin
D Martin 3 månader sedan
The list of species in Florida that are invasive yet established is crazy. There are even two species of monkeys with sustaining populations in FL, but as they point out grandfathering people in who know what they are doing as well as seeing the educational content of what these two and others do probably help people avoid buying animals that will be neglected and/or released because people will have a better idea of how much work goes into their care and might avoid purchases they can't really support.
Sebastian Bautista
Sebastian Bautista 3 månader sedan
Gavin1130 3 månader sedan
Does the new changes have anything to do with the Tiger King documentary? It showed some of the private facilities, and exotic pets ppl can be permitted own in Florida. I was wondering if that’s what created the sudden interest in changing the laws/regulations.
Drum Machine Bear
Drum Machine Bear 3 månader sedan
I use both your channels for homeschooling education and my daughter loves all you animals and learning about them.
Karen Rob
Karen Rob 3 månader sedan
Im sure you can find someone in the states to take her there are many states she would be legal in
Vidalia L.
Vidalia L. 3 månader sedan
We should see keven there
Moms Peanut
Moms Peanut 3 månader sedan
Lol the Turtles r making love lmao
Lois Jones
Lois Jones 3 månader sedan
Love the way slinky was videoed. 👍
Tomatoes shot yummy
Tomatoes shot yummy 3 månader sedan
I am Big fan from thailand. it is so many wild asian monitor in My howntown.
Kristen Whitley
Kristen Whitley 3 månader sedan
I love how Kenans like, that's my wife I love her That was adorable! Lol
Brad Maus
Brad Maus 3 månader sedan
"I was just admiring the shape of your skull..…."
Dean Muddiman
Dean Muddiman 3 månader sedan
Can this video blow up so people who need to see it actually see it
Purple Boy
Purple Boy 3 månader sedan
Yes, bring Ziggy, that would be an educational video and Awsome
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