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Chandler's Wild Life

4 månader sedan

If you're interested in doing business with Joe Check him out at "JS REPTILES" on Facebook for insane reptiles!

stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott 10 dagar sedan
They are soooo cute with them big eyes !!!!
brandi3981 12 dagar sedan
i love that you are gonna start breeding non-venomous that will really help funding the dream facility another reptile youtuber channel i follow is Snake Discovery & its a twenty-something couple who MOSTLY breed colubrids i believe the only thing they bred so far snake wise that isn't is the garter they don't lay eggs so those breeding videos are interesting but i love their egg cutting videos to see what they got with the rat/corns, the hognoses and the bulls they also occasionally breed lizards and they just said their gonna TRY jumping spiders XD in the last video emily was running around town tring to gather jumpers and having a problem finding a female she also is usually very against keeping wild snakes butif you breed them to sell the babies then less pets will be pulled from the wild she's done herping videos too and she's not like you drawn to the most dangerous so i was shocked how close she got to a rattlesnake once but she only handles ones like she keeps XD between the 2 channels i no longer panic when i see a snake i usually try to get a picture now I am not comfortable picking them up though & & I learned from her if you aren't comfortable DON'T because they will sense your nerves and lash out if you do it be confident i have handles some captive non-venomous snakes before not something I'd do regularly last time was a few years ago at petco and a baby ball python was put in my left palmi just was watching its mouth thinking it's gonna chomp between my thumb and pointer but it didn't
fkasol Månad sedan
They are actually venomous
Monika Lockpick
Monika Lockpick 2 månader sedan
I’m sure you saw it as well, but I noticed a bump on the brown red girl a bit behind her neck on her right side, I hope it’s nothing serious
Mitchell Maselli
Mitchell Maselli 3 månader sedan
Chandler sounds like Chris pratt
Ronald Felipe
Ronald Felipe 3 månader sedan
Helo from Brazil 🇧🇷❤
Kaas Smikkelaar
Kaas Smikkelaar 4 månader sedan
im kinda late but that cap u have on in this vid is amazing god damm
Ang Penn
Ang Penn 4 månader sedan
Wild caught snakes are always SOOOOO shiny! 😯😍
Richard Devitto
Richard Devitto 4 månader sedan
Two pak shukor the snake catcher perfect timing
Zach Landon
Zach Landon 4 månader sedan
I couldve sworn the Amazon puffing snake was venomous
It is.
Tyler Russin
Tyler Russin 4 månader sedan
What would the impact be if they got free in US? Do you have to go through some type of process for the snake to be able to be bred here?
H 4 månader sedan
Get him on Whole Lotta Red
Warren Robbins
Warren Robbins 4 månader sedan
Chandler exotic
coWWWpa 4 månader sedan
thanks god that snakes dont have ears. they definitly bite chandler when he start singing :)
Gemma Smith
Gemma Smith 4 månader sedan
I find it so sad that they’ve been taken out of the wild for captive breeding.
Jaylend’s Beyblaze Daniels
Jaylend’s Beyblaze Daniels 4 månader sedan
You’re so lucky that you have these kind of snakes and you’re so lucky that they don’t bite you
BlakViper702 4 månader sedan
Hey, cool to see more Sulphureus is the US! I have a (almost) 3 year old and over 6 feet long female. Just FYI the puffers are rear fanged. I have been bitten a few times but never reacted.
Arlo Thomas
Arlo Thomas 4 månader sedan
Chandler should start a band called Chandler and the pit vipers
Val'Mora 4 månader sedan
Abernathy, Abercrombie and Abigail
Brendon Brown
Brendon Brown 4 månader sedan
That’ll go number one without any boobs showing😂😂😂
Tim Finnegan
Tim Finnegan 4 månader sedan
Chandler bby. How do you feel about the LGBT community?
Alex Hale
Alex Hale 4 månader sedan
It’s a good thing Chandler doesn’t have to reply on his singing skills! Haha love you Chandler. BARZZZZ
Demi Altar
Demi Altar 4 månader sedan
Now that is a beautiful snake
Mike Churchill
Mike Churchill 4 månader sedan
Did your buddy say yeah they look good..... yeah they look good in a bean burrito???😂😂🤣🤣
Nicholas Gonzaga
Nicholas Gonzaga 4 månader sedan
Hey in Brazil we do breed this! We call this caninanas!
Randi Marshall
Randi Marshall 4 månader sedan
Joe must be related to good ol mean Joe green
Allen Chevalier
Allen Chevalier 4 månader sedan
I just skip the singing lol. It's too rough
Lincoln Sallans
Lincoln Sallans 4 månader sedan
Where you get the water for the soaking bin should be named Luke warm,snake soaker
Orneste Buitkute
Orneste Buitkute 4 månader sedan
Chandler really loves the word cantankerous, I have to google what it means every time hahaha
Anromedae 4 månader sedan
You guys are watch the snake being held by Chandler But I'm watching Chandler holding a snake
Max Goeieman
Max Goeieman 4 månader sedan
Don't sing . Great video
Justin B
Justin B 4 månader sedan
The last snake you pulled out of the bag looked like a Coastal Taipan
Bo Nielsen
Bo Nielsen 4 månader sedan
Do you have Gharials? or would you like one. Think they are being bread to keep em from going extinct. They look so funny :) Thank you for your epic content.
Just Passing Thru.
Just Passing Thru. 4 månader sedan
That's nothing u should see my mum Puff off, Worse that a truck driver. 🤣🤙
MRBOOT Python 4 månader sedan
Chandler should collaborate with some other reptile youtuber like DK or snake Discovery leave a like and maybe after quarantine he will do it 😁
Angel Guereque
Angel Guereque 4 månader sedan
have you ever had or are planning to have an eastern Indigo snake??
Kristen Sidor
Kristen Sidor 4 månader sedan
Is this the same as a Cribo?
Payton Larive
Payton Larive 4 månader sedan
Hey Chandler it's my BIRTHDAY today 😁🎉😁 love your videos
WikkidVyxen 4 månader sedan
Good God, I hit the like only because I believe in ya Chandler. It certainly was NOT for your singing skills. PLEASE don't ever do that to us again! 😂😂😂
April Taylor
April Taylor 4 månader sedan
Hey Chandler! which dewormer is safe for vipers. After reading about it on the internet, I'm confused and figured you would know. Thanks!
Nagaraj Boopathy
Nagaraj Boopathy 4 månader sedan Kingcobra Please watch this the longest king cobra that i have seen in youtube
Aafke Blootvoetje
Aafke Blootvoetje 4 månader sedan
To be honest, I was watching your video's with a addblocker, but I like your channel so much that I decided to let it run thrue the night, when I'm asleep, on the actual SEpost app so you get your add money and do this every night. But when I'm actually watching I still use the addblocker, because your show is to awesom to watch with adds. Stay safe and wash your hands! (Especially after touching all those spicy meatballs)
Jimmy John's TM official
Jimmy John's TM official 4 månader sedan
Who's joe
Taylor & Grace
Taylor & Grace 4 månader sedan
Lmao rap and country you talented chandler
RainDropsDanii 4 månader sedan
Use your WHITE PRIVILEGED AND SPEAK ON BLACK LIVES MATTER. You have a huge platform that can reach so many people. This is movement that needs the backing of as many people as we can get!!!
Tee Taylor
Tee Taylor 4 månader sedan
Amazing to watch. So nice. cool video dude
FijiQ 4 månader sedan
Show us jade ❤
Nazareth 4 månader sedan
It's kinda annoying when people complain about WC specimens, if it wasn't for WC animals we wouldn't have captive breeding/conservation.
Shadow Nut
Shadow Nut 4 månader sedan
What are the requirements to be a worker at one of these types of places cause i just love snakes been around my whole life
Miranda Schwartzberg
Miranda Schwartzberg 4 månader sedan
You guys love each other at least you love them
Rafael Barrena
Rafael Barrena 4 månader sedan
Me to
Chilled Peekzs
Chilled Peekzs 4 månader sedan
I think I can speak for more than half the viewers, that we all want to see what your girlfriend looks like. Also it would be cute to see you showing the same affection to her like how you show it towards your animals.
Ana Elena Caraman
Ana Elena Caraman 4 månader sedan
please get a haircut 😂😂
adamanteus11 4 månader sedan
thses are pseustes sulphureus if im correct ?
Aylin 4 månader sedan
Chandler really reminds me of someone but I can’t name it. It is on the tip of my tongue.
Kia_Morphine 4 månader sedan
"That b***h Carole Baskin" Bro, I'm dead 💀💀
Willow _Song
Willow _Song 4 månader sedan
Walker gives me major Jotaro Kujo vibes.
Matofa2016 4 månader sedan
The logan Paul of the snakes
Sundaaayz 4 månader sedan
I want a Kevin 😤 Just kidding, I may jump in on copping one of these when the time comes. I got a lot of time to make sure I research enough ^.^
One timeX1
One timeX1 4 månader sedan
Mikey likes it !!!!
Mikey likes it !!!! 4 månader sedan
Please dont sing again
BlacktipShark 4 månader sedan
These are amazing!!! I'm really excited to see you guys breeding them! If you ever generate an interest list in the future for them let me know! They're STUNNING!
Renato Oliveira
Renato Oliveira 4 månader sedan
Caninana (Spilotes Pulatus)
Vices Virtues
Vices Virtues 4 månader sedan
Cool snakes 🐍
D R 4 månader sedan
Please, dont sing. Please. Just stop. Really bad.
D R 4 månader sedan
Second I saw the video play I nearly pissed myself. Can I get a trigger warning
TJP 4 månader sedan
need an update on the baby blue vipers
ian myers
ian myers 4 månader sedan
Hope you aren't talking about Joe Switalski....... Scammed me a couple years ago. sent me a "USCCB" emerald tree boa and it ended up being a wild caught specimen and I wasn't ready to take care of a wild caught animal. Ended up dying. Hes a POS person. its sad to see you working with him.
benjamin thomas
benjamin thomas 4 månader sedan
Pretty snakes, and passive!
Jessica B.
Jessica B. 4 månader sedan
If you breed them, will you ship to Canada?
Bob Dude
Bob Dude 4 månader sedan
They kinda look like false water cobras
Abed Alarab
Abed Alarab 4 månader sedan
These snakes are basically king cobras but non venomous
Abed Alarab
Abed Alarab 4 månader sedan
The girl that was playing the guitar is the new camera girl
Airsoft T-Rex Sam
Airsoft T-Rex Sam 4 månader sedan
Is Kevin the cobra going to be your album cover? I'll take 8!
BMC 4 månader sedan
Those are amazing!! Super impressive/beautiful, can't wait to see their setup & babies in the future. Would love to own one of those.
Its Shas
Its Shas 4 månader sedan
I really like that fact that some "not so exciting/dangerous" snakes get the spotlight because there are so many beautiful snakes out there that aren't that exciting to talk about but just plain beautiful to watch.
Jon Luebbe
Jon Luebbe 4 månader sedan
I have great respect for what I see Chandler do with these snakes .it takes a lot of commitment and skills to do what he does. Thank you Chandler for doing what you do! It's awsome to see you with kevin it's nothing short of amazing!
Nyam Lim-ang
Nyam Lim-ang 4 månader sedan
Wow that's so cool 😎 Watching from the Philippines 😁 Much Love and Stay Safe y'all 🙏
Crow 4 månader sedan
That was pleasuring singing
John Revere
John Revere 4 månader sedan
Hello Walker, Chandler, look up on SEpost... "Carving a King Cobra Walking Stick from wood..." Its sooo real looking, It looks a lot like Kevin.
Carl Thomas
Carl Thomas 4 månader sedan
Xoxo was
Alberto Magni
Alberto Magni 4 månader sedan
Like a chi è partita la pubblicità di Stormy prima del video di Chandler 😂😂
Twisted 4 månader sedan
*gets an expensive snake* we got a code exotic repeat a code JOE exotic "why a joe exotic?" cause i am never gonna financially recover from this
Ryan Mcdonnell
Ryan Mcdonnell 4 månader sedan
Name the male puffing snake Tony
Ese Cokez
Ese Cokez 4 månader sedan
calreptileparty 4 månader sedan
The eventual ""Chandler and Walker do shirtless things with reptiles" will probably be Chandler's highest viewed video."
Tiffany Grigg
Tiffany Grigg 4 månader sedan
I demand a baby from the first clutch you produce 😂
ambivalent ambiguity
ambivalent ambiguity 4 månader sedan
Chandler, you have to admit Colubrid is a cool word.
Jenn 1234
Jenn 1234 4 månader sedan
Love the new snakes and I look forward to watching your project unravel. I love that you have been doing videos more often! I hope it continues. That little Joe is the cutest little snake.......I can’t wait to watch him grow along with the others. You are definitely quite the entertainer and I love your channel! ❤️😄
Mother Earth
Mother Earth 4 månader sedan
I will put an *UwU* in the comments
Matthew Salyer
Matthew Salyer 4 månader sedan
Who else thinks that Chandlers channel is the best! I'll be buying that album when it drops. Hope ziggy, Kevin and Chandler are together on the cover!!!
Bongos and Lemonheads
Bongos and Lemonheads 4 månader sedan
Dude that song was awesome. Gorgeous snakes! Joe is my favorite 🤩✌🏼🤩
badboybootz8 4 månader sedan
I'll buy a baby chandler let me know bruh
calreptileparty 4 månader sedan
I don't think baby Chandlers would be legal to sell. Plus could you imagine the energy of a toddler version?
Wicked Moto
Wicked Moto 4 månader sedan
This just in!! Put me down for tiger rat babies as well!
Wicked Moto
Wicked Moto 4 månader sedan
Put me down for two baby puffing snakes when you get babies! I’m so down!
Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji 4 månader sedan
Lol the song at the beginning oh brother 😂🔥💕
Buddy- 4 månader sedan
Lmao imagine if he just forgot about that third snake
Tyler Nobile
Tyler Nobile 4 månader sedan
It would be sick to see a hunting video of the snake with all the fish and shrimp in it
aasdw fdert
aasdw fdert 4 månader sedan
Walker seems very camera shy 👀
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