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Chandler's Wild Life

4 månader sedan

Maeve Binkley
Maeve Binkley 15 dagar sedan
But Chandler, how can you tell my mother? Even I can’t find her.
krisnahas79 2 månader sedan
It’s crazy how u go from such crazy high energy to such a calm energy as soon as u take ur snake out and then back to high energy. Lololol I find u so interesting. And especially all ur “pets” they r amazing
Luke Darnell
Luke Darnell 2 månader sedan
Now I feel like a snake now😭 I feel jealous.
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 2 månader sedan
Automatic like
Charlie Prevost
Charlie Prevost 3 månader sedan
Where did you get the crocodile and alligator cage?
Mike luongo
Mike luongo 3 månader sedan
Please go get a haircut
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards 3 månader sedan
"Oh shes hangin out, OH she crawlin out" why don't you use gloves when cleaning the poop from cages, especially if it has parasites and such?? How does Ruth feel about all the snakes.. did she like then before starting with you?? I DO NOT like snakes at all, but I do like You, Tyler and Justin(how is he, there hasn't been anything from him lately)
arjun prasad
arjun prasad 3 månader sedan
Dam I leave at 800k and come back to 1m someone plz remind me how long I’m been gone
vitalikkontr 3 månader sedan
brave man
Bryan P
Bryan P 3 månader sedan
Fangs for some more great memories Chandler!
Tori Bruce
Tori Bruce 3 månader sedan
I wonder if chandler has ever been bit by a venomous snake 🐍?
Dumb bear Like you
Dumb bear Like you 3 månader sedan
This is so cool
Randy Robertson
Randy Robertson 3 månader sedan
Mad respect to can truly tell that you love your animals you and Tyler are doing good things thank you for everything you do and teach us
Charlotte Parker
Charlotte Parker 3 månader sedan
dude ur snakes are so well mannered
Matthew B
Matthew B 3 månader sedan
That python has zebra scales. Such a pretty snake.
Top Flight Gaming
Top Flight Gaming 3 månader sedan
Wait? I thought you put fish in Ziggy’s tank? Where did they go?
nikki willis
nikki willis 3 månader sedan
Ziggy's getting big
Lisa Cantu
Lisa Cantu 4 månader sedan
Come on ziggy!
Shakaylia Morrell
Shakaylia Morrell 4 månader sedan
I Get Really Nervous When They Get Too Close To Him.. Can't let him take out or king🤧🥺
Anthony M.
Anthony M. 4 månader sedan
big bertha is so adorbs
Hilario Penaloza
Hilario Penaloza 4 månader sedan
14:50 a little cute how he’s climbing up 😂
scorpio mama
scorpio mama 4 månader sedan
Chandler, please cut ur hair!
La conquistadors E explora
La conquistadors E explora 4 månader sedan
Childish Gambino is the size of a six foot long sub sandwich.....
TheGamingChinchilla 4 månader sedan
Italian snake chandler oh boy
hoibsh 4 månader sedan
Chandler's Nadia Seizure - scarier than any Cobra strike.
Nicole Fowler
Nicole Fowler 4 månader sedan
Maybe Black Sabbath won’t eat because he’s waiting for a BAT🦇🦇🦇🦇
Imp0z 1992
Imp0z 1992 4 månader sedan
Do you have it in the back of your mind that a shed fang might poke you and envenomate you?.
ethan stills-read
ethan stills-read 4 månader sedan
I chandler you have changed my mined about snakes I love them so much.
Dan LaBrecque
Dan LaBrecque 4 månader sedan
Everyday he looks and acts more and more like Jeff Corwin. Remember that guy? Dont lie no you don't lol. Here let me help you....HEY GOOGLE.."Who is Jeff Corwin?" Lol
Dan LaBrecque
Dan LaBrecque 4 månader sedan
I'm a chef for a living and its now impossible when I'm making meatballs at work to think of snake shit...thanks for that Chandler I don't think I'll ever eat a meatball again lol
Eshtarth TS
Eshtarth TS 4 månader sedan
anyone missing kevin??
jennifer -
jennifer - 4 månader sedan
ooo i like your new look! stay safe and healthy 💕
Mary Sikora
Mary Sikora 4 månader sedan
Is Bambino his name for the rhino viper? Any way you can see him use his muscles to clime up the can that was cool
Keaton R0698
Keaton R0698 4 månader sedan
Meatball clan
wahooandy1 4 månader sedan
How have you Not gotten Bit yet? Be safe!!
Ninja Hombrepalito
Ninja Hombrepalito 4 månader sedan
This channel is so funny, and also awesome.
Joe Braxton Anders
Joe Braxton Anders 4 månader sedan
Todd is a awesome dude he has 2 baby monocles waiting for me at his place since Delta is being a pain in the ass
chakra kahn
chakra kahn 4 månader sedan
Chandler You don't need diamonds on your wrist or diamonds on your chains cause you got diamonds on your SNAKES and diamonds in your drawls... lol
Uwu Royale Jbari
Uwu Royale Jbari 4 månader sedan
I Love your channel man
Beans Wildlife
Beans Wildlife 4 månader sedan
Who agrees that chandler needs a Mojave green rattler for his snake room
thisguy177 3 månader sedan
me. what happened to his timber rattlers? he had 2 of them.
Matheus Lupi
Matheus Lupi 4 månader sedan
Br passou aqui
Tom Willmuth
Tom Willmuth 4 månader sedan
I love you man you are so funny
Noku Rupiya
Noku Rupiya 4 månader sedan
Anyone else who wanna meet chandler one day🙏🏽
Raphaelkungfupanda 4 månader sedan
Merry Snakemus to you too Chandler!
SnickerdoodleMcfox 4 månader sedan
lol i dont have enough caffene in my system for this
Kimy Dorra
Kimy Dorra 4 månader sedan
Question chandler have u ever tried handling and interacting with a spitting cobra??
Emma Grace
Emma Grace 4 månader sedan
3:45 when chandler said “she’s happy” you could see the pure smile on his face 🥺 it’s so amazing to see how he really cares and knows !
ItzMe Conley
ItzMe Conley 4 månader sedan
a target brand kermit the frog and a new holiday called snakemiss seems like a plan
Claire Sosoban
Claire Sosoban 4 månader sedan
Calling Berta sweetie, wonder how Justina feel. 😅🤭🤫🤔
Joash Tayamen
Joash Tayamen 4 månader sedan
Spicy meatballs are more dangerous than snakes if you are not careful... Good job catching that one chandler
Ty Bowman
Ty Bowman 4 månader sedan
I know you’ve been doing this a long time but I still think you’re crazy for free handling a pit viper... especially with crofab being so expensive... awesome but no thanks from me 😂
Luis Astorga
Luis Astorga 4 månader sedan
Chandler i think big bertha needs a bigger vision cage soon
Luis Astorga
Luis Astorga 4 månader sedan
Ps. I sent this b4 u talked about it xD
WiLdLiFe [Mystery]
WiLdLiFe [Mystery] 4 månader sedan
This video is cool and very informative. Thanks for sharing 🙂👍
Robin Saylor
Robin Saylor 4 månader sedan
You cracka me up my friend...make-a me-a happy-oooooooooooo!
Aryan Sabre
Aryan Sabre 4 månader sedan
The hybrid looks so good and thick
Morgan Karr
Morgan Karr 4 månader sedan
Every video I'm waiting to see ziggy .
Ryan Eka
Ryan Eka 4 månader sedan
Remember when Chandler was still 30k and when he came into 400k people accuse him about his snake was already removed fang?
Milla Castro
Milla Castro 4 månader sedan
@6:30 thats a incredible snake. Wow
mouctar Sylla
mouctar Sylla 4 månader sedan
Tu es bête comme un pou
Sonia 4 månader sedan
Ziggy has some awesome pattern colors! How often do snakes shred?
Priya VenkataDesikan
Priya VenkataDesikan 4 månader sedan
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Xav Mak
Xav Mak 4 månader sedan
I want the fangs to put in resin!
arshad pathan
arshad pathan 4 månader sedan
big fan bro
Ryan 4 månader sedan
"She's really upset today" -takes out of enclosure-
Jeffrey Ferguson
Jeffrey Ferguson 4 månader sedan
Chandler what is the danger if there were a Fang in bedding that you were cleaning and it poke your finger is there always Venom in The Fang or or not could you please answer that for me thank you
Joseh Barkley
Joseh Barkley 4 månader sedan
No dad I don't want a bath
Potetew 4 månader sedan
Have you seen Tyler Nolan’s new king? He is the most beautiful noodle I’ve ever seen!
Blayne D
Blayne D 4 månader sedan
I actually was playing with my phone when he said "Quit playing with your phone " and smacked the camera! Chandler , were you talking to me?
Sage Foxwood
Sage Foxwood 4 månader sedan
maybe sabath needs some outdoors time?
Crazy_ShutIn!123 4 månader sedan
When is snake-mas
BRITTANY KING 4 månader sedan
We’re you ever scared of snakes? I realized it has been years but like when you first started did you get scared or were they still something so fascinating?
anthony sandoval
anthony sandoval 4 månader sedan
I love how he has to buy new 📷 soon
dopetype 4 månader sedan
Where can I find your pants?
Daniel Dimino
Daniel Dimino 4 månader sedan
Wow man Ziggy just gets bigger and bigger every time I see him....he's such a good little really curious to know what Chandlers going to do with him when he turns into a big strong gigantic full grown crocodile
Steve 4 månader sedan
I find this unwatchable, and so do the rest of the people in this house. Calm down with the stupid theatrics!
hulk__logan9797 4 månader sedan
Petition to make snakemas an actual holiday
Ryan Drazenovich
Ryan Drazenovich 4 månader sedan
How is the coral snake?
Haley Bland
Haley Bland 4 månader sedan
Look how big Ziggy is 😍😍😍
bangDUKI 4 månader sedan
Shelbie Myers
Shelbie Myers 4 månader sedan
We need an update on the aquatic coral snake!!! It’s so cute!!
Michael Triola
Michael Triola 4 månader sedan
Do you know much Childish Gambino weighs? He looks incredibly heavy.
Aiden 4 månader sedan
wiat what are even mites???
ODsupreme \
ODsupreme \ 4 månader sedan
lets hit 2mill for chandler
Brittany Kropp
Brittany Kropp 4 månader sedan
If you keep doing crazy stuff to your camera then you will need a new one every month Chandler I love your videos I have a pet snake she is identical to the coral sea snake but not venomous she lets me hand feed her the mice she doesn’t strike she just comes up to my hands and takes the mouse gently from my fingers
Wolf Kingdom
Wolf Kingdom 4 månader sedan
Wow🤩 #chandler’s wild life
Juan Carlos Saez
Juan Carlos Saez 4 månader sedan
Something happened today, ziggy looks clever like a teenager and your cobra, your Naga looks like a prince.Missing Kevin probably
S H 4 månader sedan
This is more dangerous than said cobra.... While he juggles it! You need your own discovery show!
Daniel Sneed
Daniel Sneed 4 månader sedan
Not sure if I'd like to find a fully from western diamond back on either of my porches, but a fang or two would be nice on a necklace or bracelet with me.
Josh Ruth
Josh Ruth 4 månader sedan
My question is how much money do you have invested in your reptiles....not the building just the animals???
Jacob Muñoz
Jacob Muñoz 4 månader sedan
we need to see kevin again!!!!!!!!!!
Nilan Kumarage
Nilan Kumarage 4 månader sedan
On a real note, Chandler, Ricky mack, (controversial) Brian barczyk, emily and ed, have all been such inspirations to my love of reptiles, I owe so much to these people. Currently have diamond python, jungle jag, knobtailed gecko, eastern water dragon and a large olive python, will start getting into hot stuff sooon!!!
Chef Jamie
Chef Jamie 4 månader sedan
If you remove the fangs and will they grow back ?
davidinky1 4 månader sedan
Please be more careful. 🙏🏻 I enjoy your videos and don’t want to have Tyler giving us bad news. 👍
Talbot Pule
Talbot Pule 4 månader sedan
Man! These white folks craaazy!
Night Meow
Night Meow 4 månader sedan
The fact that I thought they're gonna need a new camera after all that slapping and Chandler straight up echoing my thought lol
Travis Hudson
Travis Hudson 4 månader sedan
You should cut a hole in the top of the can so you can see the snakes soak
LionAndALamb 4 månader sedan
I saw at least 3 different instances with the monocle cobra in this video where a less expert handler would have been bitten, Chandler never even stopped talking.
Teresita Nieto
Teresita Nieto 4 månader sedan
Childish Gambino is THIKKKKKKKKKK lol
brett strohl
brett strohl 4 månader sedan
My yellow Woma has also been shedding and not eating. I've been worried something is wrong with it, but maybe that's just normal for aussie snakes?
Alan Robison
Alan Robison 4 månader sedan
I love your Russian accent!!! Too funny. Thanks dot all your hard work, greetings from Riverside California!
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