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Chandler's Wild Life

4 månader sedan

Mari AriasMunoz
Mari AriasMunoz 14 dagar sedan
The red tail catfish you're so cute I don't want them to die
shawn Steve ns
shawn Steve ns 2 månader sedan
Nice snakes bro
Lora Harris
Lora Harris 2 månader sedan
It would great for you to go to Africa see all the stuff that Dink Dingelman. He has cobras and black Mambas
Matt Gosling
Matt Gosling 2 månader sedan
Those vipers are gorgeous little snakes, really, really pretty colours they mostly seem to be, I'd love to own a couple of those.
Matt Gosling
Matt Gosling 2 månader sedan
Poor coral didn't last very long, chandler did everything he could to make him happy, rip pretty little snake 🐍.
Ishaan Gangadi
Ishaan Gangadi 2 månader sedan
R. I.P Carl 😢
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 3 månader sedan
Automatic like
Patrick Flug
Patrick Flug 3 månader sedan
RIP Darth Carl
Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem 3 månader sedan
How many here to pay respect to Carl and the memories?
maddie button
maddie button 3 månader sedan
Rip Carl
clancy weaver
clancy weaver 3 månader sedan
I'm glad Carl's doing good!
Veonnj Caines
Veonnj Caines 3 månader sedan
Rip carl
Lorilynn Teall
Lorilynn Teall 3 månader sedan
What do you feed them
kakawats 13
kakawats 13 3 månader sedan
His name should be Darth Carl
Modest89 3 månader sedan
danpats1 3 månader sedan
Guess that color pattern for coral snakes isn’t absolute since that one didn’t have red meets yellow.
danpats1 3 månader sedan
You look like Jim Varney. Know what I mean Vern?
Yoshi278 3 månader sedan
I hope you know how absolutely massive those catfish get lol.
Dee Marie Dubois
Dee Marie Dubois 3 månader sedan
EXCELLENT VIDEO. Loved the night feeding. The colors of the Eyelash Vipers are amazing and the Hispanic boy from Venezuela is so handsome.
Tyler Goldstein
Tyler Goldstein 3 månader sedan
Throw some pothos clippings from your viper tanks in with the aquatic coral snake to help with the water quality and give the tree frogs some more options to climb. Keep up the awesome work and stay safe.
Modest89 3 månader sedan
Too late
Bam Bam Horrocks
Bam Bam Horrocks 3 månader sedan
Love the bush vipers they’re my favourite snake! Definitely one I would love to see in person one day 👌🏼
True Reviews
True Reviews 3 månader sedan
plz get a red bellied black snake
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes 3 månader sedan
What happened to the mangrove snake bro? Can you show it again?
Narrative Discourse
Narrative Discourse 3 månader sedan
Carl is awesome ! Can't wait to see future feeding with him. Nice setup now I'm starting to get into corals.
Modest89 3 månader sedan
Next video is Carl getting fed to Kevin
tomtomthebear 3 månader sedan
Love the content buddy.....how often will you have to freshen Carl’s water...????
Modest89 3 månader sedan
Never again
drewsmobile 3 månader sedan
sepost.info/dev/video/1nbM3JxsY6mumbU.html 😲
crackbadger 3 månader sedan
dude yes!! can’t wait to see a vid in venezuela 🇻🇪
Archivist Nomad
Archivist Nomad 3 månader sedan
Darth Carl. Problem solved.
Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez 3 månader sedan
Drop the merch ! ❤️❤️❤️
DnB Spook
DnB Spook 3 månader sedan
18:51 is that a previous fang thats fallen out?
Andrew Cornwell
Andrew Cornwell 3 månader sedan
Chandler, have you considered investing in 2-3 night vision cameras and surround Carl’s tank and turn them on when you leave for the night and see if you can get some feeding footage? If it’s really that difficult to keep them in captivity then some feeding footage would be mint.
Darren Parks
Darren Parks 3 månader sedan
Someone likes to talk about Jacobs sons organ. Haha
Cody Dearborn
Cody Dearborn 3 månader sedan
I got the name man. Carl Maul😎
KingLeeko -_-
KingLeeko -_- 3 månader sedan
Can we see the baby snakes from other videos
Ralph Martinez
Ralph Martinez 3 månader sedan
you're great and I've always loved snakes and have been a expert and it is great watching you in this tough time and see you still doing what you love in this time is really cool stay safe
Carmel Herskovitz
Carmel Herskovitz 3 månader sedan
That snake is awesome!🐍
LightYerPipe 3 månader sedan
That bright light from the camera is going to put the Coral snake off. Get a cheap night vision camera so you can film in complete darkness.
blunders 3 månader sedan
What happens to the bones the snake eats in the mice?
James Stukowski
James Stukowski 3 månader sedan
Dude, you gotta change the music..it sounds like you're giving a tour of a Dentist office or something. Brutal.. other than that, awesome video!
wild ghoul trooper
wild ghoul trooper 3 månader sedan
Ever since I've seen ur channel blink fast because the snakes
mike wisowski
mike wisowski 3 månader sedan
Beautiful danger noodles
Colby Canada
Colby Canada 3 månader sedan
E.Campos 3 månader sedan
see this video, coral eating ferderlance sepost.info/dev/video/uYOcz9eyqGrHksc.html... PS: coral is not a water snake.
Hidde Nicolay
Hidde Nicolay 3 månader sedan
Kalyn Miller
Kalyn Miller 3 månader sedan
Feed your rattlesnakes next.
Hope Less
Hope Less 3 månader sedan
Good thing they have poor hearing cause yer loud af!
beastly Skittles
beastly Skittles 3 månader sedan
Why not feed them live prey
Daan Bezemer
Daan Bezemer 3 månader sedan
hey chandler what about concrete plex terrarium someone said that tropical snakes cannot get into the concrete plex terrarium
NicosMagiskaVärld 3 månader sedan
Chandler, very nice videos! I would really enjoy if you got an cerastes cerastes. Would be cool to wollow and see its behavior. Regards from Sweden
Джабраил Рахманов
Джабраил Рахманов 3 månader sedan
hi i'm from russia and i really like your channel i study as a herpologist your channel helps me a lot in learning 👍
Evan Bennett
Evan Bennett 3 månader sedan
If you don't name him, 'Darth Carl', I'm gonna be mad.
Christian bommarito
Christian bommarito 3 månader sedan
Chandler: Feeds a coral snake Also Chandler: "Let's go feed some snakes"
Pedro C
Pedro C 3 månader sedan
Not Darth Maul... Carl Maul. I dig it! Keep up the good job Chandler! Love your videos!
Eric Mayo
Eric Mayo 3 månader sedan
Lee Lawrence
Lee Lawrence 3 månader sedan
how can he call anybody sweaty he is the most crack out i have ever seen
CHICKENSTRIPS COD Mobile 3 månader sedan
Don’t heart my comment or else
mlloyd52 3 månader sedan
That’s not a coral snake. Yellow @nd red don’t touch.
Jimstaboodle Ooferson
Jimstaboodle Ooferson 3 månader sedan
The eyelash viper eating reminds me of how my dog eats.
sonny d
sonny d 3 månader sedan
Hell yeah 23 minutes
Carl 3 månader sedan
Dude you cant change the name from Carl.....just NO!!!!
Jacqueline Schreiber
Jacqueline Schreiber 3 månader sedan
all your snakes are sooooooooo cute chandler
Martha Rivera
Martha Rivera 3 månader sedan
It looks weird when they eat the mice
Ethan Cooper
Ethan Cooper 3 månader sedan
I’m probably one of the only people that prefer chandlers calmer videos
the faceless Vaper
the faceless Vaper 3 månader sedan
For the snakes that don't eat. Have you tried to put the food under a heat lamp for a couple off minutes ?
Taegan Joice
Taegan Joice 3 månader sedan
And it’s always entertaining content. Good shit man. 🤪
Sonia 3 månader sedan
Cassandra Todhunter
Cassandra Todhunter 3 månader sedan
Thankyou for taking the time out to give us the night view of these amazing beautiful reptiles!
Mike Rotchburns
Mike Rotchburns 3 månader sedan
Should consider putting in a few GoPros inside the water in Carl's tank. Maybe it can catch Carl hunting/eating. Too bad that water is a little too murky. Next version with less leaves?
tobi is a bad boy
tobi is a bad boy 3 månader sedan
(carl the aquatic coral snake appears) darth maul- that's my snake!
Candace Robinson
Candace Robinson 3 månader sedan
Bring back fiesta Jones and bongos!
Raystoric 3 månader sedan
And the Venezuelan ladies are a beauty .
Connor Rothandler
Connor Rothandler 3 månader sedan
Has Carl eaten anything while you’ve had him chandler?
Ed Applederry
Ed Applederry 3 månader sedan
The pit viper enclosure reminds me of the raptor pen with all three of them hiding in the foliage. Need to install a small crane above to lower the food into the bushes. Then we all eat sea bass and drive in our Ford Explorers past Kevin's enclosure. But Kevin's hiding. Only an unsuspecting goat-rodent can be seen in the front of his enclosure. Guess Kevin doesn't want to be feed. He wants to hunt! Wait... what!?
Noles fan89
Noles fan89 3 månader sedan
Those vipers are the most cool little snakes and the camouflage they blend rite in awesome Thanks for the vid
Dan 3 månader sedan
Darth Carl killin it 🐍
Leah Mortenson
Leah Mortenson 3 månader sedan
your great Chandler!!!!
Ashton Taylor
Ashton Taylor 3 månader sedan
I want to keep A red tail catfish
Vitofrompilsen 3 månader sedan
Chandler you’re so dope dude! I love your videos. Helped me through the transition.
Cobra 3 månader sedan
13:57 man there's a little spider web in your viper cage...
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis 3 månader sedan
Very nice video. Cool to see the snakes at night doing their thing.
Kyle Dillman
Kyle Dillman 3 månader sedan
it looks like you have to much leaf litter he can't find the fish!
Enigma 3 månader sedan
I really hope you can catch Carl eating. I really want to see it. Do you have a go pro or something that you can dedicate to always recording Carl 24 hours a day to catch him eating?
Baby Doll
Baby Doll 3 månader sedan
Hey chandler, what happens to the venom inside the rat pups once swallowed? How come it doesn't affect the snake?
martin McFarlane
martin McFarlane 3 månader sedan
T would I not just buy Cory catfish so much cheaper also from South America
Cubik GamingYT
Cubik GamingYT 3 månader sedan
Hey chandler, could you show more of the spiny bush vipers? I absolutely love them! Just as much as Kevin
drippy.pablo 3 månader sedan
make sure none those redtails get big enough after a few meals😭 they stuff their face and grow like crazy
Dynamosaurus Imperious
Dynamosaurus Imperious 3 månader sedan
I guess seeing snake 'hunting' and feeding,looks pretty cool.
Bman booger
Bman booger 3 månader sedan
Have a bad feeling that coral snake won't last long in that set up. I see why they don't do well in captivity. Hoping for the best..
Dr. Hotdog
Dr. Hotdog 3 månader sedan
Me: *At Home Scared Of COVID-19* Also Me: *Sees Chandler Feeding Venomous Snakes* Mind: hOw dOeS he dO iT!!!??
Kristian B
Kristian B 3 månader sedan
I love how you are putting so much effort into helping this coral snake thrive. Ur an awesome person.
Melody Silverknight
Melody Silverknight 3 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, if you ever decide to visit the Philippines I would suggest you try out Ocean Park, the place is awesome and I managed to visit recently before the corona virus hit. The reptile house is awesome and so is the oceanarium. It's sad that I honestly feel kinda stuck here in the Philippines, not only because of the corona virus outbreak but also since we don't have enough money to always travel especially when I find the idea of seeing the world as both scary and exciting at the same time. But for now, I guess I'll work at finishing school first then think about travelling and seeing foreign wildlife. A digital toast to you Chandler, for being an inspiration to people whether they're your subscribers or just random viewers. Even in the farthest, smallest corners of the great wide world you shape young minds and bring joy. Cheers! 🥂🎉. ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏
Marcus 3 månader sedan
You would need a 700 gal tank for just one of those catfish. Be careful because those catfish will eat carl when they get about 5 to 6 inches. They are monster fish. That may not have been a good idea
khalid alhashmi
khalid alhashmi 3 månader sedan
Chandler looks like a angler fish with that light on his head.
Sandra P
Sandra P 3 månader sedan
This episode was awesome!! Thank you, I would love to see more of this kind in the future!
Nathan Zietsman
Nathan Zietsman 3 månader sedan
Can you tell me wat is the best reptile to bigin with
TobyInkster !!!!
TobyInkster !!!! 3 månader sedan
So happy Karl seems to be thriving, well done bro!!!!
Nathan Zietsman
Nathan Zietsman 3 månader sedan
Way don't you get a smooth green gras snake PLEASE!!!!!!!!
wrights8 3 månader sedan
At 19:02 is that a fang at the side of the mouth of the bush viper??
Paragliding Sweden
Paragliding Sweden 3 månader sedan
I really love the bio active setups you have created!! And you do the same as me, feeding the reptiles at night, what don’t one do for ones pets?? They eat great at night - at least mine does. I love the aquatic setup but unfortunately my partner has denied any water setups in our house :-(. So I have to continue the ordinary bio active setups instead but I love them! Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪
Endangered Encounter
Endangered Encounter 3 månader sedan
You should go to England to find the European viper
43ShaDey 3 månader sedan
Is that a mister system in the eyelash vipers tank?
Think unthoughtful thoughts
Think unthoughtful thoughts 3 månader sedan
I always imagine being smashed in the face with a whole chicken when you hit them in the head with the food to make them strike😂
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