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Chandler's Wild Life

3 månader sedan

Charlie Prevost
Charlie Prevost 2 månader sedan
Where did you get the bins for you alligators, crocodiles, and caimans?
Bmadsen287 3 månader sedan
What happened to the baby snaping turtle
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 3 månader sedan
Automatic like
Dominic’s Wild life
Dominic’s Wild life 3 månader sedan
Where did you get Bruce the Broad snouted Caiman
Lil Freddy Padilla
Lil Freddy Padilla 3 månader sedan
The fact he has so much creativity for making a perfect intro for each video this intro has cracked me up soo much I was dying of laughter and I love it. "naja kaouthia"
Matt Gosling
Matt Gosling 3 månader sedan
Did he say monocle cobra is more venomous than king cobra??
CJ Maldonado
CJ Maldonado 3 månader sedan
Is it weird that I have an overwhelming urge to start yelling "naja kaouthia" right about now?
Ethan Dankert
Ethan Dankert 3 månader sedan
我是鳄先生 3 månader sedan
I like pets, I also have crocodiles, please follow me
Bill Denny
Bill Denny 3 månader sedan
So strange how some snakes always eat rear first. I had an Argentinian Rainbow boa that ALWAYS did this! Who knows why
Daniel McAninch
Daniel McAninch 3 månader sedan
Gotta question, how are you maintaining the ability to feed all your animals? Surely it gets expensive with how much food you need to get, right?
Stuart White
Stuart White 3 månader sedan
I thought Justina was defensive. Man, King Tutt takes that mantle
luckyd11 3 månader sedan
PLEASE ! Chandler, quit on the useless yelling at the beginning of your videos ... When wearing a headset, this is actually hurting the ear drums. Generally, I love your videos, but the yelling, I DISLIKE. Period. Hey viewers, if you agree with this , make it clear ...
Sarah 3 månader sedan
7:00 lol Big Bertha tryna plan her escape
rahil Kharbanda
rahil Kharbanda 3 månader sedan
feed them living mouse . we wanna see them hunt
jonathan doak
jonathan doak 3 månader sedan
where is kevth?
Robert Rastello
Robert Rastello 3 månader sedan
do a video with the blue vipers and thanos
Qclub_4 *
Qclub_4 * 3 månader sedan
where did you get that vivariums?
Javon Tucker
Javon Tucker 3 månader sedan
Where’s Kevin
Sawyer Bowers
Sawyer Bowers 3 månader sedan
i love snakes
Ulises Fernando Avila Cardona
Ulises Fernando Avila Cardona 3 månader sedan
Espectacular ! Chandler
Guille Martinez
Guille Martinez 3 månader sedan
can/why dont you feed live prey?
daniel lopez
daniel lopez 3 månader sedan
Where u get your feeding tongs from??
South Texas Survival
South Texas Survival 3 månader sedan
Man I watch a video like this and it makes me glad all I have to worry about are the rattle snakes copper heads water moccasins gators Black widows and brown recluses
Zac G
Zac G 3 månader sedan
Chandler, sometimes I wonder about you....
Olle Skog
Olle Skog 3 månader sedan
I'm not a snake man. I have no problem with them but will probably never get one as a pet. That being said, those baby green anacondas are truly gorgeous creatures and I really enjoy watching these videos.
ST S 3 månader sedan
Your hair and sideburns makes this like watching a younger, cheerier and excitable Wolverine feed a bunch of reptiles---and it is a delight.
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 3 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, ever thought of getting a Horned European Viper? Theyre the deadliest snake in my country and they look really fascinating 😄 love your videos btw keep it up 🙌
CharlieKeen00_YT 3 månader sedan
I think Chandler is going off his rocker completely 😂 where’s the straitjacket at 🤣🤣
Shush I Fum
Shush I Fum 3 månader sedan
Not being mean, just curious but why are the cobras in such a small enclosure?
Mathew Hepple
Mathew Hepple 3 månader sedan
CHICKENSTRIPS COD Mobile 3 månader sedan
Why did you make the Fred video private?
La conquistadors E explora
La conquistadors E explora 3 månader sedan
I wonder how chandlers grandpa is doing. Haven’t seen him in a long time
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 3 månader sedan
Stay Gangster? Seriously? Do you think we are Gangsters? Do you think YOU'RE a gangster? Oh darlin' let me tell you something.....there is not 1 single cell in your body that says "Gangster"!!! Not one.
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 3 månader sedan
I know you're loving to watch her eat..but in this video I can only see the rats little feet hanging out of her mouth.😥
jacob huggins
jacob huggins 3 månader sedan
would NOT wanna get bit by those puff adder fangs
ghastly ghost
ghastly ghost 3 månader sedan
Is it strange that I find the monster snakes less menacing when they're eating and kind of cute in their own little twisty armless and legless way
Ven Mynxce
Ven Mynxce 3 månader sedan
So when is snake injected venom into its food, how come it doesn't envonmate itself???
Precious konang Sawai
Precious konang Sawai 3 månader sedan
Africa isn't all that hostile I'm from Africa
It'sBrittany56 3 månader sedan
Chandler you need some more social interactions 😂
Natalia Rivera
Natalia Rivera 3 månader sedan
So crazy how different the anacondas eat compared to the cobras, I love it and i cant wait for them to start eating bigger foods✌❤
Shujaat Esufali
Shujaat Esufali 3 månader sedan
When king tut ate, it looked like some of the bark stuff went in, do they digest that or what’s the go?
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner 3 månader sedan
Is chandler the secret love child of Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic ?
Buddy Mills
Buddy Mills 3 månader sedan
Love your passion for your animals
VS Exotics
VS Exotics 3 månader sedan
You inspired me to own a purple spotted viper
c c
c c 3 månader sedan
Have u ever messed with a green basilisk lizard before
Christopher Maurin
Christopher Maurin 3 månader sedan
Why don’t you feed live animals? Just wondering.
Big Skrimp
Big Skrimp 3 månader sedan
“Five to six feet long. Beast of a snake.” Kevin: “Excuse me sir. I am the beast.”
Dap P
Dap P 3 månader sedan
Hey chandler? Would you be interested in going to South Africa and hang out with dingo and black mambas? He has two kings the same size as Kevin and his enclosures for them are HUGE!!!! 30ft wise by 5-6
BoilerBloodline 3 månader sedan
Let’s give Honey Badger his proper due and a few more views toward 100 million. Honey Badger don’t give a sepost.info/dev/video/lqWd3KyFmWq8y8s.html
jose gomez
jose gomez 3 månader sedan
You are big clown hi from Jacksonville Florida Jose gomez
mort8652 Abeahamsen
mort8652 Abeahamsen 3 månader sedan
I Got Four letters that Tells a lot of Chandler: A.D.H.D Its Nice to see a person so happy in every video him and Ruth films :D
aditya sachdev
aditya sachdev 3 månader sedan
Chandler - handling snake snake- moves chandler - relax relax yes u can her this comment
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 3 månader sedan
speaking of justin did you ever tell him to start making videos again
Cracked Rex12
Cracked Rex12 3 månader sedan
My 2 month old bearded dragon died your the only one who keeps me from griefing
Jeff Stiles
Jeff Stiles 3 månader sedan
Chandler if you can ever put together any kind of budget id love to come down and help build that reptile room out with custom enclosures and make it more presentable for the public coming in and out..... The more of an attraction that room looks instead of looking like a reptile room in a house the more people will wanna flock to see you guys! Anything to help get the word out on conservation and respecting reptiles in general im in! Seriously if we could make it work to spend a week down there id live to
Kaleesha Short
Kaleesha Short 3 månader sedan
we want our vision cages for our laceys bruh.
Laura 3 månader sedan
Are venomous snakes born venomous or is it something they develop as they grow?
Christian Brown
Christian Brown 3 månader sedan
Have you ever considered getting a Lancehead? I haven't seen anyone have one. I know the Goldens are illegal but the common ones are still cool
The Kirk Caldwell
The Kirk Caldwell 3 månader sedan
Might be a stupid question but I know you need a permit for venomous reptile but do you need a special permit to breed venomous reptiles ?
Tenzin Yougyal
Tenzin Yougyal 3 månader sedan
White people has anger issue😂😂😂😂
Mortiferum Plantae
Mortiferum Plantae 3 månader sedan
Chandler how many rat pups do you feed Bruce the Caiman latirostris per week? I have a Caiman crocodilus about the same size as Bruce. Right now I only feed him shrimps and sometimes little strips of tilapia or chicken dusted with calcium.
Faschy Goy
Faschy Goy 3 månader sedan
Jesus Man are you injecting drugs? Your crazyer in each new video
M Samson
M Samson 3 månader sedan
Have you tried obtaining snake hybrids as ligers are produced with male lion and female tiger?
Kiriko Fukuyama
Kiriko Fukuyama 3 månader sedan
Good to hear at least a little news from Justin💐Am I the only one who misses him? Chandler knows what we need every day! Thank you ,and fearless Ruth🐍🥰❤️of course!
Stephen W
Stephen W 3 månader sedan
How come no one has a forest cobra 🥴🥴
Joe Harris
Joe Harris 3 månader sedan
Chandler I think you need a haircut
Dark Lake
Dark Lake 3 månader sedan
King Tut just wants to give you kisses ❤
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza 3 månader sedan
If Chandler ever told me don't move in a situation like that I'd probably panic, drop the camera and run 😂
Finny Peg
Finny Peg 3 månader sedan
hey chandler , what happened to the one blue solaris?
Kurtis Taddey
Kurtis Taddey 3 månader sedan
Your crazy but in a good way
Shawn Cook
Shawn Cook 3 månader sedan
Please get a hair cut
Duane Cottam
Duane Cottam 3 månader sedan
Love the chanel first thing I look for after working nightshift would love to see all the different animals you have apart from snakes crocs and lizards.
Amy Rose
Amy Rose 3 månader sedan
What the actual hell was that intro and how do I get more?
xCGx gunner26
xCGx gunner26 3 månader sedan
I think you should show Kevin off more often
Master Skywalker
Master Skywalker 3 månader sedan
20:52 I guess you can say they are.........stuffed adders
Aceyawesome 3 månader sedan
how are anacondas able to swallow underwater?
juriaan13 3 månader sedan
The hold there breath
Darren Murphy
Darren Murphy 3 månader sedan
Your videos are no good for my high blood pressure...keep it up 🤘🤙
christopher hahn
christopher hahn 3 månader sedan
How are the blue vipers doing?
carson garnett
carson garnett 3 månader sedan
King tut is the most wired kobra I’ve seen holy moly
PJ Jimenez
PJ Jimenez 3 månader sedan
Has anyone else noticed how buff Quarantine has made Chandler. No just me. Okay? Lol
TickleMyTombstone 3 månader sedan
I love reptiles. It's not a common thought for ladies to love reptiles, but cobras are super cute!
Aidan Davis
Aidan Davis 3 månader sedan
What happened to the Blue Insularis
Kyle Foster
Kyle Foster 3 månader sedan
Does he still have those two little blue snakes?
Landon spence
Landon spence 3 månader sedan
Emily Young
Emily Young 3 månader sedan
Chandlers looking like a snack...literally and figuratively lol
Black Suited Spider-Man
Black Suited Spider-Man 3 månader sedan
AshleyLi 3 månader sedan
He's slowly becoming an australopithecus.
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson 3 månader sedan
Id loveto hear you and Dingo discuss "aggressive snakes" seeing as he believes some snakes are simply aggressive
Squarevenus08 3 månader sedan
Who would love it if Chandler had a zoo
Abdullah Ameen
Abdullah Ameen 3 månader sedan
Have you ever seen venom centrals youtube channel? He has ALOT of bushmaster he breeds every year but he says he keeps all of them cause he loves them so much and they are so hard to get in the trade.
Experiment-X 3 månader sedan
Hey Parker
Sean Conroy
Sean Conroy 3 månader sedan
This man needs some serious help 😂 I think quarantine has taken a toll on him 😂. Love your videos man!
Shadow’s_GraveYard 3 månader sedan
Are you feeding them baby rats?
James Cordill
James Cordill 3 månader sedan
Chandler I think you need to make a shirt with Naja kaouthia
Marc 3 månader sedan
Chandler.....very educational and entertaining........slightly unhinged and funny af🤣🤣🤟
Brentor14 3 månader sedan
Where’s thanos been ?
PackerRhino 18
PackerRhino 18 3 månader sedan
Wow entertaining is Chandlers middle name 👌👍😊
Brandon Rich
Brandon Rich 3 månader sedan
Honey badger don’t care! 😂🤣 one of the funniest SEpost videos!
Jack costley
Jack costley 3 månader sedan
I do really love your content man I never miss a video , keep up the good work bro
Mike Crisp
Mike Crisp 3 månader sedan
Everyone says he needs a haircut... Nah let it grow until he's got a massive pony tail. True wildman lol.
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