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Chandler's Wild Life

4 månader sedan

ThatOneGuy93 2 månader sedan
I have a question that I wonder everytime I see a feeding video. So like I know that you can't do live feedings on youtube but does feeding them dead animals and them injecting it with venom does that hurt them? Or is it a waste of venom at all? Love your channel!
King Frenzy
King Frenzy 3 månader sedan
Name of outro music?
jennifer anne
jennifer anne 3 månader sedan
senor pepe looks like a grumpy old man, hahaha i can't with him :P "get off my lawn"
Shiloh Lampkin
Shiloh Lampkin 4 månader sedan
What was that first snake called? I missed it.
Amanda Cole
Amanda Cole 4 månader sedan
eXplorer 4 månader sedan
Nice vid!
1-2 didgeridoo
1-2 didgeridoo 4 månader sedan
Bruh was that a puff adder under the collets snake
Levitation Legend
Levitation Legend 4 månader sedan
So your telling me that if I don't like the taste of something, I won't taste it any more after being bitten. Hmmmmm...😈
Harshal Panda
Harshal Panda 4 månader sedan
can u do a feeding with live food maybe?
Dark Lake
Dark Lake 4 månader sedan
We'll never Didgeridon't 🤣
Daan Bezemer
Daan Bezemer 4 månader sedan
what kind of snake can i have to begin with non venomous snake's
Steve Lender
Steve Lender 4 månader sedan
Collette is beautiful i love gahoon
Trin 4 månader sedan
So this is what yung gravy does in his free time
Kristian Ogden
Kristian Ogden 4 månader sedan
You know I ain't got nothing to say besides you a great guy your a guy that I would hang with maybe one day I can meet you I also live in Florida
Ysaac Snake
Ysaac Snake 4 månader sedan
hello chandler, greetings from México, Yucatan. I want to ask you if you have been bitten by a venom snake and which one has it been? and also know which non-poisonous bite you consider the most painful.
nicky88W 4 månader sedan
where is pinky?
Dillon Workman
Dillon Workman 4 månader sedan
Chandler I had a question so when a venomous snake eats its prey does it also digest the venom
Lothar Saguach
Lothar Saguach 4 månader sedan
What are your thought on feeding snakes live animals
Straw Penguin
Straw Penguin 4 månader sedan
why is it that the mexican west coast rattle shake has ball point eyes? i thought that was kinda cool
Abdul Rizky
Abdul Rizky 4 månader sedan
love the beautiful dangerous snakes sepost.info/dev/video/14q8ptOQfIqotpg.html check this out when i feed my snake
Vincent Phinney
Vincent Phinney 4 månader sedan
Cut your hair
Angel Stanley
Angel Stanley 4 månader sedan
Señor is Bad ass rattlesnake!
Angel Stanley
Angel Stanley 4 månader sedan
Meatball is gorgeous, love the pattern on him!
Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer 4 månader sedan
Random question, did he take the eel out of the turtle tank??
Aaron Neville
Aaron Neville 4 månader sedan
What's the name of the 1st snake u fed?
Hoptoit 4 månader sedan
Yeah, you keep on playing that dige Chandler 👍
popping smoking
popping smoking 4 månader sedan
Where's Kevin....
damian marti
damian marti 4 månader sedan
Would you ever get a black mamba ?
Cass Virgillo
Cass Virgillo 4 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, Awesome channel! I saw your Black Mamba, Dingo, on Dingo's latest live video. One not to be taken lightly, their at the tippy top of the A list, Tallahassee from Zombie Land. Take care, best, C.
Goldfang Reptiles
Goldfang Reptiles 4 månader sedan
Love hearing that classic jungle music 😂
Hunter Armitage
Hunter Armitage 4 månader sedan
I can’t wait for my west coast Mexican rattlesnake to get that big
master crew
master crew 4 månader sedan
I love snakes there interesting and awsome
unit900000 4 månader sedan
0:36 I think that might be the same snake or maybe the same or related species of snake that I saw on another video that struck so fast you couldn't tell it missed at first and it did it again its amazing how fast they are.
Satan's Trilogy
Satan's Trilogy 4 månader sedan
master crew
master crew 4 månader sedan
That video was so cool and informational
Akalemak M
Akalemak M 4 månader sedan
I love the Gabón rhino Viper, really beautifull snake😍
ekis 003
ekis 003 4 månader sedan
My but does not feel save in bathroom
DontFeedTheTroll 4 månader sedan
Hi chandler. My brother has a boa constrictor and I believe his cage is way to small and it’s an open top enclosure. I’m wondering what you would recommend. He’s 7 feet
B wade
B wade 4 månader sedan
Love your fucking videos
abdullah choudhry
abdullah choudhry 4 månader sedan
Why you no say le spicy meatballs anymore
larry r
larry r 4 månader sedan
Great video as always! Thank you! Now I want to mention Brian Barczyk. His vlogs was what really cemented me loving reptiles and gave me the opportunity to discover you which I will be forever grateful for. Not only was his love for reptiles that I loved I saw what a genuine, caring, selfless and all around good person Brian is. As of recent in his podcast and his latest vlog he’s not doing to well. It hurts me a great deal because seeing him battling with anxiety is like literally looking at myself. If you look at his eyes you can tell. Please reach out to him and let him know you are there for him. Maybe gather up many of his good friends and surprise him by showing up at the Reptarium or putting out a vlog praising or something but he needs you. I’m sure you all have probably reached out to him already but personally I think if he has you around him for a bit it would probably help a great deal. Thank you and love you for all you do!
mystical fire dragon gamers
mystical fire dragon gamers 4 månader sedan
Small SEpostr trying to get big
master crew
master crew 4 månader sedan
Awsome snake feeding chandler rare species
Fatih Köhserli
Fatih Köhserli 4 månader sedan
Do you know Wagner's viper?
david anguiano
david anguiano 4 månader sedan
Dude you need a haircut quarantine got you looking ruff aha love the videos man!
Kurtis Brierley
Kurtis Brierley 4 månader sedan
Hey meatball gang here. Can we get yours and Tyler's merch in the UK? We're both huge fans and hope next year we'll come visit the outpost amd bump into you
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 4 månader sedan
Oh my goodness, your video footage was awesome...everyone is so healthy and colourful...its just amazing looking into their eye, you can see the pupils dilate...just incredible...
Tareef Ali
Tareef Ali 4 månader sedan
Izzy millar
Izzy millar 4 månader sedan
Wow awsome feeding on those snakes.
Arjun Jain
Arjun Jain 4 månader sedan
The amount of respect i have for your work is beyond anything. Subscribed!
Reef Busters
Reef Busters 4 månader sedan
Anybody know wot brand tanks they are
James Walker
James Walker 4 månader sedan
Chandler that gaboon/rhino is a beast 👌 and so is the hair doo getting wild brother lol 👍
_flo _
_flo _ 4 månader sedan
Is that a dirt atop the right nostril or could this be a parasite ? 8:16
Reptiles & Rodents
Reptiles & Rodents 4 månader sedan
Bro your snakes go ass to mouth guess it is pretty wild out there lol. You guys have a great week.
MIKEY THE BIKEY 4 månader sedan
Somedays I wish I was american so I could shoot guns and keeps venomous snakes :( Here in Tasmania we cant even keep shrimp fml
BESHY’S BEE’S 4 månader sedan
Fukn Ben n Jerry’s is the bombdiggiddy
Happy Meitei
Happy Meitei 4 månader sedan
May I know the name of the song played by the end of the video?
Tonelock 4 månader sedan
Go get a haircut man😂
MrWestman73 4 månader sedan
Can Bitis feel het?
Priyanka 4 månader sedan
Do you have anti- venom with you ??
steven wolf
steven wolf 4 månader sedan
So is the gaboon hybrid have longer fangs than both of its parents or is it the same length ?
Noah Kwamanakweenda
Noah Kwamanakweenda 4 månader sedan
Have you ever thought about killing the rats/mice right before you feed them to your snakes?
Mandy 4 månader sedan
He does most times. Buys frozen & thaws.
Theherpingkid 4 månader sedan
Absolutely LOVE catching African vipers! I don't get lots of call outs for em, but it is an awesome moment when someone tells me they've got a Puff Adder or something 🐍
Matthew Griffin
Matthew Griffin 4 månader sedan
You always Digory do you but when it comes to asking why you digory don’t lol and sorry about the spelling lol
jj Trevino
jj Trevino 4 månader sedan
@6.52 if you pay very good attention do you see the mite crawl across the Gabon vipers eye or is it just me @Chandler
Ganesh Shinde
Ganesh Shinde 4 månader sedan
Which background music you use i.e jungle music ,pleasee mention background music credits
Effect Phoenix
Effect Phoenix 4 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, I have been looking for a guide of the snakes sorted by venom but I can't find any scale or list from who's the most dangerous to the least dangerous. For exemple for spicy stuff there is the Scoville scale. I can't find such thing for snakes. Would you mind make a video about that just explaining let's say a TOP 20 most dangerous snakes ?? I would love it, please guys like if you want it too
Aryan Sabre
Aryan Sabre 4 månader sedan
I like your hybrid a lovely snake except it gets to thick
Chris Yepez
Chris Yepez 4 månader sedan
Sadly I don't have a snake currently but I'm in the slow process of helping a lizard from a species that I'm not sure about currently. And I was wondering if there's any advice I can take to help the lizard make a full recovery
Experiment Tools skills
Experiment Tools skills 4 månader sedan
Miriam köhler
Miriam köhler 4 månader sedan
have you got a corn snake?
Hoshyar Karimi
Hoshyar Karimi 4 månader sedan
Oo I love snakes They are the best reptiles in the world I have one of my own
Ulises E
Ulises E 4 månader sedan
Lol youve been in such a goofy mood in the last couple vids. "Stay gangsta!"...lol ik different video but referring to that and this. I like it..kinda new to the channel but ive binge watched alot of your vids. Way better than "Dingo".
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 4 månader sedan
You never go ass to mouth
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 4 månader sedan
Its hilarious when snakes try to bite the reflection of the food
Jeremias Riedel
Jeremias Riedel 4 månader sedan
I think we all agree you should have a discovery channel show. Or Netflix. Like the one Steve Irwin had. Send you all over the world looking for animals.
Moraya Walls
Moraya Walls 4 månader sedan
Why do snakes always look pissed?? Like if they could growl they would lol
Erica Thomsen
Erica Thomsen 4 månader sedan
Can you show the gabino's shed?
Tyler Bob
Tyler Bob 4 månader sedan
Too THICC too quick. I felt that. I’ll lay off the donuts chandler.
Lisa-marie McLeod
Lisa-marie McLeod 4 månader sedan
Great camera work, thanks for the close ups, i had never seen Gambino up close, he is a beautiful snake. I watch every single video you do , love to see how the "gang" are progressing.
Shibby Marley
Shibby Marley 4 månader sedan
Gabino not gambino
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis 4 månader sedan
I think you meant "for a man" when you said "mammal" Chandler, as rats and mice are also mammals.
Taf R
Taf R 4 månader sedan
Chandler, we know all snakes are your favorite snakes in the world 😋
Jack W
Jack W 4 månader sedan
Don't know if you'll see this but do you have to have (or at least just cause for obvious reasons) anti-venom where you house these snakes? I mean, top 20 venomous snakes sounds pretty terrifying if bit and you don't have anti-venom on hand.
MrJose thegreat25
MrJose thegreat25 4 månader sedan
Hey chandler what happened to your baby blue vipers?
Leo Terry
Leo Terry 4 månader sedan
That Fly River turtle tank is looking fintastic!
thisguy177 4 månader sedan
hey Chandler what happened to your timber rattlers? didnt you have 2 before? miss seeing them. 🐍🐍
Lois Blais
Lois Blais 4 månader sedan
Great photography !! Such beautiful creatures.
Chilled Peekzs
Chilled Peekzs 4 månader sedan
Were still waiting for your girlfriends face reveal for your 1 million subscriber special.
Andrew Christopher Powell
Andrew Christopher Powell 4 månader sedan
Love the camera work!! Some of those shots put Hollywood to shame. Great stuff, please keep it up. Love your content my G!!
InnannasRainbow 4 månader sedan
Do they ever break a fang when they bite the tongs? Get Meatball a mate and call her 'Spicy'.
KaaSerpent 4 månader sedan
Do you warm the "prey" up to "normal" body temperature for them, or what? I know some of them have heat sensors, but I have wondered how you get them to eat pre-killed prey.
Abdul Yousafzai
Abdul Yousafzai 4 månader sedan
guys u know y he has that warning page saying do not repeat this well I tried to act like a wildlife expert and found a garter snake in my backyard but my DAD was outside and saw me holding the garter snake and....... killed the poor garter snake RIP garter snake unknown-2020
Alex Rauff
Alex Rauff 4 månader sedan
that mexican rattle one is a big giant
Randi Marshall
Randi Marshall 4 månader sedan
The snakes just seem to like thiccc and juicy booties.
Fernanda Garza
Fernanda Garza 4 månader sedan
Can we see an update on the baby blue vipers
Cory H
Cory H 4 månader sedan
ur gonna get bit dude. but please dont. ziggy is gonna grow up and eat you but not really. god dammit be safe chandler!
Santoso Pray
Santoso Pray 4 månader sedan
Hi chandler ,check out this vid from one of our reptile lover in Indonesia sepost.info/dev/video/rYHQnq97aJzKk7U.html
Quick Dubbs
Quick Dubbs 4 månader sedan
Ziggy, grew BIG 💯
Daniel Dimino
Daniel Dimino 4 månader sedan
More Jade and much more Kevin por favor....PLEEEEEASE
Daniel Dimino
Daniel Dimino 4 månader sedan
I love the Gaboon and the cool little spike on his head....I wonder if they used it to ram other snakes if they fight or something like that
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