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Chandler's Wild Life

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Maria Pulvera
Maria Pulvera 2 dagar sedan
Watching here from Philippines and I love your channel😘😍more power to ur channel
Buddha AF
Buddha AF 4 dagar sedan
the turtle in the water was just chillen enjoying his day until a huge man jumps in the water and creates a tsunami for the turtle
Sara 7 dagar sedan
I'm surprised you didn't sink with those steal balls of yours.
Michael Bortle
Michael Bortle 7 dagar sedan
that is one special to catch an gator
Rei 8 dagar sedan
Reminded me of Ace Ventura 💀😂
tigeris the tigerhog
tigeris the tigerhog 8 dagar sedan
I love when you're showing the tiger the female lion and the white tiger
thisguy177 8 dagar sedan
steve irwin wouod be proud. your a good guy chandler. dont ever change....🙏😎
MullBerryMouse MB
MullBerryMouse MB 8 dagar sedan
Who else feels like the turtle who got flipped (i laughed so hard when i noticed it btw) Also that was really sweet there, good aim.
Eric Lummus
Eric Lummus 8 dagar sedan
Chandler is bulking up!
High Mike
High Mike 10 dagar sedan
Uhmmm how do you walk with such big damn balls???
Lauren Soucy
Lauren Soucy 10 dagar sedan
That's the calmest, most peaceful Canada goose I've ever seen! 😂
Hassan Rosé
Hassan Rosé 10 dagar sedan
Chandler 👨 :jumps Onto the gator Gator 🐊:Oh shit I’m fucked Turtle 🐢: Does ninja flips 😂😂😂 ah such wholesome content Man U need disappoint us, by the way I’m here from the time chandler made his channel ,love from UK
Alysha Benner
Alysha Benner 11 dagar sedan
I love when he's cleaning the pipe near the end and you hear everyone laughing at Chandlers antics.
Shaina Mae Tabor
Shaina Mae Tabor 15 dagar sedan
Well Chandler you poked her in the uhhhh thing so the slaps were expected LMAO
Scott Richmond
Scott Richmond 17 dagar sedan
Valiant effort, Chandler!
Tammy Moor
Tammy Moor 18 dagar sedan
Look at you getting all fit and stuff!! 😜
Ashley Cary
Ashley Cary 19 dagar sedan
*dives into a pond of alligators with no hesitation* gotta watch out for those turtles!
Shortzy 19 dagar sedan
Any updates??
Aaron Spencer
Aaron Spencer 19 dagar sedan
Why has the Chanel died?
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 20 dagar sedan
Side note Chandler is getting more and more buff by the video DAMN man, but keep up the great work my dude. Your content is amazing and very educational.
Kez Russell
Kez Russell 21 dag sedan
How is the gator?? Any idea what was wrong with it??
Amy T
Amy T 22 dagar sedan
Someone looks like he’s been working out a lot. 😍😍😍😍
Vivek Vairagade
Vivek Vairagade 22 dagar sedan
You are so amazing
Cieoni Florez
Cieoni Florez 25 dagar sedan
I hate to say but this video awakened something inside of me, uh ..... Chandler , I am looking, respectfully of course
Blake Quann
Blake Quann 25 dagar sedan
Just fingered the gator 🤣🤣🤣
Chris p
Chris p 25 dagar sedan
That was hilarious when u jumped into the water
Karin Maka
Karin Maka 26 dagar sedan
0:54 I see you learned a few things from our good ol' Steve Irwin
HackzYT 26 dagar sedan
4:20 Bruh thats a leap of faith 😂🤣
Jordan Callahan
Jordan Callahan 26 dagar sedan
Notice me Chandler Senpai
Alex Friedman
Alex Friedman 26 dagar sedan
be good to your food service people and wear a mask when you roll through drive through bro
leng 26 dagar sedan
dude jumped into the water to catch the gator and then put his finger inside the gators vv to check its gender wow what a chad
IFL IFL 27 dagar sedan
Chandler I lover you...😍😍
Ed David
Ed David 27 dagar sedan
So what happened?
Alex Brannon
Alex Brannon 27 dagar sedan
3 days and no update... I am dying to know what's causing the bloating for that poor gator!
Yo Bumm
Yo Bumm 28 dagar sedan
4:31 that turtle has no idea wtf is going on 😂😂
Nikola Lutov
Nikola Lutov 28 dagar sedan
"Florida man fingers a gator" would be the appropriate name of this video, mate...
Chris Nabbefeld
Chris Nabbefeld 28 dagar sedan
@Chandlers Wild Life you should do a quick walk through of Mccarthys facility Keep up with the good work!
Lion Evercrest
Lion Evercrest 28 dagar sedan
chandler can catch me up any day :P nothing hotter than a handsome man jumping on a gator lol
Harry Milner
Harry Milner 28 dagar sedan
Chandler are you sure your real name is not Mick Dundee haha
Marcos Mello
Marcos Mello 28 dagar sedan
did you just molest that gator?
Joseph Zietz
Joseph Zietz 29 dagar sedan
Can we talk about how the dude in the window looked absolutely Jacked?
Kimmy Dunlap
Kimmy Dunlap 29 dagar sedan
Chandler you look like you have been working out!!!
Russ Con
Russ Con 29 dagar sedan
Did he.... lose his sunnies when he jumped in? 🤔
Marley Marz
Marley Marz 29 dagar sedan
Chandler is my new SEpost boyfriend 😍🥰
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 29 dagar sedan
Snapping turtles hey...everyone has their fears...very brave...
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh 29 dagar sedan
Chandler is looking swol
sandramorrison99 29 dagar sedan
If if something pokes you back out you have a boy
little moonlight fury
little moonlight fury 29 dagar sedan
Lol the turtle doing a flip when chandler jumps the alligator
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 29 dagar sedan
Holy crap ! It seems like just yesterday chandler was a baby faced young man and now all the sudden he’s just all man lol! Our little chandler is all grown up.
Hope Kasecamp
Hope Kasecamp 29 dagar sedan
Boy that’s the first time I’ve seen someone do that before pretty brave relying on blind faith there
Trey Beck
Trey Beck 29 dagar sedan
Chandler is a ANIMAL man!!!!
PorkyFiend 29 dagar sedan
I think when he dove for the gator he flipped a turtle in the water lol
Franci Ramirez
Franci Ramirez 29 dagar sedan
Chandler of the jungle strikes again. 🐊
Bailey Green
Bailey Green 29 dagar sedan
She smacked the shit out yah😂
googoo for gaga
googoo for gaga 29 dagar sedan
My god this man is a snack! 😛❤
SLAY 503
SLAY 503 29 dagar sedan
4:22 🤣 Yellow belly turtle flips, when Chandler jumped in!😂🤣
Devavrat Mehta
Devavrat Mehta 29 dagar sedan
You’re a genius bro!
Devavrat Mehta
Devavrat Mehta 29 dagar sedan
You’re a genius bro!
Alex Ferreira
Alex Ferreira 29 dagar sedan
u jumped on the gator like it was a toy lol.its cool u extend the olive branch and help those that need it.shows u have character and compassion
Brian Tumlinson
Brian Tumlinson 29 dagar sedan
Man I love your message and your program bro stay fresh Chandler
J A Y D E E 29 dagar sedan
I just saw a man jump on top of a god dam alligator........subscribed
Black River
Black River 29 dagar sedan
Sir, do you have an IG account I have something to tell you . Concern about our endangered species here.
xRx Gaming
xRx Gaming 29 dagar sedan
I've watched every vid since 100k subs
Demonrose64 29 dagar sedan
Chandler just dives off the dock onto the gator, damn
Carl 29 dagar sedan
off your head or bat shit crazy
DankDoodleMemes4Life 29 dagar sedan
Not everyday you see a guy literally dive off a pier and grab a gator
lamreal Månad sedan
That leap was majestic bro, hope the aligator is okay
Faust Von Barley
Faust Von Barley Månad sedan
Excuse my french, but he looks like a purse.
Nancy Price
Nancy Price Månad sedan
Wow the way how he jumped in the water 😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😱😱😱😱😱
Hannah Dobroski
Hannah Dobroski Månad sedan
Most channels I can watch whenever, but this one... best seen right after waking up. The adrenaline shot from utter terror for Chandler is about 2 cups of coffee in my experience
Miguel Robles
Miguel Robles Månad sedan
Where’s the “stay gangster “ I missed those
That Starbucks guy gave 0 Fs 😂
Nina Vanilla
Nina Vanilla Månad sedan
i need that stress puppet chandler has at 2:09
Justin Dodson
Justin Dodson Månad sedan
You’re awesome! You found yet another way to scare my wife! We’re in Georgia and would love to get down there to visit sometime. Love you man! Stay safe
Trump My Love
Trump My Love Månad sedan
I will vote for lord Donald Trump again and guess what liberals? He will win again
Damon Chaplin
Damon Chaplin Månad sedan
Stupid question did Tyler do yout Tat's?
Jenia Alh
Jenia Alh Månad sedan
Poor girl smb jumped over her and then put his fingers into her private places
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar Månad sedan
crazy Andy energy
Cassandra Todhunter
Cassandra Todhunter Månad sedan
I'd slap ya too if you fondled me without atleast 1 date jeez lol
Katherine Gonzalez
Katherine Gonzalez Månad sedan
I don’t mind the Tarzan vibes these days
Boru06 Månad sedan
He got a slap in the face for fingering without askin.
CJ Maldonado
CJ Maldonado Månad sedan
I could've sworn I heard Steve Irwin shout Crikey!! multiple times during this video.
Jill Higgins
Jill Higgins Månad sedan
Chandler can i just say this not only are you gorgeous and that hair omg, you really are an amazing person. Any girl would be so lucky to have you. Unless you do have a gf either way shes lucky. I respect so much with what you do and I have so much respect for what you do for these animals. I love this channel!!! 💋🐊🐊🐍🐍🐢🦎
Flxckie Månad sedan
Just leaps in.. Insane
Janneke Stratmann
Janneke Stratmann Månad sedan
Where will you post an update about the gator? in a vid or maybe the community tab?
Daniel thomas
Daniel thomas Månad sedan
I'm sorry but, he fingered a crock..... 😂😂😂
Pierre rk
Pierre rk Månad sedan
you lift like i can see :)
Michael Calero
Michael Calero Månad sedan
Theresa Nessralla
Theresa Nessralla Månad sedan
Wow! That was epic!
joram chua
joram chua Månad sedan
Chandler inside his facility : cap on Chandler OUTSIDE his facility : cap off
Mary J.
Mary J. Månad sedan
I have so much respect for you and your love of reptiles. You are so amazing. Keep on rescuing animals.
Doug Clarke
Doug Clarke Månad sedan
Chandler is gettin' diesel during this pandemic eh?💪💪 Me: During pandemic, I got the "Covid 19".. not the virus but 19 extra pounds 😂😂
Daniel Casal
Daniel Casal Månad sedan
The first reptile I ever got was a green anole and it was a year or 2 old and I only had it for a month or so. But this will not make me give up of reptiles. this makes me want to help them more.
norberto lumibao
norberto lumibao Månad sedan
nice bro...
Daniel Casal
Daniel Casal Månad sedan
When I get my own place i will get my own snake but I do not know what to get. For a first time snake.
Ano Nym
Ano Nym Månad sedan
Chandler jumps in - a turtle on his left side just flying away xD
Debie House
Debie House Månad sedan
Dude, you crazy 😜🥰😂
Hanne Howie
Hanne Howie Månad sedan
Forget Chandler's hair, check out those biceps....
New England Modz
New England Modz Månad sedan
Oyy! I’m gonna jam my thumb up it’s a**hole! -South Park and Chandler
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade Månad sedan
This is such an amazing video thank you for sharing your experience i can never get enough ❤
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