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Chandler's Wild Life

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Edyne Månad sedan
You should name her Forrest Gump because she always keeps runnning
wakyn lizabeth
wakyn lizabeth Månad sedan
ive been binge watching all of chandlers videos since yesterday through today
Cory Maddox
Cory Maddox 2 månader sedan
Forest the forest cobra
Hunter Thomas
Hunter Thomas 2 månader sedan
Andrew Conrad
Andrew Conrad 2 månader sedan
Sherwood the forest cobra
Kit Seadon Fu
Kit Seadon Fu 2 månader sedan
You should call him or her poop
Matte Denne
Matte Denne 2 månader sedan
Cleopatra for the name
The Sparked Brain
The Sparked Brain 2 månader sedan
Crazy Legs (like from the movie Don't Be a Menace..) gets my vote for the forrest cobra name. Damn thing tried to envenomate itself, and rises up almost like it has legs and is standing up. That one is definitely one to always be extremely careful with.
eltstoriesandgames 2 månader sedan
Why don't you call it Severus? dark and cranky LOL
Megan Henning
Megan Henning 2 månader sedan
You should name the African Cobra (Africa)
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 2 månader sedan
Never thought Al would part with his collection but then he can come see them an Know they are well cared for. U get that Chinese mocisan
eric campbell
eric campbell 2 månader sedan
RIP Carl
Fabled Yoshi
Fabled Yoshi 2 månader sedan
Name her Elias
Kaylee Coovert
Kaylee Coovert 3 månader sedan
You should name the forest cobra, Forest Gump.
TheSweetmeat100 3 månader sedan
I would name the forest cobra Shiba seems appropriate!
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 3 månader sedan
Automatic like
Hanish Kumar
Hanish Kumar 3 månader sedan
When will you are getting a Inland Taipen?
Larry finer
Larry finer 3 månader sedan
wondering if when the camera turns off chandler is like damn that mo fo almost got me..
Caleb Dixon
Caleb Dixon 3 månader sedan
i got bit by a king cobra and i luckily survived
Caleb Dixon
Caleb Dixon 3 månader sedan
nice haircut dude
Princess Aly
Princess Aly 3 månader sedan
Aahhahah myyyy name issss Alysonnnnn
Deb LeMay
Deb LeMay 3 månader sedan
you should name it the toey Forrester
Ŧ4m1Ř 3 månader sedan
Irish Thresher
Irish Thresher 3 månader sedan
I wish my snake would leave her skin out for me to collect XD She just balls it up and sits on it
Joshua Clissold
Joshua Clissold 3 månader sedan
Or Bubba,cause he's Forrest's friend.
Joshua Clissold
Joshua Clissold 3 månader sedan
Forests have rivers and bubbling Brooks,so how about River or Brook?
Jay_ Swifty
Jay_ Swifty 3 månader sedan
Can the snake die from biting itself
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 3 månader sedan
Can anyone tell me if asian water monitor lizards are permitted in Florida or if you need a permit for it?
Marie Pindstrup Linde
Marie Pindstrup Linde 3 månader sedan
The only snake I have a name for is Mamba no. 5 = Lou (Bega)
Matt Rose
Matt Rose 3 månader sedan
Forrest cobra name: Lt Dan. Character from Forrest Gump, he was a cranky arse also.
Elimy 3 månader sedan
at 7:38 how tf did you know i fell asleep you woke me up im scared now
THE GRIMM TRUTH 3 månader sedan
Thats bad... But atleast it isnt eating itself like some do...
Taryn Mason
Taryn Mason 3 månader sedan
name her gump
Kristin Linsalata
Kristin Linsalata 3 månader sedan
I think you should name her Shuri . After black panthers sister
Jerome Washington
Jerome Washington 3 månader sedan
Name her Africa, shes african 🤷🏾‍♂️
Attila Barta
Attila Barta 3 månader sedan
Nice videos, welcome from Hungary :)
RobZ 1.8T
RobZ 1.8T 3 månader sedan
@Dingo Dinkelman -
Liz Rose
Liz Rose 3 månader sedan
"She nearly bit my jewels..." 😂😂😂😂
kenny thompson
kenny thompson 3 månader sedan
Was watching a video of this guy Jagad Muda and almost lost my shit. This guy fed a live cobra to his king cobra. Not only that but the way he handles his snake is nuts. What do you think Chandler?
valcan321 3 månader sedan
Kevin: Name him bacon Bacon: What? Why bacon? BACON IS MASTER! Kevin: Yes. get bigger bacon eat well.
A C 3 månader sedan
I love his quirky and weirdness. It’s what makes me continue to come back watching his videos. I love his sense of humor ! Keep being you !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ConspiracyToCommit 3 månader sedan
Hi, obviously we all saw the Forest Cobra nibble on itself for a second. What would happen if it went for a full-on bite with a “Gonna Eat You” volume of venom delivery?
Geoffrey Ogden
Geoffrey Ogden 3 månader sedan
Show us more of the black mamba
Lisa Thymes
Lisa Thymes 3 månader sedan
Name the snake “Africa”
defaultpose 3 månader sedan
Im a bit late, but a black deadly cobra, I cant think of any name other than "Dahlia" after the whole Black Dahlia thing :)
sin 3 månader sedan
How do they not get venomated if they bite themselves or their own kind???
Ninjago weeb nation
Ninjago weeb nation 3 månader sedan
Does he make those sounds when he’s not recording
Doggo uwu
Doggo uwu 3 månader sedan
Lol chandler’s hair looks like esidisi
火車迷3.0 3 månader sedan
我想看king cobra vs black mamba
De Tijgers
De Tijgers 3 månader sedan
You should name him/her Forest
Tom Card
Tom Card 3 månader sedan
Cocaine much ?
TadaStudios 3 månader sedan
Call the cobra sally crappy
GullwingYunie 3 månader sedan
I know its not particularly fitting because of species but what about cleo?
Dr God Complex
Dr God Complex 3 månader sedan
The energy in every video gives my depression a happy dance
buttons&gadgetsdr1 3 månader sedan
Life is hella boring without sound effects bro. :-) sound effects make life more fun and interesting
buttons&gadgetsdr1 3 månader sedan
alice Alice the forest cobra 🐍, yeah, I think she looks like an Alice. :) ...or helga?
buttons&gadgetsdr1 3 månader sedan
Link please? To dingle dinkmans forest cobra ?
David Abeyta
David Abeyta 3 månader sedan
Snakes are not Really all that Smart
Lindworn 3 månader sedan
If you haven’t named the African forest cobra then I’d suggest naming it osa it originates from Africa and is feminine for god like
Rachel & Pixie
Rachel & Pixie 3 månader sedan
Call her Robin Hood (Robin as in a girls name though). 😘
Happy Tapping squad
Happy Tapping squad 3 månader sedan
And you should name your other new cobra besides the forest cobra Sedona she looks like the color of the giant red hill\mountain\rocks there
Happy Tapping squad
Happy Tapping squad 3 månader sedan
You should name your new forest cobra Bark like the forest trees bark idk I just think it suits her color
Romanyfaye 3 månader sedan
I’m super nervous with all the new venomous snakes you are getting. Please be extra extra careful
gmacey83 3 månader sedan
You should name that cobra jet
Tom McCafferty
Tom McCafferty 3 månader sedan
I would name the forest cobra Gregg. After pro football hall of famer, Forrest Gregg. Or Gump, get the picture.
sean bottas
sean bottas 3 månader sedan
Name for her elvira!!!!
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens 3 månader sedan
Would the snake be affected by the bite inflicted by itself ?
Shane Lamer
Shane Lamer 3 månader sedan
You should name the forest cobra Gump. “Forrest Gump”
Dynamosaurus Imperious
Dynamosaurus Imperious 3 månader sedan
I seen plenty of snakes bitting themselves.
Twitchy Squirrelet
Twitchy Squirrelet 3 månader sedan
The Forest Cobras name should be Gump. 😏
Mark Kilpatrick
Mark Kilpatrick 3 månader sedan
Call the Forrest cobra Albert
James Taylor
James Taylor 3 månader sedan
Dude I'm sorry quit acting stupid and tell us about the animal you act so stupid and your not funny at all
NerdySphinx 0552
NerdySphinx 0552 3 månader sedan
Found your channel thanks to Kenan and had to sub, love the ADD energy, the content and mostly your passion for wildlife and conservation! You could call your cobra Nzinga, she was an african queen who ruled by herself for about fourty years. Or you could call her Lilith, also a name with a very long and intersting history.
Melody Silverknight
Melody Silverknight 3 månader sedan
Name the forest cobra okoye
Reece Watson-Smith
Reece Watson-Smith 3 månader sedan
We have those at our house (wild not our pets)
Taylar Ford
Taylar Ford 3 månader sedan
Name her Hazel :)
Gerry K
Gerry K 3 månader sedan
I Know Albert Always Fed His Animals Live Prey !! How is he going to be allowed to keep Anacondas ??
Electric Knipex
Electric Knipex 3 månader sedan
Name here jewels
Electric Knipex
Electric Knipex 3 månader sedan
I have the perfect name for the snake. CHRIS
Michelle Robyn Hillman
Michelle Robyn Hillman 3 månader sedan
Steve Steele
Steve Steele 3 månader sedan
Snakes from other people haven't gotten the Chandler kissing treatment to calm them down eventually like Kevin.
Steve Steele
Steve Steele 3 månader sedan
Subham Debnath
Subham Debnath 3 månader sedan
Maybe after the pandemic is over, you should travel to South Africa and do some collab vids with Dingo. He's also a wonderful handler. Would love to see that :)
Steve Steele
Steve Steele 3 månader sedan
I need to buy you a legit weight for your garbage can
Kevin K
Kevin K 3 månader sedan
BlueCowboy13 3 månader sedan
Sorry I’m just watching this. I’ve been camping and just got back
Parker 3 månader sedan
Thank god for your explanation, we were all enraged and wondering why you hadn’t watched the video in the first 24 hours
Pamela Jackson
Pamela Jackson 3 månader sedan
Chandler, in many animals self biting means stress... Is that true of snakes?
Pam Langille
Pam Langille 3 månader sedan
You should name her midnight
Isaac Muniz
Isaac Muniz 3 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, home these cobras don't spit at you? I remember watching a few Crocodile Hunter episodes when I was a kid and I could of sworn that he always wore protective eye wear when handling cobras because they spit.
Guy Clifford
Guy Clifford 3 månader sedan
Hi ya chandler call the female forest cobra 🐍 jenny from forrest gump lots of love from the UK 🇬🇧
Ana Voorhees
Ana Voorhees 3 månader sedan
You should name her Nocturna ... shes gorgeous
Eddie Haines
Eddie Haines 3 månader sedan
bro, cranky Karen! the Forest cobra xD
Hunter Sparks
Hunter Sparks 3 månader sedan
My jewels!!
Ryan Rushing
Ryan Rushing 3 månader sedan
I've never heard an Italian and a Russian accent all in one sentence I think you suffer from multiple personality disorder Chandler LOL awesome to see your new stuff any way you can get a close-up picture of that Forest cobras head it looks like it has stripes on it
Jenny finken
Jenny finken 3 månader sedan
That is a crazy snake
Bill Denny
Bill Denny 3 månader sedan
Name it Forrest Whitaker lol
Crissaegrim 3 månader sedan
Ash Little
Ash Little 3 månader sedan
Rena for the rainforest cobra
Roger Stewart
Roger Stewart 3 månader sedan
This dude claims he is a professional yet he is the most childish kid on SEpost. He's just a kid with all of his pets. One day its gonna come back on him
Jarvis Hosein
Jarvis Hosein 3 månader sedan
Chandler: These animals are defensive and don’t want to waste their venom on us. Literally five minutes ago the snake bit itself and wasted its venom 😂
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