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Chandler's Wild Life

2 månader sedan

If you’d like to Help KING COBRAS out in the Wild Donate to the King Cobra Conservancy!🐍➡️

Shiena joy Jomantoc
Shiena joy Jomantoc 18 dagar sedan
Iloveyou Chandler hahaha
Radamez Prince
Radamez Prince 25 dagar sedan
Justina is a mood right now
Radamez Prince
Radamez Prince 25 dagar sedan
Does jutsu hand signs with correct sound effects then asks if it's Dragon Ball Z ... That'll do, that'll do 🤝🏾
Mason Sollund
Mason Sollund 29 dagar sedan
Next time you have to wrestle a crocodile wear a doom slayer helpmate and play bfg division
Faust Von Barley
Faust Von Barley Månad sedan
Chandler, every time repeating your fascination and info about the animals is very helpful and engages the audience. Thanks!
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H. Månad sedan
Haha 😂 your so funny!!
Gaming Dawg1234
Gaming Dawg1234 Månad sedan
The ducks waddle by Kevin Kevin:is that for dinner chandler because my belly rumbling Ducks: got to goo he planing an attack velociraptor:can i eat them chandler Chandler:that’s the fans I can give you h2o tho
deedee irmen
deedee irmen Månad sedan
My boyfriend and I are close by to you in Florida. We are out here from California. I know more than anything he would love it if I could surprise him and stop by and see you and Kevin. If you have time please contact me. Deedee Irmen
mercedes rego
mercedes rego Månad sedan
Where do you find king cobra
sandramorrison99 Månad sedan
ItzTooCrazy RBLXz
ItzTooCrazy RBLXz Månad sedan
Chandler: G’day Lads welcome to the, try not to get anxiety with ur host, CHANDLER!
ArMando Aguilar Jr.
ArMando Aguilar Jr. Månad sedan
you have effervescent energy i love it.
Makayla Josey
Makayla Josey Månad sedan
Where Kevin the king
Abhishek Bhat
Abhishek Bhat Månad sedan
They eat their young one's sometimes right? They don't go hunting untill the egg hatches so they eat the baby sometimes.
Jordan Woods
Jordan Woods Månad sedan
It's just stupid watching people and every time they get bit and they die because they don't take the time to be careful
ah93704 Månad sedan
How do you learn how to handle them? I'd love to try it sir?
Skyelight Månad sedan
Omg the Naruto reference made my life!
jen S
jen S Månad sedan
Haha I thought for a second you were gonna do a Chander snake dance lol
Lance richardson
Lance richardson Månad sedan
Actually Justina is actually a Queen Cobra cuz she's a girl💯
Ragzuz Månad sedan
a female cant be king its a queen kober :D
Susan Martin
Susan Martin Månad sedan
How on Earth did you come up with such a dork name for such a gorgeous snake? Justina? Dude there are so many amazing names she could have been given like...Jade, or Sephora, or Hyacinth, or anything other than Justina. I picture Justina is in the library wearing a giant ugly sweater her gramma with bad vision made for her. She has really thick glasses and bad teeth🐍🐍
Susan Martin
Susan Martin Månad sedan
Dude you have some BIG EFFING HANDS!!! If what they say is true.....then you must have...HUGE FEET!!!😎
Mike Bothwell
Mike Bothwell Månad sedan
What’s wrong with us canadains man?
Sundra Månad sedan
The warning in the begining of this video: DO NOT MESS EITH THESE ANIMALS! THEY ARE DANGEROUS! Chandler: *switching between accents and hitting the camera* The snakes: Be very careful when being around the hooman.
Shane Bryant
Shane Bryant Månad sedan
everytime they come back on themselves like that towards your hands it makes me so nervous
Larry finer
Larry finer Månad sedan
i love Kevin
Lawrence Harry
Lawrence Harry Månad sedan
Look at his arms. 😘😍
Robert Donaldson
Robert Donaldson Månad sedan
My brother has about six snakes I know his first one is a ball python named Leonidas I think and he has anouther one that looks like that snake from jungle book but much smaller and it gets aggressive Soo out of the blue it bit me.
Reaper King
Reaper King Månad sedan
Hey chandler I got a quick question if ur able to reply I’ll be glad but here’s my question are u able to own a Mexican king snake without a permit
Colin McDougall
Colin McDougall Månad sedan
Dude I still don’t think you should be free handling those king cobras you will definitely gonna get bitten and you’ll feel like a dick thinking you think these snakes love you.
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Månad sedan
A highly motivated 16 years old boy
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Månad sedan
Hey man do you believe in luck or faith
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Månad sedan
What kind of heart do you have men, are u from this world?
lavoria ausborne
lavoria ausborne 2 månader sedan
Can u do feeding all my animals vid plzzzzzzzz 🤗🤗🤗♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Papercut 2 månader sedan
Mama Mia those biceps tho!! 💪💪 I went to visit our local zoo today but didn't see any snakes so I went home and watched your videos 😂❤️
ABY GAMING 2 månader sedan
Hay ai am to indonesia
Jacklyn Jones
Jacklyn Jones 2 månader sedan
What a hottie! I know a snake he could show me 😉
GlinkNY 2 månader sedan
0:56 *chandler holding snake* “she started focusing on my body..” well yea even the snake is thirsty 🤣
SpiderSplicer135 2 månader sedan
Hard to believe that Kevin can get to the size of Brian Barczyk's Lucy and other constrictors
Ernesto Hernandez
Ernesto Hernandez 2 månader sedan
this whyte boy too funny
Anthony Grabowski
Anthony Grabowski 2 månader sedan
You're in the strike range of the king Cobra. I enjoy watching you, but it concerns me every time I see that. I do understand also that you have been working with that snake and building it's personality. It only takes one bite. The worse case scenario is being bitten on the face or body. You know that though, good content man. I'm South FL as well
Havok 2 månader sedan
Chandler: NO one should attempt to do what I do. Me: are you challenging me?😤
mine only
mine only 2 månader sedan
Is this kevin???
T Rex
T Rex 2 månader sedan
Hidup panji..hidup garaga...hidup dede inoen
Amy T
Amy T 2 månader sedan
Damn chandler is getting hotter lol. Love his videos!!
Random Channel
Random Channel 2 månader sedan
medhabi mitra
medhabi mitra 2 månader sedan
The mother king cobra leaves the nest before the eggs hatch kings are snake eater they would eat there own kind
Camilo Ayala
Camilo Ayala 2 månader sedan
Your hair looks great bro ✨
Taylor Crichton
Taylor Crichton 2 månader sedan
Honestly Chandler's conservation speech made me think he speaks better than the president. #chandler4president
Callie Patteen
Callie Patteen 2 månader sedan
I like Kevin he is cool but deadly you are so careful with him
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 2 månader sedan
I think Justine's finally warming up to him.
BWright6086 2 månader sedan
Chandler, you have talked about breeding Justina in a few videos, would you breed her with Kevin another king? Btw love the videos
JakeFrom Statefarm
JakeFrom Statefarm 2 månader sedan
“Canadians 🤷‍♂️ am I right!?!?” Lmbo I’m dyin 🤣
TealFlameWill 2 månader sedan
Its from naruto
NBA CLAN L2 2 månader sedan
😂🤣😂🤣 a good 1
merine tye
merine tye 2 månader sedan
Correction She's a queen cobra!
Heather Roberson
Heather Roberson 2 månader sedan
Do you breed any of your reptiles?
Vox Cruora
Vox Cruora 2 månader sedan
Chandler: Hey, lookit these cool reptiles! Everyone Watching: T H E M M U S C L E S
JewelsVR 2 månader sedan
"Canadians" What the hell is that supposed to mean Chandler?!
montrovant4 2 månader sedan
DUDE you need a hair cut!
Ewshi 2 månader sedan
Love the hair
Ian Grimwood
Ian Grimwood 2 månader sedan
Anybody else on here shit scared but can’t help watching!!!
Killua 666
Killua 666 2 månader sedan
Cade os BR???????cadeee???
simply jay
simply jay 2 månader sedan
The floor got ur h2o bro
Jakethat Boy
Jakethat Boy 2 månader sedan
Why did you do that to ur hair
King Leo XVII
King Leo XVII 2 månader sedan
Cameraman: Stop putting the snake in my face!
fan tasy
fan tasy 2 månader sedan
"I dont want the queen to get dirty shes beautiful king cobra" she should be calld queen cobra
2Ez4Km 2 månader sedan
Haha chan you are so full of life, I hope you stay like this forever much love from India ❤️
Cheryl Masaveg
Cheryl Masaveg 2 månader sedan
Why am I so amused by silly cute little ducks walking around. Lol Their waddles are just so silly.
Kimatic cob
Kimatic cob 2 månader sedan
I miss Kevin
vic stone
vic stone 2 månader sedan
Love the fun stoff...
John Fitz
John Fitz 2 månader sedan
Rahim Hussain
Rahim Hussain 2 månader sedan
Pakistan and India have deadly king cobras
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 2 månader sedan
Out of curiosity, what is your favourite Starbucks order? Never had it but heard it’s good
RexBuild05 2 månader sedan
oh mate I hope you cut your hair into a mullet 😂
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh 2 månader sedan
This guy is extremely talented in handling snakes and other animals huge respect man❤️🔥🔥
G Manu
G Manu 2 månader sedan
Do these cobras still bite? Or already used to humans handling them
Ted Small
Ted Small 2 månader sedan
You are a scream Chandler, I love your antics which is loaded with humour and education. Great accents too. Don’t change Mate, we love you .
Ryan Palmer
Ryan Palmer 2 månader sedan
It’s naurto chandler 😂😂😂 but I love ur videos
Dori-Kate JAMISON 2 månader sedan
Love ya too Chandler
Dori-Kate JAMISON 2 månader sedan
Chandler you are so weird; I am always wondering about you
Dori-Kate JAMISON 2 månader sedan
I love King Cobras ; they are one favorites and the other one is the Indian Cobra
hugh panton
hugh panton 2 månader sedan
He looks like Logan Paul
Joseph Co
Joseph Co 2 månader sedan
When logan paul change career.
Greg Williams
Greg Williams 2 månader sedan
You need to talk to Donald Trump about his total lack of environmental concern
Greg Williams
Greg Williams 2 månader sedan
Good use for them
Greg Williams
Greg Williams 2 månader sedan
What are you keeping in the tubs with the homemade lids on them?
Greg Williams
Greg Williams 2 månader sedan
That’s such a big beautiful snake
Greg Williams
Greg Williams 2 månader sedan
You herd your geese like I herd my kitty cats😻😻
Abed Alarab
Abed Alarab 2 månader sedan
I'm curious as to why they call female king cobras king cobras, why don't they just call em queen cobras 🤷‍♂️🤣
Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams 2 månader sedan
Chandler your awesome and love your king cobra's.. thanks dude for sharing
Cassie Campañon
Cassie Campañon 2 månader sedan
Imagine getting a like from kuya Chandler though it would be great Kuya means older brother in Philippines
Cowgirl6221-Txangel 2 månader sedan
Cool I didn't know king cobras protect their young. Thanks for the knowledge.
Cowgirl6221-Txangel 2 månader sedan
Chandler, dude your looking 👌 way to stay in shape.
Sir Shamguard
Sir Shamguard 2 månader sedan
Best Trainer ever!
Beth Knapp
Beth Knapp 2 månader sedan
Man you make me nervous handling your snakes Chandler
Laura Bell
Laura Bell 2 månader sedan
Queen 😉 cobras are beautiful
Kaitlyn Burton
Kaitlyn Burton 2 månader sedan
If I had cash I'd donate. Sorry
D R 2 månader sedan
Justina is scary af
Anna M
Anna M 2 månader sedan
"Canadians, am I right?". 🤣🤣
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