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Chandler's Wild Life

4 månader sedan


Dakota M
Dakota M Dag sedan
Watching this video 4 months after release and i love the friendships chandler has with not only the people he works with, but also with the animals
Tammy Glez
Tammy Glez Månad sedan
Me: Sees gaboons just chilling Also me: Deadly sausage couple❤️ Such beautiful snakes
Med doc
Med doc 3 månader sedan
I know he does this for a living but CHANDLER BE CAREFUL!!!!
Big Skrimp
Big Skrimp 3 månader sedan
So just asking because I haven’t seen very many people house snakes together but is it suggested to house vipers in male female pairs? I see your adders housed together and then these rattlesnakes. Before coming across your videos I was mainly educating myself to get a python or two, so I don’t know much about housing venomous snakes.
The Mad Dogg Show
The Mad Dogg Show 4 månader sedan
Hi Chandler my name is Jay and I have a question for you. What would happen if rattlesnake bit another rattlesnake from the same cage or family? Would they die from the venom? If you could, can you please talk about that in one of your upcoming videos
Li moucheu
Li moucheu 4 månader sedan
Actually not Bitis gabonica but Bitis rhinoceros.
Green 4 månader sedan
I would totally step on the head of that gaboon viper... Look at it! It looks just like a leaf! Amazing.
Anthony Dominguez
Anthony Dominguez 4 månader sedan
Damn dude needs a haircut!!!
Destri Janhur
Destri Janhur 4 månader sedan
Please collabs with Panji Pertualangan from Indonesia...
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 4 månader sedan
Jesus! I didn't know rattlers were this big! I always thought they were small snakes!
bigdaddycoolj 4 månader sedan
"Very delicate bones" as he drops the head. 😖 (I know it was an accident trolls. Don't burn me.)
SCUBA Steve 4 månader sedan
those first two snakes seem really calm and relaxed
Georgia Hugo
Georgia Hugo 4 månader sedan
how meny snakes does he have
Graypolarbear32 4 månader sedan
Something about a white man cracking a whip does not sit right with me. Cool videos for the gaboons and the diamond backs but that dude just rubbed me the wrong way
CrAfTy Eye
CrAfTy Eye 4 månader sedan
CrAfTy Eye
CrAfTy Eye 4 månader sedan
If you any one seen an indian snake catcher called VAVA SURESH .he such an awesome guy and he didn't catching snakes with any equipments .please search him in youtube .link will be given 👆
Kross Akuma
Kross Akuma 4 månader sedan
God I Love Gabboon Vipers
Micah Castonguay
Micah Castonguay 4 månader sedan
If I were to fly down to Florida could I see your collection of snakes that you have
Danial Diamond
Danial Diamond 4 månader sedan
Hi brothers... i need your help...cant u check my video what snake come my room? This Snake danger or no and what name snake... tq
AKA smoker wavy Glock
AKA smoker wavy Glock 4 månader sedan
what about kevin the 👑 cobre
Ayla Richards
Ayla Richards 4 månader sedan
Santos Garcia
Santos Garcia 4 månader sedan
Bro chandler needs a hair cut
SteffKnight 4 månader sedan
what brand are the cages?
Ehsan Vacker
Ehsan Vacker 4 månader sedan
باید یه سفر بیای ایران یه مار. جعفری ببینی با این کوچیکیش نش بزنه خون میشه خامه
Frank The Rabbit
Frank The Rabbit 4 månader sedan
airman20012001 4 månader sedan
Snakes really are beautiful in a deadly sorta way.
RabbiTuckmann 4 månader sedan
really? there can be fangs in the poop? actually they wont carry any venom anymore, right?
John Williams
John Williams 4 månader sedan
Beautiful easterns, ive only dealt with wild snakes. I caught an eastern in Nassua county Florida that was just over 84" so right over 7 ft and i was only 15 but that was 21 years ago would be less likely to find one that size now but trust me they are out there. It would be so cool to handle tame venomous. Great video bud
Patrick Bergs
Patrick Bergs 4 månader sedan
did you say "it´s wet, it´s christmas"?
tokus64 4 månader sedan
Who is that hobo with the beard
Wayne Static
Wayne Static 4 månader sedan
Wouldn’t it be easier to move them into an empty enclosure instead of a trash can? I feel like you’re gonna get tagged every time you put one in the can or reach in to take it out. It shouldn’t have to be so risky.
Angelo Adorno
Angelo Adorno 4 månader sedan
It's also scary that the Rattlesnakes aren't shaking their rattles until he got to the big male towards the end
Joash Tayamen
Joash Tayamen 4 månader sedan
Dang cayote wont ever handle those like that... R e s p e c t chandler... Respect... Making sure the animal is safe 👌 And you aswell haha
Jim Herbert Outdoors
Jim Herbert Outdoors 4 månader sedan
Just found your channel and subbed. SNAKES RULE WOOOOO. Check out my vids if your bored!
Hailey 4 månader sedan
1) please be careful dude, Covid is rampant in Florida. 2) Mark with that whip when you spilt stuff on his carpet. 😂
Ricky the Snake
Ricky the Snake 4 månader sedan
Corona Virus ain’t simmering down bro. But cool ass video as usual
Rei Kawahara
Rei Kawahara 4 månader sedan
Did anyone see the look on the male albino's face as he watched Chandler get the female... 5:31 You could see him debating if he should make a run for it LOL. Then he knew he would not make it, so he slowly backed away as if he didn't want anyone to notice him scheming ! Who says snakes don't have personalities ?
ZenRenno 4 månader sedan
Chandler: "Just like a big slug full of fangs" Snake: *hiss* 11:29
Tracy Bagwell
Tracy Bagwell 4 månader sedan
Did he say the whip is for playtime? No one invited me?
J Advice
J Advice 4 månader sedan
I love this channel i love every episodes of it! Keep up the goodwork chandler u take risks working with sum of most venomous snakes we appreciate your work!!!!
Sonia 4 månader sedan
Please considered a kitty pooper scooper, so your not getting your hands touching the gross feces ?? 💩💩
Rebecca Friend
Rebecca Friend 4 månader sedan
Beautiful animals. Would love to visit there one day soon!
Thomas Vetor
Thomas Vetor 4 månader sedan
Such sweet snakes , but very fiesty n alert !!!
John Kodack
John Kodack 4 månader sedan
looks like a pet store
Dede5295 4 månader sedan
big boa constrictor ;] show this next time
bmx bandit
bmx bandit 4 månader sedan
I don't know how you do it chandler
Beth Evans
Beth Evans 4 månader sedan
Wow such beautiful creatures
Meghan Manary
Meghan Manary 4 månader sedan
Reason for cohabing the snakes?
Aimee Tetreault
Aimee Tetreault 4 månader sedan
okay chandler i’m having an issue. there is a snake that’s about 4ft long in my backyard and it has a rattle but it’s not a rattlesnake according to my dad, it’s a rat snake, and it keeps going after my chickens and ducks. how do i get rid of it without hurting it?
Blue Leaf
Blue Leaf 4 månader sedan
i first thought this was Chandler who is MrBeast's friend xdd
Shaggy Shawn
Shaggy Shawn 4 månader sedan
Why does he use aspen as a professional..... thought that was like the worst substrate next to dusted substrate
amberleah2008 4 månader sedan
Nothing wrong with aspen, and it looks nice
teofilo ljubisavljevic
teofilo ljubisavljevic 4 månader sedan
Hey Chandler, can i order McCurty's shirts? I really really like that one with the rattlesnake, and one with a bunch of snakes you wear in most of your videos. I cant come to America, so that is why im asking. Thank you!
Abby Grillo
Abby Grillo 4 månader sedan
That second viper almost escaped twice. Oh hell naw my damn nerves watching this video😰
Joel pet Empire
Joel pet Empire 4 månader sedan
I love snakes so much I am 12 and I have 3 there amazing I have tarantulas mantises lizards scorpions snakes a frog and a dog and a few crabs but snakes are my favourite.
Jamaal Rainey
Jamaal Rainey 4 månader sedan
Better get the floor clean foh mister gets the whip out
Idris Huger
Idris Huger 4 månader sedan
You probably should have edited out that whip part, some people are sensitive about that. Its me im some people.
David Sorensen
David Sorensen 4 månader sedan
Dude that gaboon came flying out of that can
JP. Briezen
JP. Briezen 4 månader sedan
Those are python sized 🐍
John Labus
John Labus 4 månader sedan
Covid_19 is not subsiding in Florida. Be careful and continue to practice all the correct behaviors and stay safe! Wash your damn hands! :-)
Brenda Binau
Brenda Binau 4 månader sedan
Wow! Never seen Gaboons move so fast!!
Tanya 4 månader sedan
I have a favor to ask, pretty please-can we do without showing the spicy meatballs on camera? Sometimes I am eating when watching and well you can figure it out.
Larry finer
Larry finer 4 månader sedan
im always here just in case he pulls out Kevin.....
Sonia 4 månader sedan
The African viper colors are really 🤩 gorgeous!! 🐍 I can't help not to be thinking about a beautiful pair of boots 👢, matching 👜 purse, and maybe a funky hat🧢? So what happens when the snakes get too big to handle and get tired of eating rabbits ?? 👀
Verlyn Nygaard
Verlyn Nygaard 4 månader sedan
ChakaGamer 4 månader sedan
I like that diamond vipers head it's big and sick. Like the Dodge Viper car...
Mr. Pantson
Mr. Pantson 4 månader sedan
You should do an episode and talk about Martha’s cobra bite!!!
ChakaGamer 4 månader sedan
I like when he looks at Chandler when he says he drops the whatever it's called on the floor and the guy has to vacum. But the guy looks at him with his wip. Lol that made me laugh. Lol.
Bluesman 4 månader sedan
Chandler what would be so cool if you head over to SA to meet Dingo, the world would never be the same again, lolol, having Dingo saying spicy meatballs in his SA accent lol
Madcap Laughs
Madcap Laughs 4 månader sedan
That Diamondback needs to eat this psychotic poodle we have running around our neighborhood. When aliens come to Earth and ask to see our most badass them this Diamondback!
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar 4 månader sedan
So Snake Discovery takes away my fear of snakes and Chando here just brings it right back! FML!
அருள் தமிழன்
அருள் தமிழன் 4 månader sedan
Nice bro..i need to watch you handled black mamba and Russel vipers
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar 4 månader sedan
Is it me or do these snakes look a little bit too fat?
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar 4 månader sedan
I'm always impressed with Chandlers handling of hot snakes but who is the Baddass holding the camera and gets so close to those fucking fangs to get those closeups?
freethinker1 4 månader sedan
Dude huffy and puffy gaboons were massive. I think Mark has pumped them full of growth hormone and gamma radiation.
Aman Parmar
Aman Parmar 4 månader sedan
If they had the time to sit there and watch you the entire time why didn’t they just do it themselves lmao. If they were actually busy shouldn’t they be out somewhere else and not watch someone very dedicated and responsible like you.
MrWestman73 4 månader sedan
my taxonomy eyes are bleeding
P Wee
P Wee 4 månader sedan
Yo them are some Huge Gaboons.. I wasn't expecting 2 of that size to come out of that cage lol... Its crazy... But then again every snake I seen was huge...
Matthew Pitt
Matthew Pitt 4 månader sedan
Another great video, did you post a link of the video of Mike getting bit?? Cause I cant see it. Thanks. :)
nervouso 4 månader sedan
Lol Mark
nervouso 4 månader sedan
Lockdown hair chandler
Zeus Deuce
Zeus Deuce 4 månader sedan
Here’s a question, are venomous snakes susceptible to their own venom? For example if a mate bites them will they die?
Mike Bealey
Mike Bealey 4 månader sedan
Bro, those shirts you three was wearing are fuego 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 where can I purchase one g?
BC Vargas
BC Vargas 4 månader sedan
Chandler: *Feeds snakes rats being brave* Me: *Eating Chips in a Blanket*
SHANTCHI 4 månader sedan
Anyone know the song playing in the background of the video?
Gaurav Sarma
Gaurav Sarma 4 månader sedan
When I see Indian cobra snakes in India I feel these are soo huge but when I seen KEVIN! I shoked that it's a Robot or what ? Sooo interesting Love for KEVIN from India 😘
B-Ry !
B-Ry ! 4 månader sedan
Gotta be vary careful with these snakes, they are like fine china" *drops the snake right on its face*
Test Test
Test Test 4 månader sedan
Chandler’s own snake is just as big.
Taf R
Taf R 4 månader sedan
those vipers are thiccc
Ther real Super sayian
Ther real Super sayian 4 månader sedan
I know this is probably dumb question but say a viper or cobra accidentally bit themselves would they die from their own venom or would they be perfectly fine?
E.Monica B.
E.Monica B. 4 månader sedan
😂🤣😂 a very spicy meatball
Queen A For life
Queen A For life 4 månader sedan
I will love to have a venomous snake but I’m scared
Ryan Mcdonnell
Ryan Mcdonnell 4 månader sedan
You forgot the Ethiopian Mountain Adder
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones 4 månader sedan
Its definately a Chandler's wildlife video if it makes my heart skip about 9 beats in a row
Caleb Congdon
Caleb Congdon 4 månader sedan
"They're super busy so they call me to help" ... They're standing there watching the whole time 😂
Kimaya Parsad
Kimaya Parsad 4 månader sedan
I never knew snakes poop until i watched Chandler I think a few months ago
Nasira Khan
Nasira Khan 4 månader sedan
Amazing video Chandler
まし_ghxulish_ 4 månader sedan
7:15 chonker snek
Robbyc21 4 månader sedan
Anyone else get a charmin ultra soft TP ad as soon as he said spicy meatball? XD
Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry 4 månader sedan
That's a bigass rattlesnake. I see longer ones all the time but that is one THICCC BOI.
Žiga Kobal
Žiga Kobal 4 månader sedan
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