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Chandler's Wild Life

Månad sedan

If you’d like to Help KING COBRAS out in the Wild Donate to the King Cobra Conservancy!🐍➡️

amdza 8 dagar sedan
So I'm shook as hell that the company that created uno made a game called dos.
Anita El ghandor
Anita El ghandor 16 dagar sedan
Kevin is huge,ziggy is beautiful 😁
XxWolf_GamerツxX 21 dag sedan
When chandler curses it makes me uncomforatble.
Ryan B
Ryan B 23 dagar sedan
I'm curious about something. How long have you had Kevin ? I personally don't like to be around them. But love to watch your and Tyler's video's on them. And my personal opinion is that the King Cobra is the King of all snakes. There is no other to me that should be feared more. Especially since it is immune to most if not all other snakes venom. King Cobra's are so fascinating and over all beauty. And to think that they can grow up to 18 ft or more is just that much more impressive
Syndicate Leader
Syndicate Leader 24 dagar sedan
We need Poseidon right now for the Amazon!
odin mancini
odin mancini 26 dagar sedan
R.I.P Steven.
Corey Smith
Corey Smith 27 dagar sedan
Spiting Cobras?
Elijah Young
Elijah Young 27 dagar sedan
“Not even uno......or dos
Rengie kago
Rengie kago 27 dagar sedan
kevin looking fine
ChristieLily35 28 dagar sedan
Just leaves a King Cobra just chilling. Awesome.
sadie witherington
sadie witherington 28 dagar sedan
ziggy is like a doggo. kinda
Katie B
Katie B 28 dagar sedan
Where did you get your snake cages from
freethinker1 29 dagar sedan
Chandler: hey Kevin Kevin: this guy disturbing my alone time again.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 29 dagar sedan
Ziggy seems to be getting a little wilder with size. I will be curious to see how she behaves as she gets older.
Estabania C
Estabania C 29 dagar sedan
I’m not gonna lie your knee looks just like the food 🥘 lol 😂🤣😂🤣😉
Eirinen Månad sedan
Ziggy has the cutest walk! Aww, she’s so cute! 🐊
listen to me ali
listen to me ali Månad sedan
Today a video popped up with somebody else's snake channel. I couldn't believe what I was seeing with the way he was handling the snakes. After watching your channel and how carful and professional you are..... I was shocked.......he even got spat at by a cobra that went in his eye. I wanted to know if you know the video I'm talking about and what your opinion is of the way he handles the snakes? Thanks
Shae Rawson
Shae Rawson Månad sedan
Actually Aussies don't call prawns "shrimp" it's a foreign saying, probably originated from mocking us without knowing how we actually talk 😂
Deysi Ferrufinojtutt
Deysi Ferrufinojtutt Månad sedan
Ziggy is so cute 😘😍😍😍
Goldie Bougher
Goldie Bougher Månad sedan
Nothin to see here, just a hot, manic, Florida man tending to his reptiles
mikeisu Månad sedan
Kevin is absolutely massive
Allie D
Allie D Månad sedan
Kevin was using that moment of freedom to window shop lol
Allie D
Allie D Månad sedan
I definitely would have fallen stepping on that lid like that 😂
Pants !
Pants ! Månad sedan
Have u ever gotten salmonella? My sister got it not long ago and we don’t know why 🤔
james frederick
james frederick Månad sedan
You should get a pair of tonges for holding the food you do not want ziggy to associate food with you’re skin color I recommend a bright color for a hand or glove that if she sees she knows that’s were food comes from
No. Månad sedan
I think you’re throwing the shrimp out of Ziggy’s line of sight. That being said, are crocodiles potentially near sighted? XD
Joshua Moreno
Joshua Moreno Månad sedan
How long is Kevin
Coyt Månad sedan
I close my eyes and hear Chris Pratt lol love the vids 🤘🏻
[FREE] STM Endy Månad sedan
I'ma need you to stop being over confident when handling your reptiles
Beyond Awesome
Beyond Awesome Månad sedan
Wow!! Ziggy's huge!!!
dragonslayer69 69
dragonslayer69 69 Månad sedan
Y is Stalin on your cup
John Harder
John Harder Månad sedan
I am waiting for the day she gets ahold of your finger If she dose , you need to put that on a video and admit it So we all can have a good laugh I know my Fox Snake has put a few teeth marks on my finger
Señor Mateo
Señor Mateo Månad sedan
0:57/0:58 almost lost a finger pretty quick there bud. That would’ve been no bueño.
kunjidee Månad sedan
Hes gonna get bit one day...
Heather Hoffee
Heather Hoffee Månad sedan
I also loved Steve irwin and still watch the family
Heather Hoffee
Heather Hoffee Månad sedan
Y'all r amazing
Vuteko Bhaat
Vuteko Bhaat Månad sedan
Why this king cobra is green?
Candy Pink
Candy Pink Månad sedan
Psalm 91:1 KJV He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
Teddy MBT
Teddy MBT Månad sedan
dude huge fan love coming at you all away from Ethiopia and kiss Kevin for me
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones Månad sedan
Even though he is not tame, Kevin is so much more chill than King Tut
Relatable Animations
Relatable Animations Månad sedan
"We just need to look like we know what we're doing" Me at every group project
Mooffgamesgamer/Fourfatsgamer Månad sedan
You can’t spell Croc without saying Rock
TheDarquon Månad sedan
You are to me, what Steve Erwin was for you, You are a responsible and polite citizen, how do we get more just like you? You are a world asset man, look after your self Chandler, we can't loose a single one like you. I havent even got to the reptile handling. Fucking Legend!
Angle Singh
Angle Singh Månad sedan
OK Jimये खूब सूरत आखे जो 💬 कंमेंट पढ रही है न 💯💯💯💕 उनकी माता- पिता की लम्बी उम्र हो 🐚🐚🐚 वे मेरे को स्पोर्ट करे🌹🌹🌹🌹
Nick Gonzales
Nick Gonzales Månad sedan
daaaang kinda sucks he broke steven, he was my favorite :(
Tone Man
Tone Man Månad sedan
Chandler is so cute with that hair and new look.
Viveca Beall
Viveca Beall Månad sedan
So, my brother and I are having a debate on whether spiders or snakes are smarter. I say snakes and he says spiders. Do you or anyone know which one is smarter?
RoseMarie Nunez
RoseMarie Nunez Månad sedan
ZIGGY is beautiful and so well trained I can't believe it. Chandler I got to hand it to you your the best your funny your just a good guy I love your video's I hope you reach your 2 million soon love you and Ruth say hi to Ruth for me please.
I watch Anime
I watch Anime Månad sedan
Makes dinosaur fall over a few minutes later makes raptor fall again and the n says “who did this to you”?!!!!
Ken Chapman
Ken Chapman Månad sedan
Lol. 10 points for knowing us Aussies call them prawns, not shrimp
Nicholas Chia
Nicholas Chia Månad sedan
I love the Ziggy-chandler’s friendship. Such a cutie
John Ray Dar
John Ray Dar Månad sedan
ziggy the baby croc is so goddam cute than my puppies ♥
Keith's Place
Keith's Place Månad sedan
That last big one was very beautiful!
Sentoso Tanioes
Sentoso Tanioes Månad sedan
From where I’m from (Indonesia), we’ve got lots of Kevins. One even strayed to my backyard. Hope you’d come to Indonesia one day and get one of the Indonesian King Cobra species. 😬
Mister Holloway
Mister Holloway Månad sedan
chandler what's up with your hair?
Brittany Månad sedan
Forget the Patreon. Drop that OnlyFans. 😝
Amelia Adams
Amelia Adams Månad sedan
Chandler is ha ha crazy!!! I love his videos. Not only educational but entertaining.
Jessica Bona
Jessica Bona Månad sedan
I get so flipping excited when I get to see ziggy.
Mister Holloway
Mister Holloway Månad sedan
I love ziggy
Phillip Cloud
Phillip Cloud Månad sedan
Looks like someone needs a fade
buttons&gadgetsdr1 Månad sedan
holy crap, kevin actually just sat right ion the area and was pretty chill oooh wow !
buttons&gadgetsdr1 Månad sedan
lol never ceases to make me laugh !
Lucky Heisten 57
Lucky Heisten 57 Månad sedan
What drug did you take , chandler ?
Atilla Karan
Atilla Karan Månad sedan
Ziggy is sooooooo cute! I love how he jumpes out when you call him.. Im falling in love with him. how he swags when he walkes, how he tiltes his head when he grabs food. How he holds still for you is just adorable..He is my favorite next to Kevin and Justine...
Aisyah Dayana
Aisyah Dayana Månad sedan
Ziggy is actually a female btw! But yeah she's cute!!
Brayden Webb
Brayden Webb Månad sedan
I will admit at14:20 for a split second when you touched it and the snake turned ......I flinched
Mason Wallace
Mason Wallace Månad sedan ripped his tail off so funny woops
PrehistoricReptiles Månad sedan
What's harder to deal with in your opinion, a king cobra or a gaboon viper ?🐍🇬🇧🐍
Mason Wallace
Mason Wallace Månad sedan
Awe ziggy is so can you not fall in love with ziggy
Goonbelly Månad sedan
The god of the sea is Neptune.
Cha Aegis
Cha Aegis Månad sedan
Nearly every episode it's "This snake is no joke" when talking about the venom factor. Begs the question of, honestly, what snake in his collection is a joke? None. Nada. Nunca. Zilch. Even the not so venomous ones will make you so sick that you probably want to die anyways. Still loving and watching your content, Chandler. Glad to see things progressing for ya.
Daelien Donavan
Daelien Donavan Månad sedan
Loving the content a lot! That's so brave of you to handle those big snakes.
Angel Michel
Angel Michel Månad sedan
Ziggy has gotten so big and sooooooo beautiful!!! I gotta say I luv luv luv how u treat ur animals. The time u spend with em and the way u care for em. Ur awesome Chandler!!! And Kevin is soooooo big and beautiful!!! I’m a sub for life!!! God bless and much luv from Louisiana!!!
EK Clapxy
EK Clapxy Månad sedan
I love your videos they are so entertaining and educational
Wittes & Antoinette Beukes
Wittes & Antoinette Beukes Månad sedan
I love ziggy!!!
Wittes & Antoinette Beukes
Wittes & Antoinette Beukes Månad sedan
At 0:58 I almost got a heart attack
Sled Dog
Sled Dog Månad sedan
He killed his raptor
Shafi Dhaudi
Shafi Dhaudi Månad sedan
RIP Steven
Stephanie Schmoeller
Stephanie Schmoeller Månad sedan
Stephanie Schmoeller
Stephanie Schmoeller Månad sedan
Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins Månad sedan
Every time kevin comes out should play avenged sevenfold hail to the king 🤴 🙌
RolandB Jr.
RolandB Jr. Månad sedan
Won't be a complete entertaining video without Chandler's clowning around.😂🤣😂🤣
Zach Petersen
Zach Petersen Månad sedan
From Venom Central previous video, I would take a look at this Chandler because this is not a good thing
Sarah Månad sedan
Some days I wonder what drugs Chandler is on, but then I just think He’s high on life Dude he’s getting super high on life
Reptile Nerd550
Reptile Nerd550 Månad sedan
Hooper3pt Månad sedan
Did anyone see Ziggy try to bit Chandlers shoe.
Eshtarth TS
Eshtarth TS Månad sedan
chandler: come on thanos ! come on! thanos : all that for a piece o' shrimp?
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma Månad sedan
I love Kevin and Ziggy!!! But with Ziggy growing up now, I feel Kevin is more chill ❤️
Angela Chandler
Angela Chandler Månad sedan
i luv to watch u with these snakes the luv and care u have for these animals is wonderful.....ur r great with these animals.....stay healthy and we luv u ....i can't support i take care of my grandkids....but if i could I would.......lots of luv
D R Månad sedan
I love ziggy
taleton Månad sedan
Poseidon....not Zeus.... Greetings from Sparta..The old one..
Jolline Miea Velasquez
Jolline Miea Velasquez Månad sedan
Αγγελος Φαναριτης
Αγγελος Φαναριτης Månad sedan
You are very crazy😂😂
Jayakanth J
Jayakanth J Månad sedan
Who else thought the tattoo was a tail of a snake ?
Bishen Bopaiah
Bishen Bopaiah Månad sedan
Love from India ❤️ waiting for another video with Ziggy and Kevin the BOSS!!!!!!
Ruth Ngatai Glassey
Ruth Ngatai Glassey Månad sedan
he doesn't give a rat about the snakes its about the money
K U D O S Månad sedan
I love how he just puts Kevin right in front of the camera person and was like, "Don't worry about this giant King Cobra here..." BUT honestly Kevin is soo tame :3
Ruth Ngatai Glassey
Ruth Ngatai Glassey Månad sedan
you disgust me those tiny cages you take snakes out knowing they will freak out
Ruth Ngatai Glassey
Ruth Ngatai Glassey Månad sedan
there are millions of people who keep snakes that abuse repties in Florida.its all for money he keeps his female ziggy in a tiny cage.
Miss Liz
Miss Liz Månad sedan
I love that he says defensive not aggressive
Stephen Channon
Stephen Channon Månad sedan
I wanted to ask you if you have seen the film Grizzly Man, who treated wild grizzly bears like his friends until they eat him and his girl friend. How do you feel when you feed Ziggy knowing that she could easily take you down and kill you just like any of your snakes? As you know Steve Erwin was killed in a freak accident. Do you have a life insurance policy? Or is it something you can't get because or the nature of what you do? last question from me how does third party insurance work in the USA regarding your visitors should anything happen and I really hope it doesn't. How heavy is Kevin please?
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