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Chandler's Wild Life

5 månader sedan

Dravenfact tittup
Dravenfact tittup 6 dagar sedan
I can watch these 2 cuties all day long..And i love seeing Chandler massaging Ziggy with his beard.
mustafa kuriakose
mustafa kuriakose 22 dagar sedan
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mustafa kuriakose
mustafa kuriakose 22 dagar sedan
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Galeia Williams
Galeia Williams 22 dagar sedan
Hey chandler. If you buy chickens u should buy enough to keep u in eggs. U have plenty of animals that like them. Ans the breed of chicken u want is a small chicken so small eggs. But u could get. 12 or so eggs and feed to the moniters, and yourself.
Derek Brown
Derek Brown Månad sedan
I am a big fan I love snake what if Kevin big snake spit venom
Heather Hoffee
Heather Hoffee Månad sedan
Ziggy was riding an invisible bike there in the beginning😸
Jerry Roberts
Jerry Roberts 2 månader sedan
Do you plan to get another croc
Rithwik 2 månader sedan
ziggy is so cute 🥰🥰🥰
Angel Roxette
Angel Roxette 2 månader sedan
News flash I wonder TV watch the venom man he's been bit by some of his snakes and says he's immune now. I'm sure you have heard of him. Love to watch you CWL great vids and keep up the great work you do for these wild animals so proud of you Chandler peace out bro. Stay safe CV yuk
Average Guys Vs. Wild
Average Guys Vs. Wild 2 månader sedan
wouldn't getting your venomous permits be the highlight of 2019 for you
Aminda Geeganage
Aminda Geeganage 3 månader sedan
Hey what is the biggest gator you found?
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster 3 månader sedan
Ziggy will eat you lol
Sonia 3 månader sedan
I know this video is about a month old, but Ziggy looks so much bigger in this video , than the more recent one, where you're feeding him in his indoor pool! He looks so huge in this video! 🦖
Trisha Hackney
Trisha Hackney 3 månader sedan
Hi what is your name again can you post more videos
jack steele
jack steele 4 månader sedan
Would u eat a spicy meat ball for 2m subscribers :)
Damo2612 swsc
Damo2612 swsc 4 månader sedan
Like the videos but do you have to act like a cock
Zoey Yesyesyes
Zoey Yesyesyes 4 månader sedan
Ruth is a badass
ben miller
ben miller 4 månader sedan
Has he bite
ben miller
ben miller 4 månader sedan
Has he bite you yet
ben miller
ben miller 4 månader sedan
Nices pet how old is the crocodile
Tony Sinkel Jr
Tony Sinkel Jr 4 månader sedan
So tame. It thinks it's a gator lol
Lisa Rocci
Lisa Rocci 4 månader sedan
REory arge
REory arge 4 månader sedan
florida man
Javoney Fleming
Javoney Fleming 4 månader sedan
The camera girl has the coolest voice 🤟🏾 I love your channel as well bro I m a new subscriber keep it up its super positive
thelive518 jhuheard
thelive518 jhuheard 4 månader sedan
Louise J
Louise J 4 månader sedan
How am I 3 years older than Chandler and he's achieved so much?! 😂 And we're both Aquarius, woo! Once I've *finally* got my life sorted, I would love to fly out to Florida (I live in the UK) and visit wherever Chandler may be to see all his reptiles and animals, especially Ziggy, Jade and Kevin.
battlebee2007 4 månader sedan
Chandler do brush your your reptile teeths???
battlebee2007 4 månader sedan
Chandler did you ever handled a naughty dogs
battlebee2007 4 månader sedan
i mean a naughty dog
battlebee2007 4 månader sedan
Chandler i am one of wild life fans
shourya Dixit
shourya Dixit 4 månader sedan
handsome hunk🌹🌸.......
Minakshi Kumari
Minakshi Kumari 5 månader sedan
Jai hind sir
E.Monica B.
E.Monica B. 5 månader sedan
Chris Carey
Chris Carey 5 månader sedan
Chandler,would a camen alligator be a good pet?
JR Man
JR Man 5 månader sedan
What is your favorite snake
Sarah Cress
Sarah Cress 5 månader sedan
Who's the person talking?
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 5 månader sedan
That camera girl is loud and annoying man wtf and you're quite. Downvote for that because you get so much money yet you can't produce a decent livestream.
Almighty Sosa
Almighty Sosa 5 månader sedan
Very sexy voice whos the babe?
Chase Caldwell
Chase Caldwell 5 månader sedan
i want to be just like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chase Caldwell
Chase Caldwell 5 månader sedan
how are the baby crocs doing?
Stjepan Petanić
Stjepan Petanić 5 månader sedan
Is that his girlfriend talking or?
Maddie 4 månader sedan
I think this is Ruth.
Im.always.b0red 5 månader sedan
110% +2 🤣
Happyface 5 månader sedan
this is adorable!!
diyan fathur
diyan fathur 5 månader sedan
You know what tyler if you trying to find male king cobra indonesia you can ask panjing petualang, you can check his youtube channel too
Elizabeth Daley
Elizabeth Daley 5 månader sedan
Dempsey Owens
Dempsey Owens 5 månader sedan
Love how thick Ziggy is getting
Ben Waldock
Ben Waldock 5 månader sedan
AE Herps is where I got my falsie not too long ago
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage 5 månader sedan
Evan Lukas
Evan Lukas 5 månader sedan
Did you hear sbout the kid who plays with king Cobras
Evan Lukas
Evan Lukas 5 månader sedan
Do you Hunt boa constrictor That were released .
Kaylee’s Reptiles
Kaylee’s Reptiles 5 månader sedan
I love you and your videos! I cant wait for your facility, also hopefully I cant wait to meet you one day! Also have you ever heard of the facility Reptile Discovery Center in Deland? I grew up seeing their awesome venomous and non-venomous snakes and their alligators! I highly recommend you check them out:) Thank you for the wonderful video Chandler, Ruth, and the meatball clan stay safe, stay beautiful, stay gangster, and have a wonderful day! :) Ps:go for it and grow your hair out! Much love From another part of Florida Me and my Banana Ball Python Gary And bearded dragon Simon :)
Tom UK
Tom UK 5 månader sedan
Think I'll have to have a holiday come see the everglades outpost when possible stay safe mate from the UK.
Sadeem Ahmad
Sadeem Ahmad 5 månader sedan
Sick ziggy
Rai Partha
Rai Partha 5 månader sedan
nice crocodile bro hehe
Shan doodlesss
Shan doodlesss 5 månader sedan
Ziggy is gorgeous! We use to have a little hyprid hen silky (the fluffy ones) called ziggy! Awesome channel! Feel the pain with the tattoos and dad's, me and my brother are both tattooists at different parts of our careers, my dad HATES tattoos 😂 as you can imagine that's fun when he notices new ink 😂
Gib Allen
Gib Allen 5 månader sedan
Chandler please talk too Tyler for me about a tattoo, I enjoy your videos so much! I've learned so much from you and Tyler! Im 54 from NC and would love to meet you guys, like one of my bucket list!! You guys are great!
CorXIII Felinike
CorXIII Felinike 5 månader sedan
Can’t wait to see Chandler swimming in a big pool with the croc boi.
Gunnar Martin
Gunnar Martin 5 månader sedan
I don’t want to come in tonight I don’t get to see anybody 😭😢
Antoine Payne
Antoine Payne 5 månader sedan
Chandler would u get a alligator
Alex Corredor
Alex Corredor 5 månader sedan
Hey Chandler how do we know when you do a live stream? Do you post on Facebook? I don't do Instagram.
Fxdeez Jun
Fxdeez Jun 5 månader sedan
I kept thinking they said "we got another stupid question" 😂😂
Ultra_axe781 5 månader sedan
Hes gotten so big
Shyanne Jones
Shyanne Jones 5 månader sedan
Chris Stapleton!!!
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen 5 månader sedan
Komodo dragons will be the next most challenging thing to feed if ever gotten one,cobras might be the first.
Trelen Scott
Trelen Scott 5 månader sedan
Can you do more stuff with Ziggy and the others I LOVE REPTILES
Gee Z
Gee Z 5 månader sedan
Steve Irwin
CalysiaGamer123 5 månader sedan
I am so done with this quarentineeee. When I turn 18 I am moving as soon as possibleeeeeeeeee >_
wolfie _studio
wolfie _studio 5 månader sedan
I love your videos and your personality it's so I spiring and uplifting I wish you wouldn't get any momba black or green I don't want to lose you and they tent to vote and kill there handlers more than any other venamous snake Ive herd of just please be careful and I'm for ever praying for you andv.
poohs sweetie
poohs sweetie 5 månader sedan
They're getting soo big!!
Shelley Newchuk
Shelley Newchuk 5 månader sedan
I love you so much hun.. you love reptiles ,as do I... your such a wonderful reptile daddy... I love Ziggy, hes my favorite.... be safe... lots of love from Canada...
Asia Evans Interiors
Asia Evans Interiors 5 månader sedan
My son and I found a Common Snapping Turtle today! It was around 12” long. Thought of your show! We love looking for animals around our home.
Aro Yo
Aro Yo 5 månader sedan
i must going to work dont see live on live :( good to i can do this now butn this not tthis same
MIke The Wood Worker
MIke The Wood Worker 5 månader sedan
When he gets to be about 2 feet long would you still trust handling him the way you do and at one point would you stop trusting him we would have to keep your distance
Navo Flexxinsrt
Navo Flexxinsrt 5 månader sedan
Why do you soak them in water?
Jaxson’s gaming Channel
Jaxson’s gaming Channel 5 månader sedan
Chandler my mom hate snakes and I wanted a snake butt she said no can I have advice
heather landskron
heather landskron 5 månader sedan
great video and hi chandler!! have a good evening. i hope all is well. cute crocodile.!!
Robert A .Dunn
Robert A .Dunn 5 månader sedan
I'm very sad to hear you even suggest that a King Cobra could be "tamed". Highly irresponsible answer when dealing with such a potentially lethal animal.
Robin Stone
Robin Stone 5 månader sedan
Sorry I missed the live, believe it or not I'm almost 60 years old and I love watching your education videos, I like all animals more than people
Amelia Pettman
Amelia Pettman 5 månader sedan
Can't believe how big ziggy is now 😍
Justice Wahlquist
Justice Wahlquist 5 månader sedan
love u
Digit4life 5 månader sedan
You should call it Kobe
Joshua Segura
Joshua Segura 5 månader sedan
Dude! Ziggy is getting huge
Test Test
Test Test 5 månader sedan
Chill with your clothes off.
Jennifer Conrad
Jennifer Conrad 5 månader sedan
Bantams are the fluffy chickens! There are many types, but they all have the sweetest attitude. Even the roosters are chill!
Unknown Toast
Unknown Toast 5 månader sedan
Lil King
Lil King 5 månader sedan
I thought he was joking when he said he knew a dude named Mike Easter what an unfortunate name 😂 my keister 😂😂😂
ImXility 5 månader sedan
Can anyone help I got my sand boa and my gf says its scales are gray is it meant to be that colour?
R. Clarke
R. Clarke 5 månader sedan
Ziggy is great. Going to have to get him a bigger enclosure soon.
Jack O'Malley
Jack O'Malley 5 månader sedan
sabah hashi
sabah hashi 5 månader sedan
Hi chandler 🙂 I love your vids and the positivity vibes 🥺👉🏽👈🏽 please reply and like chandler
FriedX 5 månader sedan
Is it just me or when he says "What's going on beautiful people!" it sounds .....
Jynxproof 5 månader sedan
Honey badger?
unknown artist
unknown artist 5 månader sedan
Can me , my fiancé and my son work at your place? lol I love your passion for these beautiful animals and I want to be involved in helping educate people with animals too
Antony Offenberg
Antony Offenberg 5 månader sedan
You should get an earless monitor lizard
AcPlays 5 månader sedan
Will you bring out your Goliath bird eater
AcPlays 5 månader sedan
Will you bring out your Goliath bird eater
AcPlays 5 månader sedan
Could you bring out your Goliath bird eater
AcPlays 5 månader sedan
Anthony Frederick
Anthony Frederick 5 månader sedan
Chandler just blazed a phatty he is fried u can tell lol
Raman Thappa
Raman Thappa 5 månader sedan
Awesome hi Chandler can you show your mom?
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 5 månader sedan
Awww, i missed you live, bummer...ziggy is so chilled...loves being scratched too...just love all your animals...Kevin is such a handsome fella...
Zurc Aled
Zurc Aled 5 månader sedan
Zigi is getting bigger and bigger everyday😊😊😊👍👍👍
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