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Chandler's Wild Life

2 månader sedan

If you come to Florida Definitely checkout Gatorama!!➡️

Sierra Atkins
Sierra Atkins 2 dagar sedan
The action from 2019 ⬇️ ACTION FROM 2020⬆️⬆️
Michael Bortle
Michael Bortle 6 dagar sedan
Bully: why you bully me what bid i do wrong Me: everything Chandler: he only killed a few crocodile
Matthew B
Matthew B 9 dagar sedan
What a monster
WILLIAM PONCE 12 dagar sedan
OMG first they master water, land, and now they can fly. We're screwed if crocodiles master regulating body heat.
Randy Barber
Randy Barber 18 dagar sedan
what is atmost respect??? lmao
lowe booty
lowe booty 22 dagar sedan
Chandler have you eaten crocodile flesh?????
Ari 22 dagar sedan
I don't think Bully likes Chandler 😂😂
stainless steel
stainless steel 23 dagar sedan
this is what noise i hear in my nightmares 0:01
Mikaela Murphy
Mikaela Murphy 24 dagar sedan
You remind me of steve Irwin with how much you love and respect these animals. Keep it up Chandler!
sandra harwood
sandra harwood 28 dagar sedan
Not to lie you look like Logan Paul
Shylo McKinsey
Shylo McKinsey Månad sedan
That's a great acoustic guitar melody at the end...
Thomas Rosenow
Thomas Rosenow Månad sedan
Chandler really gets in there for real, I bet that was extremely exhausting
Jenny Jenga
Jenny Jenga Månad sedan
The nub club 😂😂😂
Jenny Jenga
Jenny Jenga Månad sedan
Dam he's really strong...the croc of course.
Sean Long
Sean Long Månad sedan
Though technically they are from South America.
Sean Long
Sean Long Månad sedan
They are allegedly thriving there.
Sean Long
Sean Long Månad sedan
Chandler do you find any Spectacled caimans in Florida??
Suchita Gorule
Suchita Gorule Månad sedan
Madao Månad sedan
One day that camera will slap you back :)
Barbara Norden
Barbara Norden Månad sedan
I was pretty excited during vid. Awesome
Andrew Kecskemethy
Andrew Kecskemethy Månad sedan
That’s a big croc. Especially for an America Croc to I believe
K M Månad sedan
I grew up watching Steve Irwin, My children love watching Chandler videos. I do believe Chandlerl captures alot of the interaction and the personality that made that show so special and beloved by millions. Its wonderful to see someone doing something they love and to be able to share that enthusiasm with everyone else.
Chris Proctor
Chris Proctor Månad sedan
i wonder if that injury on Justins arm is from a Croc or gator mishap? super cool dude btw
Shane Bryant
Shane Bryant Månad sedan
did this man just say lactic acid is in the crocs stomach... do you know what lactic acid is?
marcdub15 Månad sedan
Taegan Joice
Taegan Joice Månad sedan
I thoroughly enjoyed this video. One of the better crocodile vids I’ve seen you do. Always an amazing adventure with you, Chandler. Thanks for the amazing content, keep it coming! 🐊☀️🌴
wakyn lizabeth
wakyn lizabeth 2 månader sedan
how do i convince my dad and stepmom to let me get a Komodo dragon.??
David Wilson
David Wilson 2 månader sedan
Chandler are the Osteo Durham nicknamed scoots
rose444200 2 månader sedan
will the Allosaurus
will the Allosaurus 2 månader sedan
What type of crocodile is that
Nathan Stiltner
Nathan Stiltner 2 månader sedan
Chandler do you sale snakes? I'm looking to get another red tale I live in Tennessee we dont have any around here but I'd love to fine another one? If u do let me know an I'll send u my phone number an we can chat about it ?
beau Iskk
beau Iskk 2 månader sedan
5:29 . I love the splashing and the chaos-
Ashlea Miller
Ashlea Miller 2 månader sedan
I'm a week late to this party; absolutely the most intense and sweetest videos, ever! Not to mention the task was completed with the animals safety and well-being in mind. This is exactly why I love Chandler AND Justin, for what they do!!
Nickel Lindie
Nickel Lindie 2 månader sedan
Damn I forgot how ripped chandler is Goals
Colin Hames
Colin Hames 2 månader sedan
That rumble at the end was sick!!!
joey glass
joey glass 2 månader sedan
Worked there for 2 years , not as nice and “humane” as it seems in this video 🤦🏻
julie hughes
julie hughes 2 månader sedan
Awesome work and glad to see Justin!
Mike Churchill
Mike Churchill 2 månader sedan
Holy cow at the end of the video that things mouth was sooooo big and wide.... you don’t see the proportion until a skinny little white boy runs by to almost get his arm snapped off and crunch like a potato chip.... yummy!!!!
Rodrigo Aranda
Rodrigo Aranda 2 månader sedan
Only one guy was wearing gloves Chandler: hahaha.. my fingers burn 😅
Taylor Dorsey
Taylor Dorsey 2 månader sedan
He has no water tho
Luke’s Wildlife
Luke’s Wildlife 2 månader sedan
That is so brave
Cuyl Shepherdton
Cuyl Shepherdton 2 månader sedan
White hat man is taking some risks there. He needs to be careful. damn.
Clarence Schivÿ
Clarence Schivÿ 2 månader sedan
This has to be your greatest video so far. Not that I don’t love the others, but maaaan... the laughs, the thrill, the love. ♥️
moogly woogly
moogly woogly 2 månader sedan
The music is awful chandler lol
Halario 2 månader sedan
Chandler: He's a bit of a bully. Also Chandler: He's killed ( *murdered* ) 4 crocodiles.
glenn juanillo
glenn juanillo 2 månader sedan
Chandler is a champion..
The Cløwn
The Cløwn 2 månader sedan
You crazy amazing people.
Isaiah Rodriguez
Isaiah Rodriguez 2 månader sedan
Do What Your Doing For Steve Irwin, He Would Be Very Proud Of You.
Rebecca Pechon
Rebecca Pechon 2 månader sedan
Chandler: pets croc like a big pup
Shadowjedi 623777
Shadowjedi 623777 2 månader sedan
Okay a little biology question. Aside from probably size and the privates, how do you tell a Crocodile’s sex?
Joy Foodie Glam
Joy Foodie Glam 2 månader sedan
Good to see Justin back in the mix.
James Stukowski
James Stukowski 2 månader sedan
Please lose the gay accent and spicy meatball stuff..its old and played out. You beat the spicy meatball to death Chandler..bury it. Take it from a fan, we dont want to hear it anymore. You killed it.
Noahisasavage 09
Noahisasavage 09 2 månader sedan
Aceyawesome 2 månader sedan
that outro was something else lmaooo
Brian Grill
Brian Grill 2 månader sedan
If he just had a toothbrush for all dem teeth Bully wouldn't be so ornery!
Matt M
Matt M 2 månader sedan
holy croc chandler, you're a tank man!
stone cold
stone cold 2 månader sedan
Huge balls you guys...
Judah Moore
Judah Moore 2 månader sedan
Yall need to put a bigger male croc in there to put him in his place
ayyachris 2 månader sedan
Getting anxiety just watching this lol.
BENDYVENOM18 2 månader sedan
He is spooning a crocodile!
hotdog pepper
hotdog pepper 2 månader sedan
The crocodile had a lil bit too much tape
Mohamed Safir
Mohamed Safir 2 månader sedan
That last jump got mee 😂
Nun ya
Nun ya 2 månader sedan
Imagine having to move a grown hippo with a n attitude
toasty pop
toasty pop 2 månader sedan
I bet the other crocodile is like steel my food you get caught take that stupid😂😂😂😂lol
S q u i s h
S q u i s h 2 månader sedan
I went to gatorama once o saw him he ate one of the foods entirely I also played with the baby gators it was so cool
SRR Founder1
SRR Founder1 2 månader sedan
Justin rocks!!!
David Pacific vlogs
David Pacific vlogs 2 månader sedan
That would be so scary doing that with all those other crocodiles around. You don't know where they are
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 2 månader sedan
Damn that last part got me :v
TOXIC 5.0 2 månader sedan thank me later my lovely human beings🔥
Allie D
Allie D 2 månader sedan
When you were moving towards the camera I jumped😅
mtneerjk81 2 månader sedan
Can you provide an update on Bully? How's he enjoying the new enclosure?
Tessa Hawkins
Tessa Hawkins 2 månader sedan
Love Patty (?) no concern for the humans... for the croc “I’m just worried about his neck” ... that’s my kinda lady there... never mind the humans... be careful for the animals ❤️
L Wallace
L Wallace 2 månader sedan
I would say Chandler, you had a bit of lactic acid build-up yourself. Veins popping. 😂
Joshua Hardy
Joshua Hardy 2 månader sedan
U should do a workout video so people that work out can do the same thing u do
Shan 323
Shan 323 2 månader sedan
Always good to see Justin
PUNKem733 2 månader sedan
LOL I was arguing with some people about animal bite strength, and they were picking the great white, or killer whale, when I laughed as I knew a saltie tops them all
ryan.pasquier 2 månader sedan
It looks like : "Some humans try to catch a God"
Livie QueenB
Livie QueenB 2 månader sedan
This video is jump scare Central 🤦🏽‍♀️ feel like such a noob
Vacation_Yachts_Tour 2 månader sedan
nice video keep it up👍😍wish the best of luck success happiness health and wealth toeveryone who reads this🙏🙏🙏
HANASANA 2 månader sedan
Bully is the alpha I’m guessing
Cameron Franklin
Cameron Franklin 2 månader sedan
me when the gator jumped at chandler : 👁👄👁
Bob Hutchinson
Bob Hutchinson 2 månader sedan
Is it just me or does it appear that there’s an extreme lack of awareness of the waters edge throughout that entire catch? Guy in blue almost lost a leg, then they are all a foot from the water and no one is looking behind them.
Green 2 månader sedan
Chandler was like, Bro you better not miss this next lasso or you gotta quit your job.
AJ Rich
AJ Rich 2 månader sedan
Why doesn’t this guy have his own show on tv.
Justin Shafer
Justin Shafer 2 månader sedan
Anyone else just want to be friends with Chandler
a_puzzlemaster 2 månader sedan
I love but hate kathy
Monica W
Monica W 2 månader sedan
Chandler, love the way you educate thru the whole process! And damn it was fantastic to see Justin around! Tell him if he can't post on his channel to please come make more appearances on yours! We all miss him, I hope he's been doing fine, his family and all his work family too! Y'all take care!
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz 2 månader sedan
i like how they where showing off how many fingers they have left 😂
Rah Boogie
Rah Boogie 2 månader sedan
Bully gets lured in with food by somebody he trust.... Bully: I have been betrayed
owleyes Malignaggi
owleyes Malignaggi 2 månader sedan
How am I only finding out about American crocs this year? The Mandela effect has to be real because nothing else makes sense why.
Shortzy 2 månader sedan
the hair bro..... wtf.... lol. Been trying to be nice and not mention anything but come on, Chandler.... lol
Exiled Knight
Exiled Knight 2 månader sedan
When is Justin returning to making you tube content?
Augie Yetter
Augie Yetter 2 månader sedan
No masks...and we wonder why corona is so bad in Florida
Franco’ s Pets
Franco’ s Pets 2 månader sedan
Wow he really wants to hug you
kevin 2 månader sedan
It's kinda sexy when they hug like that
RUBY REPTILES 2 månader sedan
Massive respect Chandler holding that big crock by your self for that few seconds damn🙆‍♂️
Gert de beuker
Gert de beuker 2 månader sedan
This exact stuff is why you see so many florida man stories xD
demattebe 2 månader sedan
14:45 -> Anybody thinking about the raptor scene at the beginning of the first jurassic park movie?
Ahmed AbdelHamed
Ahmed AbdelHamed 2 månader sedan
Fen or the guy with blue shirt have some BALL'S man 😂 If a crocodile came at me like the video 5:01 - 5:05 , i would be shaking all day , it was a close call
Andrew Hyde
Andrew Hyde 2 månader sedan
Nub crew
diviengi 2 månader sedan
Chandler crocodiles and justin. 💥boom👍.
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