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Chandler's Wild Life

3 månader sedan

If you’d like to Help KING COBRAS out in the Wild Donate to the King Cobra Conservancy!🐍➡️

Better Jake
Better Jake 4 dagar sedan
I'm just waiting for this guy to get bit.
Amir Shay
Amir Shay 9 dagar sedan
That’s a lot of king cobra indeed 😂
rebelwave100 17 dagar sedan
Chandler! I cant believe you did that to the song at 5:52 Siny- Ymir it's such an epic chill don't shit on it. Great taste tho!
Mr.SnugglyDick 18 dagar sedan
that cobra wanted back out!
Mr.SnugglyDick 18 dagar sedan
except for the cleaning part...this guy has such a great job
radmom05 21 dag sedan
I don't know who's is that bottom habitat, but everyone seems to want to go behind it! 😄
Ellizabeth Verity
Ellizabeth Verity 22 dagar sedan
My name is Ellizabeth I am uncomfortable that my name is being used for a poop scraper 😂😭
Tirano Titan
Tirano Titan 27 dagar sedan
Music:Black mamba in the box Band:Venom in chains
Devn 28 dagar sedan
Chandler, Would you like it if someone put you in a giant plastic bin then SLAMMED bags of mulch on top? NO it hurts Mr. Kevins feelings. even tho he can't hear he feels it.
Devn 28 dagar sedan
oh my how big kevin has gotten.
Don Garcia
Don Garcia 29 dagar sedan
Out of all snake handles that I’ve seen you have a very intuitive and knowledgeable way; it’s almost spiritual.
The OUTLAW BANDIT 29 dagar sedan
WOW KEVIN looks beautiful his chevrons look like gold
Bill Williamson
Bill Williamson Månad sedan
"Digest it like it was nothing"😆 Man,i really love your Channel! And i can see why Kevin is a King Cobra,whenever he"stands" up he look so dominant and demands nothing but respect!
lima e stadler
lima e stadler Månad sedan
Só eu do outro país Brazil?
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Månad sedan
Who the hell ships a black mamba like that at least put it in a bag inside the box
So you have green snake
TRIILLVILL74 CJ Månad sedan
You should release Kevin soon getting dangerously huge
Robert Robertson
Robert Robertson Månad sedan
Newer seen Justina on a good mood. She wants to kill you, but you keep on the calm :)
Lucio Hernandez
Lucio Hernandez Månad sedan
Mike Dee
Mike Dee Månad sedan
Handling King Cobra and Black Mamba is risking your life so Chandler your incredible to be handling them with proper technique
mad wolf907
mad wolf907 Månad sedan
are you more comfortable dealing with Kevin or justina?
Marco Ibarra
Marco Ibarra Månad sedan
Name him Kobe
Dalton JR
Dalton JR Månad sedan
Esse cara vai morrer
Ayla Richards
Ayla Richards Månad sedan
matthew Månad sedan
Should have named the black mamba Kobe
matthew Månad sedan
I know this dude did not just kiss the poop scarper
Stephen Rianna
Stephen Rianna Månad sedan
I hope he has plenty of anti venom. He was well within striking distance several times putting that cobra in the trash bin. Very lucky.
Helmut Rotkohl
Helmut Rotkohl Månad sedan
Can somebody explain me how to get this snake in this little box? :D
Muds BPG
Muds BPG Månad sedan
Love your snakes but your hair needs cut
Anoushirvan Paakzaad
Anoushirvan Paakzaad Månad sedan
Rest in peace Kobe
Aquarium Welt
Aquarium Welt Månad sedan
If the mamba isn’t defused, it’s gonna cost you your life sometime. The mamba is uncontrollable.
5K Subs But My Content is Crap Challenge
5K Subs But My Content is Crap Challenge Månad sedan
So how long now before he gets the Inland Taipan?
Lionel Hutz
Lionel Hutz Månad sedan
damn this looks dangerous 😁😂
Nikolas Espinosa
Nikolas Espinosa Månad sedan
Shoulda named it Gianna or Gigi after Gianna Bryant
KingArian Månad sedan
That king cobra loves chandler
RockNRon13 Månad sedan
Chandler, did it shake you up any when Kevin struck the glass?
Emmanuel Dias
Emmanuel Dias Månad sedan
Wtfk this man is crazy, he has a black manba!!!!!!!!
Harry Haddow
Harry Haddow Månad sedan
I think u should have called it Alberta
Meep Månad sedan
You are actually crazy omfg
JesseFpv Månad sedan
I feel like this guy is just testing his luck by acting the way he does with theses snakes. Pro or not
Joel Cruz
Joel Cruz Månad sedan
Stephen Rianna nah he’s actually just that good
Stephen Rianna
Stephen Rianna Månad sedan
He’s reckless and will get bitten.
Phillip Ivey
Phillip Ivey Månad sedan
There's a place for people like you the mental intuitions lol
Pretty Bird the Pet Goose
Pretty Bird the Pet Goose 2 månader sedan
A while back we had a ball python, he was about 4.4-5ft. Idk if its normal, but he ALWAYS pooped in the same corner of his enclosure on the opposite site of where he hung out /where his hide was. Made spot cleaning super easy!
PlaguedByEarth 2 månader sedan
Bill wasn't the "Black Mamba" in Kill Bill, "The Bride" was. So you could have called her that. Or Uma.
Seleti Fotu
Seleti Fotu 2 månader sedan
I don't keep reptiles or know much about them but the snake called Kevin is pretty majestic.
Zero Alpha
Zero Alpha 2 månader sedan
Hey bro. Give these snakes some plants in their homes. I think it would make their living just a bit better with some plants
iGeTbUcKeTz_47 2 månader sedan
When u get a boy black mamba name him Kobe
Ashlea Miller
Ashlea Miller 2 månader sedan
I cannot wait to see Allison grow and thrive!! She is gorgeous!
ᴘʀᴀɪsᴇ ᴇɢᴏ!
ᴘʀᴀɪsᴇ ᴇɢᴏ! 2 månader sedan
his passion for these animals is rubbing off on me.
Makemedinner 0
Makemedinner 0 2 månader sedan
I love how Kevin is so calm. Like he knows he is a boss.
Amanda Guilliam
Amanda Guilliam 2 månader sedan
you chod get a bowa
faygothrower 2 månader sedan
This dude chilling with a gator on his chest...just subscribed...
Roonny 2 månader sedan
respect and admiration for your coolness
Allen Clawson
Allen Clawson 2 månader sedan
You should have named the female GIGI(Kobe’s daughter) and if you get a male name him Kobe!
Hailhydraskull 2 månader sedan
I watch these to learn im terrified of snakes irl
Krissy 2 månader sedan
Me too lol , I’m just trying to learn the top snakes to avoid in the wild or snakes in general 🌝🌚
CLOUDfinin 2 månader sedan
Владимир Валеев
Владимир Валеев 2 månader sedan
So much words..
Allana Bradshaw-mann
Allana Bradshaw-mann 2 månader sedan
Why dont you have any enrichment in the Kings cages? They seem very active and as you said are semi arboreal would more hides, something to climb on not be useful now, even if your upgrading later?
Abbie Boyd
Abbie Boyd 2 månader sedan
Where I'm from the main snakes we have are diamondback rattlesnakes and bull snakes but normally the most venomous snake around here is the Black Mamba, but normally you dont see them just have to remember they are there.
LEON YT 2 månader sedan
Se é louco uma mamba negra
Alessandro Nascimento
Alessandro Nascimento 2 månader sedan
You are crazy man no possible
Mr. Schitz
Mr. Schitz 2 månader sedan
You kind of remind me of Jay Kulina from Kingdom, i can't put my finger on why.
Nathan Brumfield
Nathan Brumfield 2 månader sedan
When I have enough room I’m gonna start my lizard room
Sean Chang
Sean Chang 2 månader sedan
Looks like you are overwhelm with snakes Chandler, and that's not a good thing. Have you thought of having your friend taking care his snakes at your place?
Werowerko13 Werko
Werowerko13 Werko 2 månader sedan
beautiful and longer black mamba men
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis 2 månader sedan
How you can reach into a trash can with a king cobra in it bare hand, I will never know.
Sean Chang
Sean Chang 2 månader sedan
I will be in a full body snake suit.
Dkwaiid 01
Dkwaiid 01 2 månader sedan
“So here we have Kevin the king cobra..” 12:15 proceeds to pad his head* That it’s so cute 🥺😭
Amber Turner
Amber Turner 2 månader sedan
Name him Kobe or Bryant
Sean Chang
Sean Chang 2 månader sedan
It's a she.
Jessica Hahn
Jessica Hahn 2 månader sedan
How often do you feed your snakes?
Uchiba Uki
Uchiba Uki 2 månader sedan
Justina is not king cobra she is queen cobra 🐍🤷🏼‍♂️
Anastasia Walden
Anastasia Walden 2 månader sedan
Aw I love Kill Bill. You should have named her Beatrix who was known as the Black Mamba. All the assassins were named after venomous snakes, because that was their code names and I think all of them were females too. Anyways still love your collection of snakes and want to visit the sanctuary when I go to Florida...hopefully when the Corona has died down lol. I have an Asian Vine Snake named Twig whom is a cutie pie and obviously have a love for snakes. But just wanted to say thanks for representing the reptilians and educating individuals about wildlife!
The Search 7
The Search 7 2 månader sedan
Does kevin still have his fangs or you took it off? Cheers 👍
Kay's Vlogs
Kay's Vlogs 2 månader sedan
How long is Kevin now
78 pink
78 pink 2 månader sedan
Just learning... If it would be calmer with water then why not have water in the can?
Lin 2 månader sedan
How about the name Mazikeen. She is a demon from the show Lucifer. You could call her Maze.
シBARTLEMANO 2 månader sedan
I like your videos chandler
TSUNAMI 2 månader sedan
you are a brave man
Robert Hall
Robert Hall 2 månader sedan
Balls as Big as Church Bells.
Matt Allerding
Matt Allerding 2 månader sedan
If you get a male mamba name it Kobe
ChrissiTea 2 månader sedan
I totally thought you were going to name her Albertina for a sec lol
BiggieSmalls 05 WhiteSox
BiggieSmalls 05 WhiteSox 2 månader sedan
Kevin is a absolute beast wow
Beckett Gray
Beckett Gray 2 månader sedan
Honestly just commenting to see if Chandler will heart it even though I'm late
Yasin Bayrokdarov
Yasin Bayrokdarov 2 månader sedan
Sorry not to be mean but you need a haircut
Dabking215 2 månader sedan
RIP the GoAt
Evan Goguen
Evan Goguen 2 månader sedan
How long is Justina
dragons __
dragons __ 2 månader sedan
Mamma mia
Michelly Carpegeane
Michelly Carpegeane 2 månader sedan
@Richard Rasmussen
Nena King
Nena King 2 månader sedan
U need snake gloves
david cervera
david cervera 2 månader sedan
He yells too much! In tyler nolans channel, Tyler had a pissed off king cobra and the ADHD Chandler yelled at the top of his lungs while tyler was holding the king. Tyler got mad at him for doing that. The king could've bit tyler because of Chandler yelling out of nowhere. SMH
defuse religion and adopt humanity jai shree ram
defuse religion and adopt humanity jai shree ram 2 månader sedan
Who will win king cobra vs mamba ..please reply
sonny d
sonny d 2 månader sedan
Yeah I really don't like the accent thing it's kind of stupid love you though bro you're the man but I wish you'd stop doing that s***
sonny d
sonny d 2 månader sedan
You're probably my favorite but I really hate when you start smacking the camera and shut its kind of irritating I know you're trying to be funny sometimes it is but other times it can be really irritating
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 2 månader sedan
Chandler you and Kennan were bromancing lol loved it watched you leaning in on Kennan ❤️😉👍❤️🌴
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 2 månader sedan
Black Mamba no joke ❤️🌴😎 stay safe buddy
Lisa Tomsky
Lisa Tomsky 2 månader sedan
Dude this took my breath away Your one Amazing Guy and smart well Einstein has nothing on you 😁Stay Safe maybe need to break down that wall for your new black mamba 🖤🐍🌴❤️
Marina Keene
Marina Keene 2 månader sedan
Chandler if possible (if u want to) breed ur albino king cobra with kevin that would be so cool if u still have the snake
Monique Davis
Monique Davis 2 månader sedan
I'm bothered that whomever shipped this to you didnt at least put it in a pillowcase with zipties then in the 📦. No way the UPS man knew what he had in his hands!! 👀😩🕵
Monique Davis
Monique Davis 2 månader sedan
@Deedee Majerus Whewww I hope you're right sheesh lol
Deedee Majerus
Deedee Majerus 2 månader sedan
Dont think it was shipped,looks like he boxed it for the ride home.
Deklan Palmer-Jones
Deklan Palmer-Jones 2 månader sedan
Im From South Africa Where Mambas (And Puff Adders) Are Everywhere And That Is A Massive Snake
I am Yaycowmoo
I am Yaycowmoo 2 månader sedan
Linus thuresson
Linus thuresson 2 månader sedan
have you got biten
Baylie Louise
Baylie Louise 2 månader sedan
I don't know why but I always compare my cats to how the snakes act XD
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