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Chandler's Wild Life

5 månader sedan

If You’d like to Donate to McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary follow this link!!!➡️

Denali King
Denali King 4 dagar sedan
dude whatever you have no reason letting that snake head get that close to you - you take too many risks for ratings
Jennifer Loving
Jennifer Loving 2 månader sedan
The pattern on that snake's scales is beautiful.
rose444200 2 månader sedan
Sweet, I only live 20mins away. I will have to check it out once I get my car :D
Trevor Pence
Trevor Pence 3 månader sedan
Thats the fattest viper I've ever seen.
Marco Rotten
Marco Rotten 4 månader sedan
Surucucu, muito temida na região norte do Brasil.
allen yousif
allen yousif 4 månader sedan
I have a question..... I watched the show “Fatal Attraction” on Animal Planet channel & there was a guy on there (forgot his name) that survived 6 Bushmaster bites. How in the hell is that even possible? Don’t get me wrong bc I don’t wish death on anyone so I’m glad he survived but I can’t figure out how that’s even possible!!!
Luiza Medeiros Malu
Luiza Medeiros Malu 4 månader sedan
Here in Brazil we called this snake "surucucu pico de jaca". Beautiful animal! And huge!
Zeke Harouff
Zeke Harouff 4 månader sedan
That Bushmaster is MASSIVE! How much do you think it weighed Chandler? Beautiful specimen though, too! Thanks for sharing.
jennifer anne
jennifer anne 4 månader sedan
goddamn i love bushmasters! the black headed ones are dope af!
Kiran Gaikwad
Kiran Gaikwad 4 månader sedan
Definitely on steroid
Marcos Statham
Marcos Statham 4 månader sedan
I thought justina was the biggest it’s my opinion
rizwan Varool !
rizwan Varool ! 4 månader sedan
Rock Python or Viper? Viper....
ShyOfTheMoon *
ShyOfTheMoon * 4 månader sedan
You remind me of that racoon catching park ranger on Parks and Recreation 😂
victor bergqvist
victor bergqvist 4 månader sedan
You are a real pro dude. I've used your Channel to handle My fear of snakes for över a year and now they're quite fascinating.. Have you Ever seen Austin Stevens and His handling of snakes? Compared to you he's assaulting Them, what do you think?
She Flys
She Flys 4 månader sedan
What is the snake at 9:03? beautiful!!!
Steve Knight
Steve Knight 4 månader sedan
The Bush master is my favorite snake, so prehistoric looking and just enormous! That head is just so cool. I'll never get to see one in real life, so thank you for giving me the next best thing!
Steve Knight
Steve Knight 4 månader sedan
That was a beautiful looks puff at the end there too! Great facility they have there with some awesome animals.
haselfeth 4 månader sedan
I just hear the voice of Starlord
Lorenzo Torcigliani
Lorenzo Torcigliani 4 månader sedan
I'm italian i love u when you say "mamma mia ohhh' 😂
Himanshu Sekhar
Himanshu Sekhar 5 månader sedan
Thats a Python sized viper😨
Boom Hower
Boom Hower 5 månader sedan
Beautiful snakes . That Bushmaster is dope.
C9Tibbers x
C9Tibbers x 5 månader sedan
Love the videos!! This is my third video I am watching of yours!! ALSO CAN I PLEASE GET THE NAME OF THAT BLACK WHITE BROWN SNAKE WITH THE TWO HORNS ON ITS FACE!!!!! I want to know if it’s legal here in Florida to see if I can own it or not! If it is legal here in Florida I want that snake to be my first snake
The Samur1
The Samur1 5 månader sedan
I think the only non venomous snake you showed was a jungle carpet python 😂😂, I've got a much smaller one thats just as bright too
Yago Figueiredo
Yago Figueiredo 5 månader sedan
Here in Brazil the name of this snake is surucucu
PuppetPumm3l 5 månader sedan
Imagine being able to exfoliate by just soaking in water...a dream...literally a dream
Rochelle Nilson-huntley
Rochelle Nilson-huntley 5 månader sedan
Gerald Hoskins
Gerald Hoskins 5 månader sedan
Its so awesome to see these creatures and there camo patterns. The best camo patterns i have seen are found in nature and snakes are at the top of the list . Chandler , what snake do you think has the most effective pattern ? Not most striking ( non pun ) but most effective
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan 5 månader sedan
Just wanted to say hi chandler
Josue's Exotics
Josue's Exotics 5 månader sedan
McCarthys wildlife sanctuary looks amazing!!! Those vision cages look amazing and well organized!!!
Jody Van Sickle
Jody Van Sickle 5 månader sedan
I donated $10to McCarthys Wildlife👍
Jr Todd
Jr Todd 5 månader sedan
Chandler keep up the great work bro. I love your videos and you habe a badass personality.
Θύμιος Βεργής
Θύμιος Βεργής 5 månader sedan
Its like a venomous python
Haiven's Got Ideas
Haiven's Got Ideas 5 månader sedan
you shaved
Kusinerong Simpatiko
Kusinerong Simpatiko 5 månader sedan
You rock bro nice shirt
marwen nassar
marwen nassar 5 månader sedan
Kevin is the backbone of this channel
Kyle R
Kyle R 5 månader sedan
can somebody please tell me where the hell i can get a tshirt or some shit from this man
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 5 månader sedan
I aint the highest grade of weed in the dispensary,but that cage looks way too small for that big ass snake..
chakra kahn
chakra kahn 5 månader sedan
Ha before the camera zoomed into that wood bear in front of McCarthy's wildlife I thought the damn bear had a huge peepee. Lmao
OPTIMISTIC CHICKEN 55 5 månader sedan
Hey dude I love your videos your a great guy I want you to be careful when handling these animals I get it you love them believe me I understand I love them too but I don't want to lose you so keep doing what your doing but be very careful please and thank you
OPTIMISTIC CHICKEN 55 5 månader sedan
Also thank you for the content I love to watch your videos
Suga 5 månader sedan
Me: **goes to comment section** Other ppl in comments: **talking like they were there** Me: oh well- I should rlly start watching the vid now...
Dani VIP official!
Dani VIP official! 5 månader sedan 💙💙💙💛💛💛❤❤❤
Trey Shaffer
Trey Shaffer 5 månader sedan
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 5 månader sedan
Sloughing off Tyler. Not froffing off or whatever made up word you kept using. And it's LA-CHE-SIS. Not Lachius or whatever you keep calling it. I'm telling you even the intelligent people that attended Broward or Palm Beach county School systems would be considered "short bus". And I know because I grew up in Montreal and went to high school there but then when I turned eighteen I moved to fort Lauderdale, and any time I meet someone new, I can tell within about 3 minutes if they were when and raised in Broward or Palm Beach county or if they moved from somewhere else after getting their high school education. I'm not calling you South Florida people stupid, I'm knocking the school system's down in South Florida. Not even the private school kids are safe from catching the stupid ism
bhop_nowack 5 månader sedan
Where is Kevin?
Suga 5 månader sedan
Right. And Justina
Rosie Cheeks
Rosie Cheeks 5 månader sedan
Chandler, I have watched your channel for ages, but please be super careful. I don't want to see you get bitten anytime soon.
Tucker Boatman
Tucker Boatman 5 månader sedan
Hay chandler do you still have your king cobra
Hi chandler from Philippines.. I love watching you handling dangerous snakes it made you more appealing to us, I am also proud that you already had 1.36 million subscribers before that you only had 200k subscriber..😙👏👏👏👏
the gaming Guinea pig
the gaming Guinea pig 5 månader sedan
How do you put down the bermeze python that you feed to Kevin?
Alex Corredor
Alex Corredor 5 månader sedan
Chandler you treated that yellow anaconda with respect but you still got your ass a crap load of times 😆. Stay safe brother.
Hüseyin Baykara
Hüseyin Baykara 5 månader sedan
What is your favorite snake?As I can understand you don't like pyhtons because you give them king cobras to feed
Codi Morris
Codi Morris 5 månader sedan
I learn so much from your videos always happy to watch your content
Karen Grady
Karen Grady 5 månader sedan
I have a serious question. I hope you read this Chandler. There was a gator that was killed in KY if they find more would you know anyone that would be willing to come catch them and take them back where they belong so they dont have to be killed. I know they are invasive in KY but if they can be tooken back to where they belong there is no reason to kill them.
cristiano martins
cristiano martins 5 månader sedan
animal mais temído pelos indios da amazônia.
Chloe Bilton
Chloe Bilton 5 månader sedan
Hi your snakes and lizerds are amazing they make me laugh and would like to know when more videos are being filmed? thanks
Tristen Kaufman
Tristen Kaufman 5 månader sedan
If someone were to consider going into venomous snake keeping what snake would you recommend as a 1st?
I NEED MONEY 5 månader sedan
Imagine if you had a viper this size with the anacondas attitudes 😂😂
MATY_AU_ 5 månader sedan
I own a 2 year old female jungle python and she hasn't eaten her last three meals and has never done something like this and she used to be force fed and Im wondering if I have to force feed her agian which I have never done with a 5 ft long snake
Kristi Graham
Kristi Graham 5 månader sedan
Hey Chandler have you ever handeled a spreading adder or coach whip that you can find in oklahoma or texas???
lots andlots
lots andlots 5 månader sedan
A life in a small glass prison, so sad tbh
Jeffrey Webb
Jeffrey Webb 5 månader sedan
Seems like the older snakes are less aggressive.
Harbin Rawdon
Harbin Rawdon 5 månader sedan
I enjoyed seeing Mark McCarthy in Tiger King. I was like oh shit I know that guy from Chandlers show lol
Kxng Sxuce
Kxng Sxuce 5 månader sedan
You treated your anaconda with respect and still got bit 💀💀
Bong Lacamento
Bong Lacamento 5 månader sedan
Why i watch chandler? Cause he’s cute❤️
Nicole Buff
Nicole Buff 5 månader sedan
Damn Chandler, the quality of the camera and the different shots that were taken are so amazing. I can see almost every detail on some of the snakes that were shown. SO COOL!
yaboycapone 96
yaboycapone 96 5 månader sedan
Fuzz Guzz
Fuzz Guzz 5 månader sedan
Snake at 7:59, what is it??
Mark Saunders
Mark Saunders 5 månader sedan this Chandler...what snake is it..they say cape cobra but that’s African and thus is id please.
Lunker Legend
Lunker Legend 5 månader sedan
Wasnt anna in the tiger king documentary? I swear I remember seeing her in there talking about doc antle
John Sapp
John Sapp 5 månader sedan
How are the Baby Blue Vipers doing?
secret lion
secret lion 5 månader sedan
If you don’t know largest pit vipers are bushmasters but idk about normal bipers
Mystery Finery
Mystery Finery 5 månader sedan
I thought it was a python :O
Emma Horn
Emma Horn 5 månader sedan
What an amazing snake..perfect head
karan patel
karan patel 5 månader sedan
Your videos gives me anxiety 😑
Kim Edwards
Kim Edwards 5 månader sedan
I love your videos and the work you do!!! I have a question but it has nothing to do with vipers. Im just curious to see what you think about spider morphs and super cinnamons??
Melson Peros
Melson Peros 5 månader sedan
Would like to see if he gets bitten, do they have anti venom on hand
Bottlecaps 92
Bottlecaps 92 5 månader sedan
Hey Chan-Chan whats happened to your Goliath Bird eater??? haven't seen it for ages lol Stay safe Bud
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor 5 månader sedan
Erm, why no social distancing there? You do know we are in the middle of a pandemic don’t you?? When you hugged at the end, my heart had palpitations. I’ve not had a shift at work yet where some hasn’t died from COVID. Young people who like hugging probably.
Andrew Monument
Andrew Monument 5 månader sedan
LOL - NO trespassing - violators will be shot... survivors will be shot again !
Taulani 5 månader sedan
oh cool i love the snake wielding jonas brother
Tal1 5 månader sedan
Those scales are so cool
traveljunkie 5 månader sedan
i thought theyre head is suppose to be black
Whiskey Sour
Whiskey Sour 5 månader sedan
Don't ever forget, sometimes animals are bipolar, and they'll attack just because it's their nature.
TWINK THE TROLL 5 månader sedan
Joe will hopefully create a law to outlaw private citizens being able to own deadly animals like this a risking the safety of society. BIDEN 2020
Andrew Raynes
Andrew Raynes 5 månader sedan
Probably a stupid question, but with out vipers going into shed. Does that mess with their ability to sense heat like it would their vision. Or does that remain the same.
Yes Sir
Yes Sir 5 månader sedan
Bro I’m so tired of the (lit mobile power bank). Anyone els??
The-God-of Weebs
The-God-of Weebs 5 månader sedan
The biggest snake i have seen in real life is a reticulated python female it was in middle school and the organization was called i believe animal science
Simon Ostinelli
Simon Ostinelli 5 månader sedan
What’s up Mate great video as always,you’ve made my lockdown so much easier lol hooked on your videos!!! Anna is absolutely beautiful Mark is a lucky fella lol!!!!
Victor Espinosa
Victor Espinosa 5 månader sedan
Chandler where can i buy a pet snake :c ? I'm from Mexico
Lakota39 5 månader sedan
I love venomous snakes, they all are so beautiful to me. But I'm never gonna try to own/hold one. For me respecting them is just not disturbing them at all and letting them clean up the rodent populations. I wouldn't mind seeing a bush viper from the other side of some glass though.
Jessica Bona
Jessica Bona 5 månader sedan
Omg that is one beautiful snake. So jealous of your life. I love snakes, you have been my obsession during this pandemic, you really help with my anxiety ❤ thank you.
Juicing Giant
Juicing Giant 5 månader sedan
Not sure about the new look kinda looks like they found you in the jungle looking for a new species of BUSHMASTER... lol
electricals work point
electricals work point 5 månader sedan
What's name this snake...?
Beautiful Pollution
Beautiful Pollution 5 månader sedan
Froth dosen't mean what you think it does. Throft isn't a word.
Sonja Williams
Sonja Williams 5 månader sedan
If each one of Chandler's SUBCRIBER'S DONATED JUST $1.00 To McCarthy's...Well awesome!!
Edmon Jovial
Edmon Jovial 5 månader sedan
Big ass viper
Roby Consolaro
Roby Consolaro 5 månader sedan
In italy we don't use "mamma Mia" like you... if you want to say something in Italian like "WTF" or something like "woo!" Says "figa!" 😁 After this. You're awesome! Big up!
Kilian 5 månader sedan
can you make a video in germany that wold be relly funny
h3xt0r 5 månader sedan
What's the difference in temperament between this kind of snake and anaconda's because those two anacondas you have bite you all the time.
priya mittal
priya mittal 5 månader sedan
He is da best
Tom Blount
Tom Blount 5 månader sedan
If you play with death it will kill you.
꧁꧂෴Sarah M෴꧁꧂
꧁꧂෴Sarah M෴꧁꧂ 5 månader sedan
Slough...not froth ....
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