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Chandler's Wild Life

2 månader sedan

If you’d like to Help KING COBRAS out in the Wild Donate to the King Cobra Conservancy!🐍➡️

JaeSlow 18 dagar sedan
Hey Chandler, you ever heard of the Crocodile Hunter?
Tomasz Wójcik
Tomasz Wójcik Månad sedan
I still don't like snakes and don't trust to them but Kevin is my favourite YT animal. He is such beauty. And I think, really intelligent. You take him on your hand and he is visable getting calm. Amazing...
Tomasz Wójcik
Tomasz Wójcik Månad sedan
Do you suggest do not kiss king cobra?
Jarah Fluxman
Jarah Fluxman Månad sedan
Who wants to get into that bath with all the Indian Cobras? 😉
Archit Narang
Archit Narang Månad sedan
Hope you're getting a nice big open bath for all your beautiful animals with that YT money
Mel Jane
Mel Jane Månad sedan
Get kids sizes in your tees!! My son is a 5 small in kids and wants a kevin t shirt!! Pleaseeee :)
Kelsi North
Kelsi North Månad sedan
My 9 yo has been dying to see kevin since I've shown him your channel. Hes obsessed ever since.
Joslitha Kariko
Joslitha Kariko Månad sedan
Really really love the king
Ruth Ngatai Glassey
Ruth Ngatai Glassey Månad sedan
i love Kevin
Gold Silver fever
Gold Silver fever Månad sedan
Ol Kev, the King 👑 🐍.
og_boi XD
og_boi XD Månad sedan
Indian cobra? Indie
Debie House
Debie House Månad sedan
I want cuddle Kevin so bad!!!!!!❤️❤️🌶🌶🌶
Jaya Chandran
Jaya Chandran Månad sedan
guys you should raise the king cobra and released in the wilds in Florida, texas, Arizona, and other state of USA. Hail the King. namaste from Nepal, the abode of Lord Shiva, who adorn King Cobra around his neck.
Tony Shoemaker
Tony Shoemaker 2 månader sedan
Alex R
Alex R 2 månader sedan
Imagine if his snakes got lose in Florida wth I hope his building is safe incase if a bad hurricane this could be so bad if they got lose. I hope he’s careful I anit mad at him but please be careful
Frosty Pawps
Frosty Pawps 2 månader sedan
It made me laugh so hard when Kevin didn't want to get in the bath, like I could just imagine him being like "NOOOOOOOOO" 😂😂😂
Amit Sangwan
Amit Sangwan 2 månader sedan
I'm from India
shadowknight 2 månader sedan
dopender for the big male Indian cobra
Megan Sonnier
Megan Sonnier 2 månader sedan
The big male I would name hun Tobias
PJ Herring
PJ Herring 2 månader sedan
Cujo the snake 🐍
Kimson Jhun
Kimson Jhun 2 månader sedan
Its been a while since Ive watched at this channel
ULG gaming
ULG gaming 2 månader sedan
Константин Абдрахманов
Константин Абдрахманов 2 månader sedan
Чувак я 8 и не хочу тебя видеть как я люблю тебя и тебя никто не любит
Sandhra Sur
Sandhra Sur 2 månader sedan
Name the rattlesnake Marina!
thisguy177 2 månader sedan
all hail the king!🐍👑
Sebastiano Elysee
Sebastiano Elysee 2 månader sedan
Bro wtf? I thought that was another person at the beginning😅 Quarantine really changed people’s looks😂
Fish Stick
Fish Stick 2 månader sedan
Zashil- enthusiastic. He likes to hood up! And he's a gorgeous energetic boy!
karin buff
karin buff 2 månader sedan
Hi king cobra a are my ultimate a te favorite snake Kevin is my all time favorite snake he seem so passive and how long have you had Kevin he see,s so coo. That you should find kev a girlfriend little kev babies would be awesome and your female needs a boyfriend as he is cool to
GHURABA-X 2 månader sedan
Chandlers can i ask something. How much one king cobra in your country
Pҽɾʂιαɳ MFPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ
Pҽɾʂιαɳ MFPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ 2 månader sedan
Is that a snake in ur pants or are you just happy to see me? 🤭😁😅😄😆
Bava Pmna
Bava Pmna 2 månader sedan
ഇതെന്താ പാമ്പു് വിൽക്കുന്ന കടയോ ? പാമ്പുപിടിക്കാൻ ഞങ്ങളുടെ ചങ്ക് വാവാ സുരേഷ് കഴിഞ്ഞേ ഉളളൂ. ഞങ്ങടെ ചങ്കിന് കമ്പിയും വടിയും ഒന്നും വേണ്ട മക്കളെ പാമ്പു്ഷിക്കാൻ
Poonam Aggarwal
Poonam Aggarwal 2 månader sedan
Dude that was awesome how you controlled them
Louise J
Louise J 2 månader sedan
Petition for 'Pay attention' cobra/mamba merch.
Sean Doxtator
Sean Doxtator 2 månader sedan
Kevin is awesome I have never ever seen a King Cobra in real life, I can’t get sick of watching ur videos with Kevin in them I’m always looking forward to these videos , these animals r amazing
soubhik chakraborty
soubhik chakraborty 2 månader sedan
King cobra is symbol of bravery . This Malaysian golden King cobra looks so beautiful
ali rasuli
ali rasuli 2 månader sedan
Deb Kaminski
Deb Kaminski 2 månader sedan
I totally fan girl over Kevin. He's so cute 🥰🐍
zeus & the beast
zeus & the beast 2 månader sedan
Name the Indian cobra Raj . love the vids while waiting on covid results. Chandler, please like my comment. Im so depressed.
Ass taste ok
Ass taste ok 2 månader sedan
Chandler be careful my man 🙏love your videos but stay safe bud
Lorrie Tsaoussis
Lorrie Tsaoussis 2 månader sedan
Kevin's like dad i dont want a bath
Lorrie Tsaoussis
Lorrie Tsaoussis 2 månader sedan
Kevin is eyeing ur black mamba probably think black mamba yum
Lorrie Tsaoussis
Lorrie Tsaoussis 2 månader sedan
The other snakes are probably think 'What do u mean window shopping not cool'
Lorrie Tsaoussis
Lorrie Tsaoussis 2 månader sedan
I think kevin is showing off
Lorrie Tsaoussis
Lorrie Tsaoussis 2 månader sedan
Kevin is so hansome
FishMaster Davis
FishMaster Davis 2 månader sedan
Name the cobra Brad
Katie B
Katie B 2 månader sedan
Are false water cobras still venomous
BigE125 2 månader sedan
I love Kevin he’s my favorite snake
Tim Jensen
Tim Jensen 2 månader sedan
Since you were little? Bro you're like 17-18 years old you're still a tween bro😂😂
Coty Baker
Coty Baker 2 månader sedan
He's over 21 sooo 🤷
street vybz
street vybz 2 månader sedan
@18:10 like Kevin did wan attack u
James Fifty-shades-of-Day
James Fifty-shades-of-Day 2 månader sedan
Another excellent video
ChakaGamer 2 månader sedan
Awww yey kevin
ChakaGamer 2 månader sedan
What happened with Kevin?
Hannah Riggs
Hannah Riggs 2 månader sedan
name him solomon!!
Lisa S
Lisa S 2 månader sedan
You always talk about how long Kevin is which is awesome but how much does he weigh? Are you going to weigh your anacondas as they grow? I think that would be interesting to know. You do an awesome job with your animals and Ruth is an awesome camera person! I love this channel!
David Shaffer
David Shaffer 2 månader sedan
Lunch if you put him in with Kevin 😁
Matte Denne
Matte Denne 2 månader sedan
Krishna or Buddha
Mark Sevastipol
Mark Sevastipol 2 månader sedan
Tub of 4 dangerous snakes Chandler over here just vibin with em no biggie. Best animal an reptile handler ive ever seen.
kjsj jsjvfbn
kjsj jsjvfbn 2 månader sedan
jo i just wondered where i can get the locks youre using i need some more and i hate these thinn weired locks
Joshua Lynch
Joshua Lynch 2 månader sedan
Big Indian cobra needs to be peter. after russell peters.
Gabriel Carrington
Gabriel Carrington 2 månader sedan
i only came for kevin 🥺
Suhail Ismail
Suhail Ismail 2 månader sedan
You have the bloody courage to take them simply
Keyree Carver
Keyree Carver 2 månader sedan
If you could have another life and be anything in the world which would you be could be an animal what ever you want to tell me in the comments
Ayaan Usmani
Ayaan Usmani 2 månader sedan
Gandhi the Indian cobra?
Dark Side Official
Dark Side Official 2 månader sedan
Love from India
Frank Avalos
Frank Avalos 2 månader sedan
Chandler is My favorite wild life expert saludos from Frank all the way from cuidad Juárez México saludos means hi en spanish and thanks Chandler for all the episodes that You put out and Indian cobra name for male Jafar felmale Jasmine
Sarah Patton
Sarah Patton 2 månader sedan
For the big Indian cabra name I’d say “Bill” after my late cat 😊
Dastan 2 månader sedan
King Kobra is the most spectacular astonishing snake in the world. So calm, so big so beautiful.
Teresa Bouldin
Teresa Bouldin 2 månader sedan
Love animals but snakes I can do without im extremely scared of them
Cadie Caldwell
Cadie Caldwell 2 månader sedan
Please check ur emails one labeled birthday request ! Thank you !!!
Sebastian Kleis
Sebastian Kleis 2 månader sedan
We all know how this guy will die 😂
Galen Brewer
Galen Brewer 2 månader sedan
PT Barnum was the greatest showman on earth... how about the name BARNUM for your Spectacle Cobra.
Desdemona 2 månader sedan
Kevin feels a little sad starring at the "All you can not eat buffet" :) :) :)
Mang Harvy
Mang Harvy 2 månader sedan
john maselli
john maselli 2 månader sedan
Robert Keller
Robert Keller 2 månader sedan
chandler i love you vids and all your reptiles. And i'm subscribed and i taped the bell.
Firefighter 3
Firefighter 3 2 månader sedan
Maut Ka Hud for the big male. Which translates from Hindi to English as Death Hood.
SUHAIL Paradox
SUHAIL Paradox 2 månader sedan
Do you have super rare gold colour Indian cobra ?
Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee 2 månader sedan
lol Chandler giving his Cobras a pool party
Nathan Haberland
Nathan Haberland 2 månader sedan
Why don’t you name the cobra Shao Kahn from mortal Kombat
kimbery EXCAVATOR kim
kimbery EXCAVATOR kim 2 månader sedan
FC. From Thailand. Love king cobra so much.
Zakk Allen
Zakk Allen 2 månader sedan
Kevin: look man im not a kid okay im a gaint snake that can bite u if i wated to but no ur to nice Chandler: kevin id a gaint kid his mood is good and imma soak him today Aye PAY ATTENTION HERE
Jvmez Uno
Jvmez Uno 2 månader sedan
Kevin is an absolute BEAST! I just want to pet him. LET ME PET HIM PLZZZZZ
Debie House
Debie House 2 månader sedan
Hey Chandler can you introduce Ruth to us?
Kaitlyn Benson
Kaitlyn Benson 2 månader sedan
Rubba dub dub 4 cobras in a tub
Gavin Hudgins
Gavin Hudgins 2 månader sedan
All hail king keven
Gavin Hudgins
Gavin Hudgins 2 månader sedan
Beast boy
Dan Marchant
Dan Marchant 2 månader sedan
How about Jalfrezi or Madras for 2 names for Indian cobra, after 2 spicy Indian curries
ilove my boyfriend
ilove my boyfriend 2 månader sedan
or could name him the boss
ilove my boyfriend
ilove my boyfriend 2 månader sedan
or could name him papa legba
LordEvolutions 2 månader sedan
Name him Ruffel
ilove my boyfriend
ilove my boyfriend 2 månader sedan
name him after cartoon snake in robin hood sir hiss
Sunshine the Cockatiel
Sunshine the Cockatiel 2 månader sedan
I'm just here for my man Kevin 😘
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 2 månader sedan
Name the older Indian Cobra Flare or Bullet: Because he like’s to Flare up that beautiful hood and he like’s to shoot out like a Bullet
Ben B
Ben B 2 månader sedan
Can we see your African forest cobra and the other cobra the one with the crazy rust colours in the next vid??
RUSHisRIGHT09 2 månader sedan
come on!! feed kevin and justina
the interstate
the interstate 2 månader sedan
chandler: kevin is a beast kevin: 16:20 boop
Mac Lorenzo
Mac Lorenzo 2 månader sedan
Hey, Chandler & Ruth, great episode as always. Chandler, when a snake sheds its skin the verb you often use is “through/ph/ff” off, the word you mean is “slough,” sounds like, “sloff.” Being so close in sound you obviously know this in the back of your mind, just wanted to help you remember. Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition: “Definition of slough (Entry 4 of 5) intransitive verb. 1a : to become shed or cast off. b : to cast off one's skin. c : to separate in the form of dead tissue from living tissue.” Thanks for making such engaging content.
Jay Matthews
Jay Matthews 2 månader sedan
Missed you bro. Appreciate you taking that risk bro fr. Entertainment and education at it's best. 💯
Jenny M.
Jenny M. 2 månader sedan
Kevin said "No Daddy! I don't want a bath. I won't go in,, I just won't! You can't make me! If only I had a voice box, I would cuss you out. BACK OFF!"
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