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Chandler's Wild Life

4 månader sedan

Claiborne Norman
Claiborne Norman 3 dagar sedan
How is this snake doing?
Victor Huerta
Victor Huerta 10 dagar sedan
Feeding video
lordofalltime Månad sedan
did Chandler freeze and then defrost those leaves to kill off any viruses and bad bacteria? just like he does to the bits of wood he gets for those tanks or snakes that he feeds to Kevin?
ashley karlson
ashley karlson Månad sedan
i dont think its a coral snake because red touches yellow it will kill a fellow
Bromar O
Bromar O 5 dagar sedan
it definitely is a coral snake
Keep your snake ok qlease F
Keep your snake ok qlease F Månad sedan
Love 💘
Keep your snake ok qlease F
Keep your snake ok qlease F Månad sedan
I Do have a sake
Sofia Oliveira
Sofia Oliveira Månad sedan
Chandler, we need an update on this guy!
ZodiacalEel 13
ZodiacalEel 13 Månad sedan
cutecutt Månad sedan
I wonder how Carl is doing now, I love this setup for him, I hope he does well!
SiGuy Games
SiGuy Games Månad sedan
I’m 9 and never left Michigan
Fardeen Winter
Fardeen Winter 2 månader sedan
suriname is a good place with a lot of snakes
cab196 2 månader sedan
Sorry to disturb you, but what's the scientific's name of this coral snake? Really thanks to your answer.
Tanner Turk
Tanner Turk 2 månader sedan
I think that's the first time and the last time I'll hear "leaf montage"😄
Rafael califf
Rafael califf 2 månader sedan
No brasil muito raro ver ela na agua. Ela morreu acho por isso temque ter um lugar seco !
r c
r c 2 månader sedan
I would say dingo is the reptile king or you . I get alot more info from you guys in my opinion . A family member of mine was a missionary in peru where my father grew up she was bitten by a coral and almost lost her life .
N SREENIVAS PRASAD 2 månader sedan
Chandler do you extract venom from snakes
Sabrina Flanagan
Sabrina Flanagan 2 månader sedan
The roll during the leaf montage 😂
CoCo O
CoCo O 3 månader sedan
Poor. Carl, I’m sorry Chandler.
Gustav 117
Gustav 117 3 månader sedan
Is anyone else here after it died
Satya Prasad
Satya Prasad 3 månader sedan
I got this video as recommendation, after the coral snake died. Any one same?
Jordan D
Jordan D 3 månader sedan
Well this is kinda awkward now
Gage Burton
Gage Burton 2 månader sedan
Rest in Peace, Carl
Mat The Potatoe
Mat The Potatoe 3 månader sedan
May he Rest In Peace 🥺😭
That Boy Noah
That Boy Noah 3 månader sedan
Who here after he died
WhyDoWeLaugh 3 månader sedan
Malena Giovonni Phoenix
Malena Giovonni Phoenix 3 månader sedan
Can we say..... goofball....Yes Chandler = goofball!!!!
Michalis Skarmoutsos
Michalis Skarmoutsos 3 månader sedan
Kervin Padua
Kervin Padua 3 månader sedan
Sadly he died😢
Ruisu-214 3 månader sedan
1 month later - Carl has Died :(
Huzman Assanar
Huzman Assanar 3 månader sedan
Rip Carl You will be missed
Waffle Dropper
Waffle Dropper 3 månader sedan
RIP Carl
Brucio Wilbur
Brucio Wilbur 3 månader sedan
RIP carl
Fence Post
Fence Post 3 månader sedan
Chandlers new look kinda reminds me of Matt Hooper from Jaws just without the glasses.
SIM V.16
SIM V.16 3 månader sedan
Rip Carl
ii_omqkingmoro 3 månader sedan
Rest in peace Carl
strap jr
strap jr 3 månader sedan
Calais-Norman Wade
Calais-Norman Wade 3 månader sedan
Something is really wrong with Chandler!!! The beginning of this vid was epic! LOL!!!!!
Lance Marcelo
Lance Marcelo 3 månader sedan
Try putting some live plants, they deal with ammonia.
caleb savage
caleb savage 3 månader sedan
Coral snakes are like one of the only venomous snakes I've seen that don't look like they are constantly pissed off
Kristen Whitley
Kristen Whitley 3 månader sedan
These montages are making giving me life lol
BrianTDG 3 månader sedan
Frogs: oh look honey he is making a home for us and our son! Frogs: wtf is that?
Wesley Fallen
Wesley Fallen 3 månader sedan
Carl is my new favorite, his setup is amazing!
Jesse Cash
Jesse Cash 3 månader sedan
That last Frog was like, No brotha I saw what you just put in here. I'm good I'll say in this cup!!
Zhào Liǔ
Zhào Liǔ 3 månader sedan
I left Florida. It’s a shame they made venomous snakes illegal.. I thought this was a free country..
Sourav Chand
Sourav Chand 3 månader sedan
Bhai teh bak bak karta hai.
Jackson Decker
Jackson Decker 3 månader sedan
You should get a venomous frog
Little Loopy
Little Loopy 3 månader sedan
Can you do an update of this snake?
Sean McDonnell
Sean McDonnell 3 månader sedan
Chandler has wayyyyy too much fun with his montages 😂 im jealous lmao
MissyCruelWolf Art
MissyCruelWolf Art 3 månader sedan
God really out here making coral snakes ADORABLE but deadly. Thanks god, now I cant pet it
Nathan Pettigrew
Nathan Pettigrew 3 månader sedan
It has been about a month now, how is carl doing?
Caio Silva
Caio Silva 3 månader sedan
Coral fake
RBn2 3 månader sedan
looks sick to me
soph fitz
soph fitz 3 månader sedan
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but, overtime wouldn't the coral snake eat the clown tree frogs? I just feel like even if he keeps it well fed there's still a chance it could eat one and so I'm not really happy he's putting the two animals together. I'm not hating on Chandler and with his experience he probably will make it word but it just personally unsettles me anytime animal keeper/carer puts a predator animal in with a prey animal. I just think if uneducated keepers see this they may be influenced to do the same thing not knowing methods he knows with fatal consequences for their pets.
Rebecca Kershaw
Rebecca Kershaw 3 månader sedan
Which Egyptian cobra did he trade? He still has Kevin and Justina right?!
hysso red
hysso red 3 månader sedan
yep, he still have them (also they are king cobra) (sorry for poor english ^^' )
B136A 3 månader sedan
Who else awwwwwwweedd when he yawned🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
MrIzzy11B 3 månader sedan
It’s a great feeling seeing the snakes or any reptile that is Just be happy when you put them into a proper home
Matt Gosling
Matt Gosling 3 månader sedan
How long would this snake usually live for in this tank set up??
Adriahna Brown
Adriahna Brown 3 månader sedan
Can’t wait to see updates on this guy. What a beautiful snake. Can’t believe you caught him yawning ❤️
Nick Nasty
Nick Nasty 3 månader sedan
The actual snake is in 20% of this video
David Payne
David Payne 3 månader sedan
Can you do an update on him?
Lee Schmedthorst
Lee Schmedthorst 3 månader sedan
Are they PH sensitive?
Euclid AllGloryToTheLogLady
Euclid AllGloryToTheLogLady 3 månader sedan
My old Scarlet King looked like that, but boy he didn't act like it.. He was a straight asshole with ZERO chill.
Peter cray
Peter cray 3 månader sedan
If the animal came from a creek why can't you release it? It said it was captive. Are you not worried about putting bacteria in the water with the random leaves you got in the yard? Or worried about them decomposing and raising the ammonia levels in your water?
tanmoy aj
tanmoy aj 3 månader sedan
Chandi boy that seems a bit too much leaf for a aquarium that size... reduce half of it plz..
Jason Myers
Jason Myers 3 månader sedan
i live in maryland, where i keep coral snakes. I have found they are very hard to get to eat. i have to buy baby corn snakes for my adults. and i have to force feed baby food to my babies or smaller corals. hope you have a better time with yours.
KittKatt 3 månader sedan
I neeeeed more footage of Carl swimming !
Mason Sebastian
Mason Sebastian 3 månader sedan
You should have named him red skull from captain America lol
Jelmer 3 månader sedan
The frogs gonna be eaten i think
Alan Gibson
Alan Gibson 3 månader sedan
I love your videos but please, stop the cringey accent!
Issme tb
Issme tb 3 månader sedan
anthony jones
anthony jones 3 månader sedan
Bro your electric bill must be threw the roof lol
adam nichols
adam nichols 3 månader sedan
Did anyone else yawn when the snake did
Darryl Hoar
Darryl Hoar 3 månader sedan
Chandler, can you give us an update on how the snake is doing ?
The Fishy Life !
The Fishy Life ! 3 månader sedan
Man I keep picturing a big school of cardinal tetras in his habitat , If he eats a few oh well but it would really tie the whole setup together????
XmenMagnetoAcolytes 3 månader sedan
Red touching black can kill you Jack.
jhrsmail 3 månader sedan
Do you drink redbull? Or snake venom? 😁
Lost Cause
Lost Cause 3 månader sedan
I can't believe that you caught a yawn!!!
Randomguy4789 __________________
Randomguy4789 __________________ 3 månader sedan
Why don't you work for National Geographic.i feel like you would do good at National Geographic
Aidan Bailey
Aidan Bailey 3 månader sedan
Umm? I believe that’s a milksnake? Red and yellow killer fellow, red and black friendly jack!
Troubler2 3 månader sedan
That's what we learn for our USA Coral snake. This is from another country
Joshua Garza
Joshua Garza 3 månader sedan
Man.. the amount of excitement you showed with this snakes makes me want to do everything I can to help you keep it alive! Can you please make an IG page for this so we can follow its progress?
ivan forla
ivan forla 3 månader sedan
Sono l'unico Italiano a notare che gli americani pensano che parliamo tutti come Robert De Niro?
SteGo Fuego
SteGo Fuego 3 månader sedan
Hey Chandler so what abt red touch black, venom lack? I see that carl has red on black but hes supposedly venomous? How does it work
The Weez dogg
The Weez dogg 3 månader sedan
Forgive me if I’m wrong but won’t the snake just eat those frogs? If so isn’t it a bit messed up putting them in there? I get they are all to simulate the ecosystem but in nature they aren’t trapped in close quarters with potential predators and they’ll dirty up that water very fast which will be bad for the snake idk seems unethical and counter productive to me :/ love the scape tho would appreciate anyone else’s opinion
Niko 3 månader sedan
Plot twist : it’s a milk snake
Crestie Crafts
Crestie Crafts 3 månader sedan
Please do weekly updates on this lil dude he's amazing
LUCIFER ARCANGEL 3 månader sedan
Friend, you are a fucking best!
yada davis
yada davis 3 månader sedan
Chinese and Japanese eat coral snakes. Moral of the comment: nothing is venomous to eat and Asians dgaf AT ALL
The Savage One
The Savage One 3 månader sedan
RIP, The rhyme " red touches black friend of jack"🙂
Despacito 3 månader sedan
It's for north american corals
Lilah Maniae
Lilah Maniae 3 månader sedan
"Has the most potent venom, SUPER TOXIC, DANGEROUS NO TOUCH" Me: "Awwwwww he's trying to hide his head.. LOOK AT THE YAWN AWWWWWWWWW" I'm really hoping Carl stays healthy and happy and has a long life with you, Chandler!
Fat boy Outdoors
Fat boy Outdoors 3 månader sedan
Love your videos man but 2 things, 1 windex in general is not good regardless of ammonia, vinegar is a way safer choice, 2 nitrifying bacteria do not live in the water column they are not free swimming they live on surfaces such as the sponge filter but I don’t want you to think I’m bashing you or anything just wanted to try and help you out
Sean’s Master aquatics
Sean’s Master aquatics 3 månader sedan
Hay chandler can you feed the coral snake so we can see how the venom reacts.
Mister Holloway
Mister Holloway 3 månader sedan
was just thinking that. maybe need a new rhyme
keelan James
keelan James 3 månader sedan
Isn't it a milk snake its red on black, corals are red on yellow
onray reynolds
onray reynolds 3 månader sedan
What r the frogs going to eat or r they just food for the 🐍?
The Jarhead Entrepreneur
The Jarhead Entrepreneur 3 månader sedan
This is by far my favorite snake of your.. Such a cool setup and laid back guy..Keep Crushing It!!! Stay HUMBLE, Stay HUNGRY, Stay FOCUSED...~The Jarhead Entrepreneur
Joseph Power
Joseph Power 4 månader sedan
what's the music for the montages? absolute banger
WiLdLiFe [Mystery]
WiLdLiFe [Mystery] 4 månader sedan
Very dangerous and beautiful snake. 😊👍
Boa-Noah 4 månader sedan
A rare nearly fully aquatic coral snake with a near 100% fatality rate in captivity... and you're giving it an uncycled tank that's barely half full of what is essentially dirty fish water? And keeping it with tree frogs? Like, no offense it's great you're making an attempt but did you seriously buy this snake with 0 preparation for it ahead of time? That's honestly terrible advice for your viewers, many of which are no doubt impressionable youths, especially when the exotic pet trade is already full of impulse purchasers that don't prepare for their animals responsibly.
Twisted T
Twisted T 4 månader sedan
Man this was so awesome. Good luck to you and your new found yawny snakey.
Aleph 4 månader sedan
18:57 for you guys who dont want to watch the whole video
Samantha Mckay
Samantha Mckay 4 månader sedan
Even on a bad day this man makes me laugh he brilliant at what he does amazing I couldn't do what he does take care off all them venous snakes
Sakshyam Budhathoki
Sakshyam Budhathoki 4 månader sedan
chandler ;the snake is toxic the snake; hey kid my dad earns more weekly than your earning of whole life
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