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Chandler's Wild Life

22 dagar sedan


Lyndseigh Muller
Lyndseigh Muller 4 dagar sedan
I wanna know what Chandler’s first reptiles were😌
Caitlin Snyder
Caitlin Snyder 5 dagar sedan
what are the two yellowish snakes called that you got out after the rattle snake
Caitlin Snyder
Caitlin Snyder 5 dagar sedan
when i’m older you and other people inspire me to want to work with poisonous snakes
Moon al'Mera
Moon al'Mera 14 dagar sedan
Late to the party but OMG best intro ever!
Love my DandyLion
Love my DandyLion 14 dagar sedan
WolfY 108
WolfY 108 14 dagar sedan
Have you thought of putting a spy cam in the enclosure to capture what they are up to at night and time lapses ect
Candice Bouldon
Candice Bouldon 14 dagar sedan
We’re is Kevin the king cobra
Alex Arocha
Alex Arocha 14 dagar sedan
Dude!!! I just saw you at Miami Reptiles!! Bought my second snake today hahah. Love ur videos man you inspired me to go get another little buddy
Ariana Wilson
Ariana Wilson 14 dagar sedan
Cute snakes
Ryan jennings
Ryan jennings 14 dagar sedan
How come you don't have any copperheads? Those are local snakes in Florida too right?
Chauncey Bragg
Chauncey Bragg 15 dagar sedan
You should do a video on the best venomous snakes to start a collection
Cyndy 15 dagar sedan
Hey Chandler we're getting a little worried about you. I hope it wasn't your appendix! We would love an update. 🤗💚💛💚💛
Heather Scarfo
Heather Scarfo 15 dagar sedan
Chandler are all these guys yours when you move will they all move with they all come with you to your new property
Sarah powell
Sarah powell 15 dagar sedan
Haven’t seen You for nearly a week I hope you are ok and nothing to serious
Broke Teenager
Broke Teenager 15 dagar sedan
Where are the aquatic snakes
Blake's Stuff
Blake's Stuff 15 dagar sedan
how are you still alive
Sandra Morrison
Sandra Morrison 15 dagar sedan
Spooktoober? Hahahahahahaha
miss Anie Bananie
miss Anie Bananie 15 dagar sedan
4:31 ooooohhh lord I flinched, Ruth is such a badass
Syndicate Leader
Syndicate Leader 15 dagar sedan
Hey, did he get bit? He hasn't uploaded in a week
paul hurley
paul hurley 15 dagar sedan
swamp water in fl. there are no mountains,so were does the waater come from.any way i love your animals and hope your stomach is o.k your to young to have plumbing problems,also stay safe
Sparky D
Sparky D 16 dagar sedan
Hi Chandler bro hope you are ok, I haven't seen any videos in 5 days I am hoping you are well and ok my man.
Ujang Palestina
Ujang Palestina 16 dagar sedan
wheres the Blue Insularis? are they both dead now?
Shallotte 14 dagar sedan
they died
dayle. Johnson
dayle. Johnson 16 dagar sedan
Good job 👍
Isaac Theising
Isaac Theising 16 dagar sedan
That papuan black snake looks like a black racer
Sandy Miller
Sandy Miller 16 dagar sedan
You need a haircut
Persuade Wavyy
Persuade Wavyy 16 dagar sedan
I was scrolling to far and so a snake that was scary af😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Fatimara j
Fatimara j 17 dagar sedan
Every time I watch your videos I have to lower the volume lol
Tara M
Tara M 17 dagar sedan
Hope your stomach feels better. Saying a prayer for you Chandler
Olga Mercedes Vargas
Olga Mercedes Vargas 17 dagar sedan
Ok but I miss when you say coño 🥺
Jessica Bona
Jessica Bona 17 dagar sedan
Omfg haha, the intro was golden, the scarf one had be laughing so hard. Your one of a kind. Love it 🥰. P.S; I hope you feel better 😘
Morpheus 17 dagar sedan
Hope it's not COVID
Hope Kasecamp
Hope Kasecamp 17 dagar sedan
Get well soon chandler I’m going thru withdraw lol
Andro 17 dagar sedan
Do you have any knowledge on bufo alavarius
Acadia Jurado
Acadia Jurado 17 dagar sedan
I had to have my stomach scanned because it was a little stomach bug
Nahki Billie
Nahki Billie 17 dagar sedan
(The teacher) what kind of pet do you want (Chandler) I want a black mamba
Nahki Billie
Nahki Billie 17 dagar sedan
The venomous snake cage with the snake skin was funny
Legendary Logan
Legendary Logan 17 dagar sedan
Is the baby black mamba still doing good I love them
Tommy Gifford
Tommy Gifford 17 dagar sedan
3:20 cobra casually striking 😂
Joe Centrone
Joe Centrone 17 dagar sedan
I enjoy your videos but don't understand why you put your life in danger. One bite can kill you. You are much safer than nolan he is nuts the way he handles his snakes. Very seldom does he use the hook he just grabs them with his hands. A little crazy I believe. I love the fact that you don't bring your snakes out doors like other people do. I wouldn't be a great neighbor if I lived next door, I'm sorry but I don't believe that these snakes don't belong in our country they can kill people. Ever since I've been watching your videos I catch myself always looking around for snakes indoors and out. Stay safe and God bless.
Sadfat Unicorn
Sadfat Unicorn 18 dagar sedan
Chandler 🥰😍. I could totes rob the cradle (with you) but then I’d be cheating on Tyler ❤️. I’d never do that. 😁 Whew. 😏 Now that that’s out of the way, 🗣“WHY ARE YOU GUYS TAKING SO LONG TO UPLOAD VIDS?!!” The wait is killing me! I need my fix!! COME ONNNNN!! I know you’re busy but can we just have a little bit while we wait? Just something to take the edge off while we’re being tortured?? Hmm? Please say you will... 😩😞 😜😘
penguin 99880066
penguin 99880066 18 dagar sedan
Its awsome how people can take care of venomous snakes
Brad Schwab
Brad Schwab 18 dagar sedan
@chandlerwildlife Would you ever visit Snack island????
Jose Lupercio
Jose Lupercio 18 dagar sedan
I want a Señor Pepe shirt!
jess howarth
jess howarth 18 dagar sedan
haw Sun Shine
bradleys1971 18 dagar sedan
You act like complete jackass..
Luke’s Wildlife
Luke’s Wildlife 18 dagar sedan
You need to go have a haircut
Luke’s Wildlife
Luke’s Wildlife 18 dagar sedan
Lee N
Lee N 18 dagar sedan
Sorry to hear you're not feeling your best, hope the issue isn't serious and is easily cured.
Alex Ravenwood 666
Alex Ravenwood 666 18 dagar sedan
What made u want to work with snakes?
David Kain
David Kain 18 dagar sedan
Your stomach hurting couldn’t be related to you picking up snake sh-t with your bare hands could it??? Lol
Trump My Love
Trump My Love 18 dagar sedan
Trump 2020
Aidan Davis
Aidan Davis 18 dagar sedan
What snakes would you suggest for someone looking to start their own collection
Lily Snortland
Lily Snortland 18 dagar sedan
I think his. Vids are funny
Nicole A
Nicole A 19 dagar sedan
Chandler, you should get acrylic keycaps made with your snakes' shed in them for your computer keyboard. You could have a different snake for each key!
Cassandra Stone
Cassandra Stone 19 dagar sedan
I’m so in love with that Man. Who else has the balls to do what he does on a daily basis? He’s intelligent, passionate, gorgeous. Get well soon💙
darthinvictus666 17 dagar sedan
Lots of people...
HJY Creations
HJY Creations 19 dagar sedan
Cool episode, thank you for making my day... Snakes are looking amazing
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz 19 dagar sedan
Maxximus 19 dagar sedan
Your awesome dude...can’t wait for the collab u do with Dingo 👍🏾🔥
Milla Castro
Milla Castro 19 dagar sedan
@4:33 oh Ruth...
pancar delima
pancar delima 19 dagar sedan
Thank You 💝💝💝💝🐍🐍🐍💝💝💝💝
loudshit66 19 dagar sedan
Before watching this video I was looking at my 2 snakes thinking to myself the exact same thing! They grow up so fast!
albekayl041 19 dagar sedan
You certainly look fine! 😊 Love how weird you are! Love to see someone being themselves!!
Kalanga Mwansa
Kalanga Mwansa 19 dagar sedan
Have you seen Maximus from Venomcentral? Willy’s 20lb Mexican
mark harris
mark harris 19 dagar sedan
Man your one crazy mo fo lol. Love your vlogs very entertaining and also educational at same time Take care n hope you stomach ok from over here in uk
Arthur Huang
Arthur Huang 19 dagar sedan
i want another ziggy vid >:)
MaskedOnes 19 dagar sedan
Rattlesnakes have such beautiful eyes, but Pepe's eyes are on the next level😍
AnnaBelle Brenner
AnnaBelle Brenner 19 dagar sedan
I know you don’t react to videos but you should react or check out this video.
Just Jay
Just Jay 19 dagar sedan
You and Ruth crack me up! Nice intro 😂 Hope you feel better.
murali R
murali R 19 dagar sedan
Brother your's longest king cobra's length please tell me brother
Dhrakhan 19 dagar sedan
Am I the only one here that got scared when reading "the snakes are glowing?"
Adysen Patterson
Adysen Patterson 19 dagar sedan
What about Kevin the king cobra we haven’t seen him in a while
kavishka mkg
kavishka mkg 19 dagar sedan
I was right there is some species of snake live in your belly
kavishka mkg
kavishka mkg 19 dagar sedan
Donald xinping
Donald xinping 20 dagar sedan
Take care
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 20 dagar sedan
I forgot to ask! Chandler, i hope ur feeling also how is that little croc going? Could they help her, is she going to be ok? Please can u update us...
ST S 20 dagar sedan
Everyone is getting so big. Kobe-Ding definitely wasn't that big the last time we saw him. I hope your stomach issues aren't too serious. Please take it easy!
Yandere Dragon
Yandere Dragon 20 dagar sedan
im happy u back
yosoy_elkapitan 20 dagar sedan
I love chandlers cringy intros ❤️
thicc papi
thicc papi 20 dagar sedan
Shoutout to my boy Dingo Dinkleman!
Callie Patteen
Callie Patteen 20 dagar sedan
I like the Mombas just keep being safe like you've been your a pro
Callie Patteen
Callie Patteen 20 dagar sedan
Chandler I like your channel when you are not talking all high pitch and silly ascent I like it when you talk normal. You are very knowledgeable and I love how you talk all sweet and loving to all your reptiles my faves are kevin and ziggy
Jessica Franklin
Jessica Franklin 20 dagar sedan
So glad to have you back Chandler!! Hope you feel better! ❤️❤️
Amanda Michener
Amanda Michener 20 dagar sedan
I hope you feel better and your stomach is okay! Stomach issues SUCK!!!
Kenzi Red
Kenzi Red 20 dagar sedan
RESPECT TO RUTH. Girl, you have nerves of steel!!!!
Lindiwe Nkosi
Lindiwe Nkosi 20 dagar sedan
I would also love to see you working with one of the most beautiful cobras from here in south africa and that is the CAPE COBRA 🐍🐍🐍
Andalissa East
Andalissa East 20 dagar sedan
How often do your snakes shed?
ابو داهم الحاج
ابو داهم الحاج 20 dagar sedan
مال خالتك انت ليش بتتخيبل
Jessica Torres
Jessica Torres 20 dagar sedan
I want to see Kevin give me Kevin I'll trade you a Slim Jim for a Kevin
undertale gaming101
undertale gaming101 20 dagar sedan
Ok chandlers listen out I know u like Australia right well I got you an idea that you will absolutely love so go back to Australia but you go to Australia zoo and look at Australia’s biggest croc. ACCO he’s 16ft long (5 meters) and weighs about a tonne and him and Steve Irwin were best mates and last year Robert Irwin was the first to touch him since Steve caught him and boy is acco big they had to move him to a diffrent area with a truck crane it was real amazing so yeah chandler I think you should to to Australia zoo on the Sunshine Coast it’s absolutely beautiful. I hope you like this suggestion!!!
Harley Griswold
Harley Griswold 20 dagar sedan
My ballpython wont shed all at once and the temp and humidity is all prefect
Harley Griswold
Harley Griswold 20 dagar sedan
Right lol
Natasha Savage
Natasha Savage 20 dagar sedan
The only thing Chandler knows about Ball pythons is that they are good food for his cobras!
Gill k
Gill k 20 dagar sedan
Chandler question for you: Who's rattle snake is bigger yours (pepai) or Tyler's (bettlejuice)?
Nicholai 20 dagar sedan
Snr. Pepe is so gorgeous 😩 I hope you’re doing alright and able to figure things out with your tummy 🙌🏼
Olivier Merel
Olivier Merel 20 dagar sedan
Hey chandler your videos are really nice and what you do is a very cool!! Question but you gonna tell me it's normal because there's not the same snake!! so why can you not doing a bigger spot with different snakes in the same area maybe he shoot be a good video well greathing from France Olivier
May Quiawan
May Quiawan 20 dagar sedan
They say the skins of the snake are fortune... u can sell them too just joking... take care always
Md Rony
Md Rony 20 dagar sedan
1:27 I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Nfs 20 dagar sedan
That bugl* is 🙄
Umanga badal
Umanga badal 20 dagar sedan
Snakes i want him to include 1.Inland taipan 2.Eastern brown 3.Blue coral 4.golden lance head viper 5.saw scaled viper
Debra Kemp
Debra Kemp 20 dagar sedan
Now you pass snakeskin shit. Better take care man some serious business.
Black ops 4
Black ops 4 20 dagar sedan
Weres kevin
Harsh Gadley
Harsh Gadley 20 dagar sedan
Senior Pepe es muy grande, mucho gordo
Umanga badal
Umanga badal 20 dagar sedan
Hey can't you keep a Inland taipan ...Everyone would love that
Umanga badal
Umanga badal 20 dagar sedan
In nepal people kill cora everyday....they chop them
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